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Xenadrine RFA-1


Xenadrine RFA-1 was a discontinued Ephedra-based diet pill.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was one of the most popular brands of Ephedra-based diet pills. It's a stimulant that reduces your appetite and causes you to burn more calories as well.

But, Ephedra was banned by the FDA after 2003. It was linked to many deaths. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to go up. So, it can cause heart-attacks in people with weak hearts.

Xenadrine RFA-1 is no longer available in the USA.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was made by Cytodyne Technologies. Since it was discontinued, they have put an Ephedra-free product on the market, Xenadrine EFX.


Ephedrine has been shown to have serious adverse effects, include hypertension (elevated blood pressure), palpitations (rapid heart rate), neurophathy (nerve damage), myopathy (muscle injury), psychosis, stroke, memory loss, heart rate irregularities, insomnia, nervousness, tremors, seizures, heart attacks, and death.

Also, studies have shown that Ephedrine-based supplements only provide short-term weight loss.


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  29-Jun-2006 9:42am created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 9:57am last update by bill

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posted 16-Oct-2009 8:18am

hi brad, whats epedrine HCL?? i know you discuss it before,but can you give me a lecture on how to do it?? where to buy it?? any info will help brad & by the way im taking MULBERRY as of this present. i love sweets, now that i am taking mulberry, i could really tell that it stops me from craving sweets. i feel like i dont crave much sweets.
Hope you can help me.. im really want to loose weight. i always tell myself 15lbs is not a lot. frown but just so difficult for me coz the type of work i have right now.. thanks
posted 16-Oct-2009 11:01am

Do you idiots proofread for grammar and spelling before clicking submit?
posted 16-Oct-2009 11:15am


If you scroll up to October of last year and work your way down you will find answers to each of your questions.


I'm not sure who you a referring to, but it has been made clear several times already that some of the users are not from the US which more than likely means English is not their first language. I find it funny that you go out of your way to post such a useless comment. Are so sad with yourself that you need to point out the mistakes of others in an attempt to validate yourself? That is far worse than someone who doesn't have a full grasp of any specific language. If anything, at least they are able to speak more than one language fluently. :)
posted 16-Oct-2009 3:00pm

I have tried many fat burners and diet pills. The only ones I have had success with is Origianl RFA(who hasnt) and a phen/pro combo. I lost 28 pounds in 2 months on the phen and 15 in 6 weeks on RFA without dieting.

I would love to try the phen/pro again but cant find a local dr to prescibe in Hampton Roads area. I just had my 3rd child and am left with 40 pounds to lose and am at lose of what to do now. I have tried the stack and it didnt do much. My main problem is needing something with appetite suppresion.

I heard Slim Xtreme was good and it got really great reviews but was just recently put on a voluntary recall. I dont know what is in it but it apparently is very strong and thought to be illegal.

So after that drawn out rambling what I want to know is if anyone can recommend a good appetite supressant or other aid.

posted 20-Oct-2009 9:28am

Preston how are you doing with your weight are you still loosing weigh let us know
posted 20-Oct-2009 11:23am

thanks brad smile
posted 20-Oct-2009 8:28pm

Wow, sorry guys, haven't been on here in awhile!

I am taking the stack on and off, maybe once every 3 days, once a day, and I am maintaining the same weight- 230lbs. I have been in a real bad money situation lately, so I was more focused on other things. Just bought a house, a motorcycle, and trying to make ends meet. Soon I'm going to start for real, probably after Thursday when I get paid. I am documenting my results as they come, so even if I forget to post on here, I'll remember at some point and keep you guys updated. How are you doing out there, Brad?
posted 22-Oct-2009 2:41am

Wow, I finally found this site again. My computer went to crap and this site was saved as a favorite.
Anyway, its good to see a lot of people are having success with the Real McCoy and found new combos to get the effect of the original RFA-1. I'm 5'10 med to large frame male. In 2003 I was 230lbs and started taking the original RFA-1 Mid-January. At the end of 12 weeks I had dropped down to 178lbs. I took time off from April through August and took another round of it for four weeks. At that time I was 185 (you will gain some weight back when you get off, but not all of it, if you keep a good diet and exercise). In four weeks I dropped down to 168lbs. I was incredibly happy and running a mile in only 7 minutes. I had never done that before in my life.

I kept the weight off for 3 years, but went into a severe depression due to being wrongfully accused of a crime that took me a long 6 months of courts and attorneys. I am scott free from that court case, but I put on a lot of weight from over-eating and drinking. My plan is to use BRAD's plan and the new RFA-1 and order some HCL ephedine from Canada. I am sitting at 270 I am sorry to say. I will order the pills soon.

But its good to hear many of you have had success with the real RFA-1 and are finding success combining the new one with HCLs.

Good luck to all! I will be on frequently when I start up the combo.
posted 22-Oct-2009 2:26pm

Welcome EphendrineSupporter82! Let us know how you do with the stack combo ~ I am planning on getting back on the stack ~ I, like Preston, have had a few financial issues lately so haven't had the cash to get back on it ~ I plan on starting in a week ~ I will let you all know how it's going once I start back.

Thanks. :o)
posted 25-Oct-2009 11:52pm

Hi guys... keep up the good work, it's nice to read these, they've been a huge help!
posted 26-Oct-2009 5:46pm

Hey guys!

I actually have some good news. I found out a co-worker of mine was taking just Bronkaid by itself like twice a day, and we got down to talking, and I told her about the pure Ma Huang I had, and she (having done a bit of research before she started taking the Bronkaid) wanted to try it. I told her I had no results with it, but she wanted to try it anyways. I brought it in, and I took 2 with an aspirin for the hell of it, and she took one. She was jacked up all day, and I was too! Even more so than when I was doing the stacks with 2 Bronkaids. So apparently, this stuff is working for me! I dropped a pound since yesterday. I was shaking and crazy the whole day from noon, until like 7pm. I'm going to try these again for a few days and see if they provide results. I think I'm actually going to try starting with one, twice a day. I was JACKED up the other day, haha- but it felt great! I think this stuff is the real deal! I'm currently at 229 (just lost all that weight from my birthday party and the few weeks I ate like a pig because I didn't stack at all)!
posted 26-Oct-2009 10:06pm


This is the same stuff you took before that didn't do anything for you? That's so strange. At least now I know I'm not the only one who it hits that strong.
posted 27-Oct-2009 1:16am

Maybe it hit him more because he took an aspirin
posted 27-Oct-2009 3:34pm

Possibly. Not sure how thinning your blood with asprin would increase it's potency though.
posted 27-Oct-2009 4:15pm

What about RFA + Bronkaid .... instead of Ma Huang? Any thoughts?
posted 27-Oct-2009 7:24pm

@ Anyone who knows:

When stacking; should you ECA stack in cycles? Or is it just a matter of what feels right to you?
Also I saw online that you could purchase Bronkaid at your local drug store, I know you must present ID but will they ask you any other questions about the reason for the purchase? (would like to avoid looking like an idiot :))
posted 27-Oct-2009 9:05pm

No they just want to know if you are 21 and over. They don't ask any questions so don't worry :)
posted 27-Oct-2009 9:47pm


Yes, you should always use any supplement in cycles. If you don't, your body will build up a tolerance. You'll end up having to increase doses which becomes unhealthy and too costly.

As far as using Bronkaid as an ephedrine supplement in a stack, I don't recommend it. Bronkaid uses ephedrine sulfate and it is proven that it is no where near as effective as ephedrine hydrochloride. I've used the ephedrine hydrochloride stacked with the new Xenadrine and did not receive the results I wanted. I did more research and found out that the original RFA-1 used Ma Huang (Ephedra).
posted 28-Oct-2009 7:39am


I personally use a Bronkaid/NoDoz/Aspirin stack, and it does work quite well for me. I have just now started using something a little stronger, but that Bronkaid ECA stack worked wonders for me! I lost 10 lbs in like a week and a half, haha. I know Brad doesn't recommend it, but I certainly do- just from my experience. I think it's worth the $22 you'll spend on the Bronkaid/NoDoz/Aspirin to try it and see if you like it. Picked everything up from a local 24hr CVS/Walgreens. Let me know what you decide to do!


Yes, for some odd reason the Ma Huang started to take an effect. It may be because I stopped stacking for about a week or so. I'm going to continue using it on and off and see if it helps at all. It REALLY curbs my appetite, though- which is perfect.
posted 28-Oct-2009 8:04am

Brad - are you still taking the Ma Huang separately or have you started adding in the xenadrine?

To anyone who knows - can you take the Ma Huang with any sort of supplement? Like Hydroxycut for example? or Anything else as long as it has caffeine?
posted 28-Oct-2009 8:08am

I think I know what's the ECA stack! Is it Bronkaid/NoDoz/Aspirin? Do you conbine it with xenadrine or something different?.... let me knows because I want to try it. Question why it called ECA stack
posted 28-Oct-2009 4:24pm

Everyone - Hi guys, i just bought and received the Ma Huang pills. I too requested the half white half blue pills - only they came in a blue bottle, black label and are made by energy nutrition.... the bottle is different but the pill seems the same... what do you guys think?
posted 28-Oct-2009 4:31pm

oops sorry... i mean they are made by sports one^^
posted 28-Oct-2009 11:56pm


No, I haven't combined Ma Huang with the new Xenadrine yet. I keep wanting to but I am bad at procrastinating (or too good at it haha). I wouldn't suggest you combine an ECA stack with a supplement since an ECA stack in of itself is a supplement. You could very well possibly over do it and create some very negative side effects for yourself. It's called "ECA Stack" because you are stacking Ephedrine, Caffeine and Asprin. The pills you received (blue/white) sound right so I wouldn't worry about it. Just make sure you start out slow.
posted 29-Oct-2009 12:07pm

Hi everyone! I called ephedraoutlet because I wanted to speak to Customer Service directly (to ensure I got the pills Brad described). Alas, even though they still have the picture of a bottle of Energy Nutrition on their website, they don't have it (maybe Energy Nutrition is out of business?) The lady I spoke to said the Pure Ma Huang by Sports One is exactly the same. However, when I pressed her for details she noted that the pills in the Sports One white bottle/black label are all white and the pills in the Sports One blue bottle are white and blue. I asked specifically for the white and blue capsules, so we'll see what arrives and how effective it is. She told me that if I didn't like it I could return it, but only for a store credit, which is not great. If it doesn't work I want a refund! But I'm getting ahead of myself. If anyone is using the Pure Ma Huang from Sports One, I would love to hear about your results.
posted 29-Oct-2009 8:08pm

Thanks Brad -

so I want to make sure I understand what your saying.... you suggest not combining something like hydroxycut, but your considering combining the Ma Huang with Xenadrine? I don't understand, what is the different between the Xenadrine and Hydroxycut? Iím just worried that the Ma Huang wonít be enough - Preston seems to have needed to add aspirin and the original rfa contained the Ma Huang plus white willow bark and guarana = aka ECA stack. Also, I donít drink coffee normally... But i have an incredibly high tolerance to stimulants. Probably because it takes me so much just to wake up in the mornings...

How has the weight loss been going with the Ma Huang?

on a side note... I was searching through the web just now and came across two websites... i tried including the links here but the site won't let me.

anyways, both claim pills with the same exact ingredients as the original rfa - Zenalean Pro Ephedra and Megadrine? the website I came across was and apparently it's been getting great reviews from customers who have been purchasing ephedra based products. i believe someone has mentioned the two supplements i just named in this forum before but I canít seem to find it.... What do you guys think?

by the way, i'm not anonymous... lol i keep forgetting to put in my name, Veronika

Cat - today was my first day on the half white half blue pills.... at first i was skeptical but i also took one, with a "natural fat burner" pill which contains green tea, grapefruit... blah blah blah, hence NATURAL and was pleasantly surprised.... I forgot to eat today (and i never forget, trust me) and had to force myself to eat dinner after having only a sandwich at lunch. so far so good... but its only day one. the side effects were very minimal, in fact all i did was get a little hot when it kicked in...
posted 29-Oct-2009 8:40pm

Brad - i know i am BOMBARDING you with question and i'm sorry :( but i have just one more today...
how does the 10 mg in the pure ma huang you take (and now i take) compare to the amount in the original xenadrine? one pill of the pure ma huang is 10 mg alkaloids. the directions state - take only one a day. but the xenadrine dosage has 20 mg (two pills) and the directions suggest four total pills a day. does that mean that the pure ma huang we're taking only contains a 1/4 of the amount of ephedra in xenadrine?
posted 29-Oct-2009 10:08pm
edited 29-Oct-2009 11:28pm

Hey V, I know you're looking for an answer from Brad aka The Chemist, but I noticed you saw those supplements Zenalean Pro and Megadrine. Zenalean Pro and Megadrine both show that they use Ma Huang. So in theory, they should be the same as RFA-1 if you take two capsules (one capsule is standardized for 167mg, 2 of the RFA-1 was 335mg).

I have been doing a ton of research on products that are already out, and I have a lot of experience with products that contained the good ephedrine and bad ephedrine. Be wary of products that claim they have ephedrine. I have seen products that claim they use it, and they will list identical ingredients to the original RFA-1, HOWEVER, the ephedrine ingredient is the one to watch for. A ton of products over the past few years have been using an ephedrine called - Sida cordifolia leaves or extract. These products (such as Yellow Devils, ECA Xtreme, Asia Black, Yellow Swarm, etc.), use very weak versions of ephedrine. Lipodrine and Stimerex circa after 2005 would list epehedrine (leaves). I have used these products in the past, I did lose some weight on them, but on a scale of 1 - 10 comparing to RFA-1, I would score them at a 3.5 tops.

In addition, I have also noticed some products are listing they use Ma Huang as an ingredient, but they are showing "Ma Huang (leaves)." However, they are showing "Formula Free of Alkaloids." I appologize for not having examples, I don't remember which I have seen written like that. But products that are showing alkaloid free and ma huang (leaves) you have to question.

Other formulas (such as Yellow Bullet, have been using Ephedra Nevadensis (aka Mormon Tea), which I have not experience using. I do know some companies are claiming that this is just as good as Ma Huang. But according to herbs2000 .com, they have a blurb on it that concluded that it was likely alkaloid free! Some companies are using normally alkaloid-free ephedrine and claiming they have alkaloids in them.

Still others are ambiguous in listing what kind of ephedrine they are using in their products. They will just list Ephedrine, Ephedrine Extract, Leaves, Group Alkaloids, but you are not really sure what you are getting. I have seen some such as Green Stinger, Ephedrine X, Hydroxyslim, Red Stinger Extreme, etc. that are not specific in what you are getting.

There are a number of products that have my attention, because they are listing Ma Huang and alkaloids in the same line such as Zenalean Pro and Megadrine like you mentioned, and also Ripped Power and Ripped Ma Huang (Ripped Fuel knock-offs), Superdrine RX-10, Powerdrine, Zenalean EPH, and Hydroxystac 10. All of these products are listing ephedrine alkaloids, ma huang, or ephedrine sinica.

I hope this helps you and others. I am sure Brad will give more info on the other stuff you need. I'm also pretty sure he'll chime in on my research. I just wanted to report on all of the other products that are out there that I am sure others are seeing with ephedra websites.
posted 30-Oct-2009 10:19am

Hi Ephedrine Supporter,
Thanks for all your info!! it is very helpful! I guess I'm weary of Zenalean Pro and Megadrine. Although most of the reviews I read were good, some claim is a rip off too because in theory it may list the same ingredients as the original RFA but who knows? I guess also, as Brad will probably mention as he has mentioned in the past - i think you have to question the validity of a company who's selling products similar to the original RFA because ma huang is still illegal. Aside from the fact that it may in fact not be the real thing, if it is, how is has obtained such products? i don't know... I just dont want to input my credit card info and buy either product only to realize i was hardcore scammed. I guess I'll wait and see what Brad says too... thanks again!
posted 30-Oct-2009 11:10am


Sorry, I am getting ready to head to work so I don't have a ton of time this morning, but I never said that I don't recommend combining Ma Huang with other supplements. I said that I don't recommend combining an ECA stack with any other supplements. Ma Huang in of itself is not a stack (especially not an ECA stack). Also, please eat at the very minimum 3 meals during the day. If you don't eat enough, you won't lost weight at all (sounds weird, I know).


I can't really tell if your comments towards me were sarcastic or what, but your information was a good refresher. Thanks!
posted 30-Oct-2009 5:10pm

@V: I understand. Although sometimes it does take trial and error to really know what works and what doesn't. Soon as my finances improve, I'll probably give some of those supplements a shot.

@Brad: A little bit from column A, a little from column B. But really, its all respect, you know a lot, that's why I called you the chemist. I figured if I was wrong you'd probably correct me, too.
posted 30-Oct-2009 10:02pm


I'd hug you if I could. :)
posted 31-Oct-2009 12:21am

Brad - don't worry, im eating three meals... three small meals but they add up to about 1500 calories a day which is perfect...

so hows ur weightloss coming?
posted 31-Oct-2009 1:10am

That's good to hear, V!

My weight loss is at a standstill because I still haven't started using the Ma Huang again. Even though there hasn't been weight loss without it, I haven't gained either which is half of the battle. You can't use a supplement for the rest of your life, so a big part of it is how you react when you don't use it.

I'll continue again soon, but after losing a good amount I'm fairly happy with where I'm at currently. I definitely see areas that I would like to be more toned, but at the moment I'm happy with where I am.
posted 31-Oct-2009 8:18pm

good for you Brad!
posted 1-Nov-2009 10:01am

Ephedra extract vs. alkaloids - what's the difference?

Ok, well I must clear up this alkaloid business. I am a chemist who works in the supplement manufacturing business. I know some of the posts I am talking about were earlier in the thread, but here is the break down.

There are several different species of ephedra.

Ephedra sinica (Ma Huang) <-high alkaloid content in extracts

Sida Cordifolia <- less alkaloid content

Ephedra Nevadensis <- little to no alkaloid content

+ more

Herbs in general are used in many different ways. For instance no extraction would be referred to as a raw herb powder which is just the dried and milled plant material. This is a highly non-concentrated material. An extract uses a chemical based solvent to "extract" the actives (in this case the alkaloid content) Extracts are much more concentrated in alkaloid content. These can come in 10:1, ratios or percentages thus with ephedra around 8% alkaloid content.

Basically when we refer to an extract it is a concentrated active material that has been drawn/extracted by chemical means out of the raw herb.

In the coming months you will notice ephedra sinica extracts to be obsolete (alkaloid). Right now distributors are able to sell off remaining (old) stock of ephedra sinica products. The ban is in full effect, over the past few years since the initial ban the ruling was still up in the air after it was over turned. Now the FDA has made a stern decision that the ban is 100% in full effect. Many manufacturers were raided such as hi-tech Pharm. and ephedra extracts where confiscated. It is illegal for a manufacturer to market any ephedra alkaloid product as a weight loss or diet aid. Many manufacturers have been selling products with "ephedra extract" however it is generally ephedra nevadensis or some other species with no alkaloid content whatsoever. This is simply to fool the consumer; the FDA has a new rule that products that contain the words "Ephedra Extract" must state that there is no alkaloid content. If you see a label that says Ephedra extract (leaves) You know it is bogus and is not likely to contain any alkaloids because ephedra sinica does not have leaves. They use this as a marketing tool to make people think they are getting something they are not. You would be surprised the things that we see in the lab.
posted 1-Nov-2009 7:09pm

@ Brad & Preston

The sweats occuring even in ac is your metabolism reacting (confused) to the chemicals you take. I am just about finished with my last Original RFA-1 bottle :( and am going to go nutts!! We do screw our biological clocks in the process. So when we get off our body change and go back to how you were. Working out is the only thing that has kept me straight on track when off for a few weeks. If I go without both I begin to gain weight eat more and my energy levels go down the drain (weak).

I purchased no exageration twenty-five bottles yes (25) of Original RFA-1 the minute I heard they would be banned. I did sell a few to make my money back and kept the rest. Even with the exp. date 2003 they still worked for me as good.
posted 1-Nov-2009 9:44pm


I'm a little confused as to what the point of your post was. The last paragraph sounds like you copied and pasted it from something written 4 years ago. I'm not sure where you got your information (if you didn't copy and paste it), but the ban has not become any stronger recently. In fact, the FDA has now been forced to PROVE that ephedrine can be harmful when used in dietary products. This is VERY easy to find out through Google. So in the end, we are actually getting closer to having it "legal" now than we have been in the past 4 years as opposed to the exact opposite (which was your final paragraph).


I'm not sure what you are asking exactly. If you are sweating, but are in a cool area then that is most likely from whatever pills you are taking (your heart rate is elevated). And yes, if you do not cycle usage of supplements your body will get used to it and become dependent on it (just like any drug). ALWAYS cycle supplement use. Each person is different, but my cycles (when using full time) are usually on 1 month, off 2 weeks, on 1 month, off 2 weeks, etc.
posted 1-Nov-2009 10:24pm
edited 1-Nov-2009 10:26pm


Took the words out of my fingertips. you happen to know how long old school pills that expired in 2005 are good for? I'm hearing they're okay for over five years as long as they're kept sealed, and in a cool, dry place.
posted 2-Nov-2009 10:58am


No, I really don't know what the half-life is on them. Most things just lose potency once they expire so it shouldn't be harmful to still take them . They just might not work as well as they were designed to. :)
posted 2-Nov-2009 4:04pm

@ Brad, EphedrineSupporter82, D

I concur with what Brad said, we are actually CLOSER to having it "legal" than we have since the ban.

On a side note, I am going to give the Pure Ma Huang caspules another shot since Preston has had success since taking the original dose. I hope I too have an increase in appetite control and energy. I will keep you all informed.

Bella :o)
posted 2-Nov-2009 5:41pm

I placed an order today. I emailed them directly and included pictures prior to. Here is what they said

"Hi D,
We do have that bottle with the blue and white capsules. I know we also have a white bottle that has white pills, but we definitely do have the bottle shown in the picture you provided. If you are planning on placing an order online, you can request what color bottle you want in the comments section. If you plan on calling in to place an order, one of our customer service representatives can place the comment in your order for you.

Best Regards,
Bottled Fitness, Inc.
posted 2-Nov-2009 10:43pm

It's good to hear from you again, Bella. Was starting to miss seeing your name around here.
posted 3-Nov-2009 10:36pm


The point of my post was to illustrate the difference between "ephedra leaves extract" (CRAP!) and "active ephedra alkaloids" (REAL STUFF) and how they are marketed to fool [uninformed] consumers. 99% of the so-called legal ephedra products on the market today contain "ephedra leaves extract," which isn't as effective (if not, NOT AT ALL effective) as the ephedra used in the original Xenadrine RFA-1 10 years ago.
posted 3-Nov-2009 10:44pm


Oh by the way, the FDA ban against "ACTIVE EPHEDRA ALKALOIDS" being marketed/sold as weight-loss supplements is in full effect, but with the exception of a few loopholes. I'm not gonna get into the details. You can figure that out. :)
posted 3-Nov-2009 11:59pm

@ Chemist4Thermogenics

Thanks for clearing things up and making sense of the types there are.
posted 4-Nov-2009 12:28am

I appreciate your response. However, I, nor anyone else on here, never said that the ban was not currently in effect. It has been in effect since the original RFA-1 was banned 5 years ago (not 10). What I said is that the FDA has recently been called upon to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is in fact harmful. Not only do they have to prove it is harmful but they also have to prove at what dose it is harmful. The argument here is that ephedra has been used for thousands of years with extremely positive benefits and many things that we take on a daily basis, if taken too much (ie. Vitamin C), can be harmful and even deadly. This argument makes the FDA look very, very bad. There is a very positive outlook this time around for those who support ephedra.

I'm sure you already knew all of this even though you said "Now the FDA has made a stern decision that the ban is 100% in full effect.". Ultimately the FDA does not have the final say. It's the supreme court. The same court who is making the FDA prove their allegations.

Have a good night. :)
posted 4-Nov-2009 1:25am


Your FDA argument is besides the point. I'm just saying that the active ephedra alkaloids used as the key ingredient in the original Xenadrine RFA-1, that we all love, has been pulled from the market by order of the "government," and forced the supplement manufacturing businesses to replace it with the weaker ephedra variety as stated above. Many people wonder why today's ephedra-based dietary supplements aren't as effective as the old school ones. There's your answer.

@ Hunter

No problem. Let there be light to dispel ignorance is my philosophy. :)
posted 4-Nov-2009 12:51pm

For those looking for an appetite suppressent:
I've been reading through this forum for the past few months and have tried a few ideas I've read from everybody. I just wanted to let anyone know who's interested what has worked for me. So the first thing I tried was the new Xenadrine with Ephedra HCL. I took one Xenadrine and 3 Ephedra pills (24mg E total) two times a day. This slighltly worked for me but no where near the results I was hoping for. Which my main issue is I wanted an appetite suppressent. So I finished off the bottles lasting about a month and tried a new EC stack. Startting about 2 weeks ago I've been using Bronkaid (24mg) + NoDooze (200mg caffeine). This combination no doubt has been the best for me! There is positives & negatives though. First it completley takes away my appetite! And when I do eat I have the want to eat healthier and waayyy smaller portions. It also has given me a ton of energy which can be good and bad. The negatives for me have been it sometimes makes me feel jittery and "tweaked" I take my first one about 8am and the 2nd around 12-1:00 I also can hardly sleep at night I just lay there and can not fall asleep. Once I finally pass out, I automatically wake up with a bunch of energy.
So this has been my experience with the two types of EC stacks. Ohh yea and the Bronkaid/NoDooze is wayyy cheaper. About $14.99 for Bronkaid and $5.99 for NoDooze at Walgreens they both come w/ 60 pills since I take 2 of each per day it should last a month.
posted 4-Nov-2009 8:39pm

Whether the ban is close to being lifted or not close... the point is there is still a ban, which sucks. Let's just hope this changes. but just to make sure we are all clear.... because it hasn't been repeated before :).... the ALKALOIDS in ephedra is what one should look for when desiring to lose. ok, now that we have that cleared up...
It seems as though everyone has different results with different products mentioned here. One thing I have learned is that just because one method works for one doesnt mean it works for others, and just because one individual reacts one way doesnt mean the next will too... all i must say is, be safe you guys. I made the terrible mistake of thinking i could handle 3 pure ma huang pills in two days and adding green tea pills and now I have chest pains. I even avoided the gym today because i was terrified of having a heart attack. Please take caution and since u know ur body better than any of us do, be safe with the supplements you are trying. there is no magic cure for being overweight and half the battle is knowing how to be healthy and when to lay off the supplements...
Health Conscious
posted 5-Nov-2009 8:54am

Anyone heard of RedCutz?:

Serving Size: 1 Caplet, 1 or 2 times daily.
Servings Per Container: 60
Ingredients: Sida Cordifolia (Eph. Alkaloids 25mg), Caffeine Anhydrous USP 200mg, White Willow 150mg (Standardized to 15mg Salicin).
Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Silica, Vegetable Glaze.

Have been searching for an original RFA-1 replacement as well...
posted 5-Nov-2009 9:12am

@ anonymous
so you are using Bronkaid (24mg) + NoDooze (200mg caffeine). Do you take an aspirin as well? Since it's giving you too much energy you should take it once a day and once your body gets used to it then take it twice a day. Have you lost weight?
posted 5-Nov-2009 11:43am

Health Conscious

See out discussions from October 30 on forward for more information.
But yes, I have heard of Red Cutz. The Ephedra ingredient is Sida Cordifolia which is a very weak type of Ephedra. Normally when they use Sida Cordifolia they say "leaves" is the part the use. Sometimes they don't though. There are companies out there using very low alkaloid or non-alkaloid Ephedra and saying their supplements have alkaloids. Red Cutz will probably not work for you or anyone.

When picking an Ephedra supplement, look for Ma Huang alkaloids.
Health Conscious
posted 5-Nov-2009 1:16pm

Does anyone have an old bottle that they can photocopy the label from or list the ingredients? Why couldn't they simply make the original RFA-1 formula without the ephedra and let people add their own privately sourced ephedra? There would be high demand for such a product... I can launch a business to produce this product...Can some please post whatever patent numbers are listed on the original RFA-1 formula that had ephedra?
posted 5-Nov-2009 2:49pm

I don't have a photocopy of it, but here is a word-for-word typed copy

"Pantothenic acid [40 mg], Bitter Orange [85 mg], Ma Haung 335 mg], Guarana Extract [910 mg], White Willow Bark Extract [105 mg], ginger root [50 mg] ThermoSynergist Proprietary Blend -- that includes L -- Tyrosine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Fisetin, Magnesium Phosphate, DMAE (2-dimethylaminoethanol) [225 mg]. There are several inert ingredients that are also in the mix supplement: Calcium Phosphate, Talc, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate."
posted 5-Nov-2009 2:56pm

Okay ... Here is my course of action *positive* criticism only plz ... Im not looking for advice so much as just posting my experience for everyone else (good and bad).
History: 20 something overweight mother of one. Previously lost 20 lbs with work out, diet, and some crazy Diablo pills. Plateaued with no weight gain but no more loss.
Note: My stack consist of 1 Bronkaid (25mg ephedrine sulfate)+ 200mg caffeine+ 81 mg Asprin

Day 1 E25mg/C200mg/A81mg twice a day 200lbs
normal diet healthy food tuna eggs chicken veggies
1 gallon water
30 minutes treadmill

Day 2 E25mg/C200mg/A81mg twice a day 198.6lbs
1 gallon water
45 minutes treadmill normal healthy diet (no over eating is the only real rule)

Day 3 (today)E25mg/C200mg/A81mg 197.4lbs
continue w/ workout water and diet

Things I have noticed:
*Day one and two I was so hungry. I think the caffeine may have stimulated my appetite. Today its better.
*When I work out I wear my Heart rate monitor It seems to take less effort for me to achieve my target heart rate. I feel very warm like im working much harder than I am. I took my temp during workout and was normal. I would hope to be able to increase my intensity at a gradual pace but for now I feel better just focusing on incline and not speed. (dont feel comfortable pushing it just yet)
*I had no jitters day 1 or 2 ... today I do feel the extra energy finding it hard to just sit.
*No rapid heart rate.
*I do have a little bit of a chesty cough but not sure if thats the bronkaid or a bug going around.
*I chose a lower dose of the aspirin just for piece of mind. If some one knows why 325mg would be better please let me know. It just seemed like to0 much for an eventual 3 times a day.

Okay so thats it ... I'll try to keep everyone posted. And before anyone argues with me about anything; these are just statements of fact im in no way telling you this is what you should do.

*Constructive criticism is welcomed always*
posted 5-Nov-2009 5:41pm

@ Anonymous: No I do not take any asprin. From reading over all the different forums regarding ECA stacks the asprin does not seem to be necessary and could possibly be harmful to some. Starting yesterday the jitters have finally ended. I definatley still have plenty of energy but it's no longer overwhelming. My starting weight was 185, and this morning I'm at 176. I dont really exercise but am active during the day, like walking my dog, housecleaning, etc. And yes I've been taking 1 - 24mg Bronkaid and 1 - 200mg NoDooze two times a day.
posted 5-Nov-2009 10:17pm


From Sacramento?
posted 5-Nov-2009 10:51pm

I got my Pure MaHuang from EphedraOutlet. I ordered it on Thursday, October 29th and it arrived Saturday, October 31st, so they certainly get an "A" for speed of shipping. It is by Sports One in a dark blue bottle with black label and capsules are blue and white. I haven't taken any yet, because I started a different bottle of pills before this arrived. I found a full bottle of a product called ephBurn 25 in my kitchen cabinet. I guess I bought it last year, but didn't take it. When I found it last week I was frustrated with my current weight loss plateau that I took 2 straight away before reading the label. Boy, was that a mistake! The dosage is two per day so I took the entire day's worth all at once. I guess I had to get used to Ma Huang again because the dosage of 2 pills was TOO STRONG. I was sweating within 30 minutes (literally had sweat running down my arm) and was so tweaked and jittery that I was nervous for my health and kind of scared to work out. I took it around noon and waited several hours before taking my hot yoga class at 6:15pm. However, I felt much better afterward. I started taking it correctly the next day and thus far I like the results. Much less jittery, but I can feel the energy and some loss of appetite/cravings as well. The instructions say take for 2 days, take 1 day off, then start the cycle over. I went from 156.5 lbs to 151 lbs in three days, which was pretty amazing. It has the essential ingredients of an ECA stack, along with some other things. The list on the bottle reads Ma Huang, Green Tea Powder, Guarana, Kola Nut, Garcenia Gamboria, White Willow Bark, Magnesium, Chromium, Caffeine. I will finish this bottle first and then I'll start the Pure MaHuang.
posted 5-Nov-2009 11:50pm


Sounds like you gave yourself a bit of a scare. But it makes sense to read the label before putting anything in our mouths. I still do it with just aspirin or over the counter cold/cough medicines. But you got some really good results in the three day period. Where did you order the EphBurn25? What was the expiration date on it?
posted 6-Nov-2009 1:22am

yes, near Citrus Heights.
posted 6-Nov-2009 1:42pm

@EphedrineSupporter82, usually I read all labels as well. After ephedra was banned and then sort of came back, most of the formulas I found online only had 10mg or less of ephedra extract and the instructions were to take the pills 2-3 at a times. None of them seemd to work as well as the original Xenadrine either. So when I found that bottle in my cabinet, I assumed the dossage was the same. OOPS. Won't do that ever again.

Here's the odd thing. Actually, 2 odd things. First, I save all my email confirmations when I order anything online, but for some reason I cannot find a single confirmation for my order of ephBurn 25. I think I got it from (that is the name that keeps coming up in my head), but it looks like a lot of sites sell right now with the average cost being $39.99. Second, I have looked all over this bottle and there is no expiration date on it. Given my reaction, the ingredients are certainly still potent. Lastly, White Willow Bark is misspelled on the label as "White Willow Dark." I guess that is three odd things.

I hope to get back to my former weight of 138-140 lbs, so we will see how it goes. Everybody keep posting your results, especially those who are taking the Pure MaHuang. When I start the bottle from Sports One it will be the first time I take MaHuang on its own. I am curious to see if it works as well when it is not coupled with other ingredients (ECA).

I ran the NYC marathon this past Sunday and so my reward for all the months of hard training was to take most of this week off (no running, no weights, no gym). I have been taking the ephBurn and my weight only went up 2 pounds, up to 153 lbs today. However, considering that I have been completely sedentary this week and that my food treats have included dinner at Dallas BBQ, pina coladas, pizza and ice-cream (2 pints!), a gain of 2 lbs actually seems small! This is one of my day off ephBurn, so I am heading out for my first workout this week, a little run.

Cheers, Cat
posted 7-Nov-2009 12:10am

Cat -
Maybe you could clear something up for me because I'm confused. What is the difference in amounts of ephedra in the Pure Ma Huang vs. what you're taking vs. the original Xenadrine. You mention how you had used other supplements with 10 mg of Ephedra or less and they hadn't worked well for you before, but isn't that the same amount in the Pure Ma Huang? From what I understand, the original Xenadrine had 40 mg total in a day's worth which sounds outrageous when you think about it because the Pure Ma Huang only suggests taking one 10 mg pill a day. Also, is there a difference between pure ma huang and the extract?
posted 7-Nov-2009 12:10am

sorry the above post is from me
posted 7-Nov-2009 10:39pm

I miss the original Xenadrine RFA-1 (pre-made ECA stack) and I have tried and wasted hundreds dollars of on inferior dietary supplements that claim to have the same effectiveness but without the ephedra/ephedrine. Nothing works like the ECA stack, nothing. Period. After a bit of research and discovering some legit online companies that carry ephedrine HCL and that can ship to the U.S., I have received my order of Kaizen 8 mg Ephedrine HCL in the mail today. Man, I am stoked! I can't wait to get started tomorrow. I was gonna try Vasopro or Bronkaid, but they contain 200mg of guafenesin, which is an expectorant. I'm not too fond with ingesting "guaf" needlessly so I opted for the Kaizen that contains NO guaf, just pure ephedrine HCL.

So that my body does not get used to the effects, I'm gonna cycle this 1 month on and 1 month off with a twice a day dosage of 24mg ephedrine (8mg X 3), 200mg caffeine and 81mg aspirin, and of course to combine this with a daily 1-hour rigorous workout regimen and a sensible diet. My goal is to lose 50 lbs. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.
posted 8-Nov-2009 2:34am


Good luck with your stack Silver. If possible we'd like to know your starting stats: Height/Weight, diet and workout.
posted 9-Nov-2009 8:02pm

Question for anyone regardiing EC stacks:
I've been taking EC stacks for about 2 weeks now. ( prior post above shows my schedule ) I feel they are making me irritable, angry, and unhappy. Has anybody noticed similar side effects when taking EC stacks? Or am I just having a bad few weeks unrelated to the pills?
posted 9-Nov-2009 9:55pm


I asked earlier if you were from Sacramento because I have the same zip code (Roseville/Rocklin/Granite Bay area for me though).

Regarding mood changes, ECA stacks alter more than just your metabolism. I noticed when I used to take the original RFA-1 that when I would stop taking it I was always in a bad mood. It could be a similar reaction. I highly suggest that if you are not feeling "normal" beyond just an elevated heart rate you should decrease your dosage until you find a happy medium. Also make sure you are eating enough. If you aren't, that could be a big factor in your mood.
posted 9-Nov-2009 11:35pm

Hey Brad, yea I'm not to far from Roseville, what a small world.
Alot of the effects & side effects of the stacks have been slowing down for me. I'm not all "tweaked out" anymore which is a good thing but my appetite is coming back. I've only been taking them twice a day and have been debating on starting three times a day. Overall it's still a good experience. I have more energy than before, cut down on my eating and am loosing a little weight so I guess I can't complain.....So are you taking anything right now?
posted 10-Nov-2009 3:39am

Does anyone have a good recommendation of websites to order from..... Ephedrine HCL ?????
Please email me
posted 10-Nov-2009 10:52am


Try googling "Ephedrine HCL", and you'll come across several good websites--pick any. Good luck.
posted 10-Nov-2009 5:42pm

I ordered Kaizen Ephedrine HCL 8mg from
Health Conscious
posted 10-Nov-2009 11:56pm

Which part of the sinica plant has more alkaloids? The root or the plant stem and leaves?
posted 11-Nov-2009 12:32pm

@Health Conscious

The stems are used for their alkaloid content.
The Sinica Plant doesn't really have leaves.
posted 11-Nov-2009 6:12pm

@ Brad

I miss you guys too! I got the bottle of half white and half blue pills in and have taken then now for 3 days ~ MUCH more energy than the white bottle pills and solid white pills ~ so, I, like Preston, see a HUGE difference with the half white half blue pills from ~ so, for me, I am going to stick to using these pills ~ I have lost 3 pounds in 3 days, and I know at least half of that is water, but hope that the weight loss continues at a steady rate ~ although I am realistic and know that it will slow down, probably way down. The pills are also giving me that HUGE energy boost you experience Brad as well as the curb of the appetite. THANKS again for the recommendation and I will keep you all posted on my progress.

Bella :o)
posted 11-Nov-2009 11:07pm


That's so good to hear! Can't wait to hear what kind of progress you have with them.
posted 12-Nov-2009 1:07am

OK guys...needless to say I am a loyal addict of this site now and I too have ordered from EphedraOutlet. I also mentioned to customer service (in the comments field) that their sale spike in Ma Huang blue and white pills are due to our NetChemist... Brad/Chad/Thad Smith hehehe. Thanks Bread! ;) I'll start posting my results when I begin my program. other it just me or has anyone had this nagging concern when you don't see the "typical" users on this forum check in after a week of taking "new pills"? Jeez guys...a few of you scared me for a few scrolling seconds of reading (lol).
posted 12-Nov-2009 3:04pm

Bella, I am a faithful reader of this website and a huge supportor of Xenadrine RFA-1, and it's so good to hear you have had positive results with the MaHuang. I don't know why, but I have been putting off ordering the MaHuang, but after reading your post I am ready to order now It sounds like calling is the way to ensure I get the same product you have. Question: Had you previously taken Xenadrine RFA-1 and if so, (I know it's only been a few days) but is the MaHuang anywhere close to what RFA-1 did for you? Thanks!
posted 13-Nov-2009 10:49am

@ runn3r

Yes I used the original RFA-1 and the half white half blue pills from Sports One are the closest reaction to the original formula ~ so, when ordering, it's best to call them and state you specifically want the half white half blue pills ~ they claim that the solid white pills from Energy Nutrition in the blue or white bottles are the same formula but I don't get the same reaction and if you open up the pills the product inside looks completely different (one has a solid white powder and the other has a light brown powder). So, for me, the half white half blue work the best and come closest to the original RFA-1. If you end up purchasing them please let me know your thoughts, if you get a similar reaction to when you used the RFA-1, I sure hope you do. Good luck and much success!! :o)

posted 13-Nov-2009 2:10pm

I have the original RFA-1 and im on day 2! not sure of what to expect as for I have already lost 40lbs the natural, hard way of diet and exercise within the last 3 months. I just have a few more stubburn pounds to loss and hope this is the push im looking for.
posted 13-Nov-2009 4:18pm


Anything that will make your heart beat faster WILL raise your blood pressure. Some more prone than others so anyone exp. this need not take their irritablities out on anyone esp. family members :)

MaHuang stacks will cause mood swings! Blisters may form in mouth if not enough H20 intake and severe headaches just like one gets if too much or not enough caffeine intake. If you have very high blood pressure you may experience a bad release which will be usually through the eyes causing them to pop blood vessels and inflamation in /on the Sclera. It has to find a way out ...think of steam in boiling tea kettle.

Not trying to scare anyone but these are just the facts that can occur while on ECA. As always be careful and know your limits!
posted 13-Nov-2009 10:34pm

Hi V. Sorry for the late reply, it has been a busy week.

You asked what is the difference between Pure MaHuang vs. what I am taking now (EphBurn 25) vs. the original Xenadrine. Alas, I do not really have a clear results-based answer for you, but that is because I am not taking the Pure MaHuang yet. According to the ingredients on the bottle, one Pure MaHuang pill has 10mg Ephedrine Alkaloids and one EphBurn 25 pill has 25mg MaHuang Extract. I take one EphBurn in the morning and another one in the afternoon, so if the label is correct that is 50mg of MaHuang extract. Your note said the original Xenadrine had 40mg of MaHuang, so EphBurn is providing 10mg a day more than that. Is that a good thing? Well, I think sometimes it can be too much. Thus far, my results on EphBurn have been good. I certainly feel the ephedra buzz very quickly after taking it and it is helping me lose weight.

Is anything as good as the original Xenadrine? I wish, That stuff was amazing. It did not make me feel jittery or sick and I could take one on an empty stomach and go for a 6 mile run with no problem. With the Ephburn, I find I have to eat something with it or I feel a bit overwhelmed; my heart races like Seabiscuit, I sweat and my hands get shaky (maybe there is too much caffeine in it -- the label lists Green Tea Powder, Gurana, Kola Nut and Caffeine). I also find it a bit hard to take and then work out. I feel like my heart is working harder, if that makes sense. So sometimes I go for a run and then take it afterward.

I do not know if it the Pure MaHuang by Sports One is going have the same effect on me that original Xenadrine RFA-1 had, but I have high hopes. Thus far, the comments on this site seem to indicate that the blue and white capsules (which are the pills I bought from ephedraoutlet) have a good effect with regard to energy and weight loss. I am going to try them after I finish my bottle of EphBurn.

Someone under Anonymous posted today that they have the original RFA-1. Where on earth did you get that? I know for awhile this summer I saw Xenadrine RFA-1 on the shelves at the drugstore, but it was by a new company and a new formula without ephedra. Even that one is gone now and it is called Xenadrine Ultra. I tried taking both of those this summer and it did not do a thing for me.
Health Conscious
posted 14-Nov-2009 11:22am

@ EphedrineSupporter82

Thanks for the you know what the root's alkaloid content tends to be?
Health Conscious
posted 14-Nov-2009 11:31am

Sports One also makes a Ma Huang RP product whose Ma Huang extract is sourced from's ingredients read very similar to a lot of what was in the real, original RFA-1. Has anyone tried this product? Also, since the ma huang source is leaves, does this reduce its potential alkaloid content vs. sourcing from the stem (or root even)?
posted 14-Nov-2009 5:30pm

@Health Conscious

Just wanted chime in on your question regarding leaf vs stem Ma Huang. Whenever using Ma Huang as a weigh loss supplement you always want to use the stem as the source. There is very little benefit (if any at all) in the leaves. EphedrineSupporter may be able to clear this up better than me.
Health Conscious
posted 14-Nov-2009 6:06pm


Thanks Brad. I am curious to know about the root as well. It would be great to know whether the root is as high or higher in alkaloid content as the stem...
Heather L
posted 14-Nov-2009 10:29pm

Brad and others- thanks for your very helpful posts! Has anyone tried this bitter orange stack?

"Bitter orange is frequently found in modern weight-loss formulas because synephrine is similar to the compound ephedrine, which is known to promote weight loss. In one study of 23 overweight adults, participants taking a daily intake of bitter orange (975 mg) combined with caffeine (525 mg) and St. Johnís wort (Hypericum perforatum, 900 mg) for six weeks lost significantly more body weight and fat than the control group.1 No adverse effects on heart rate or blood pressure were found."
posted 15-Nov-2009 11:27am

I ordered the Ma Huang (blue/white from SportsOne) from on Nov 12 and I just received them yesterday, Nov 14, via Priority Mail. I am really impressed with that delivery time.

- I just took one pill yesterday at around a mild but noticeable burst of energy and had to make myself eat. Great appetite suppressant. The first day was a decent experience but I will need to add a boost. I don't want to take 2 pills for fear of replicating Brad's brush with I'm taking

* 1 Ma Huang + 1 NoDoz (200mg caffeine) + 1 aspirin (325mg) *

I figured simulating the original Xenadrine RFA-1, may be the way to go. I'll keep everyone posted.
posted 15-Nov-2009 3:29pm

@anonymous - thanks for the info regarding my irritability. Since I finally knew I was doing it I was able to make a consious effort to keep my self in check and not take it out on others which has helped.
And for those interested in my weight loss I am at 172 pounds as of this morning. My starting weight at the begining was 185.
posted 15-Nov-2009 5:03pm


Is there a difference between ephedrine hcl and pseudoephedrine hcl? Or are they the same? Does pseudoephedrine hcl have the same effects as ephedrine hcl when stacked with caffeine and aspirin as an energy booster and appetite suppressor?

Thank you for any kind and informative input.
posted 15-Nov-2009 7:42pm

to Anonymous916:

Yes, it is very common to get mood swings on any change of biochemical routine, but even more so on the ECA stack. I used to get them with the original Xenadrine RFA-1. Any emotion I was experiencing seemed to be a bit more exaggerated. ( happy = extremely elated, annoyed = wanting to pound someone)so I would would physically exhaust myself by working out when I was on the negative end.

I also noticed that my skin had minor hives or breakouts while I was taking the Xenadrine...not extreme but definitely some inflammation. I'm sure the prolonged adrenal effects and the sweating were the natural cause.

Today, I've taken Ma Huang + NoDoz + Aspirin and I do notice slight irritability and something new....Acid Reflux. Anyone experiencing this?
posted 15-Nov-2009 7:45pm


Are you taking one Ma Huang + one RFA-1 daily? Or have you increased dosage yet? Do you take it on an empty stomcach?

posted 16-Nov-2009 5:11am


From what I understand, the stem and root of Ma Huang are the same when it comes to alkaloid content.

@Heather L

Someone earlier mentioned something about Bitter Orange and from the research I did on it I never found a single piece of concrete evidence showing that it did promote weight loss. From what I remember it's no more potent than just drinking straight green tea. It has it's benefits for the body, but nothing drastic enough to aide in weight loss. Hope this helps.
posted 16-Nov-2009 1:00pm

Brad or Bella,

Did you guys experience any Acid Reflux with the Ma Huang? I just had the worst experience with it yesterday...I had a mad dash to Walgreens for a Zantac. All other experiences were good...just the "frog in throat" feel. I didn't eat anything that would set it I know it is the Ma Huang introduction.
posted 16-Nov-2009 6:29pm

Just thought I'd mention for all who care, I'm at 171 today!! I cant wait to be in the 60's. I havent been in the 60's for years. So I'm so hoping I can keep this going and not give up. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.
posted 16-Nov-2009 8:46pm


CONGRATS! That's fantastic!

Aside from feeling victorious, how do you feel daily on your regimen? Are you feeling any negative side effects? Are you craving certain food groups? Cramping? Sleeping patterns?

Thanks for the info in advance. I just wanted to compare notes. Otherwise, ROCK ON with your bad self! :)
posted 16-Nov-2009 8:51pm

Thanks Neysa~ I did have some side effects along the way that I posted in my previous post above. Anytime I had a side effect it would last for a day or two. At this point I think my bodies used to what I'm doing and I have not had anymore issues. I will keep everyone posted.
posted 17-Nov-2009 11:40am

I had to stop taking the Ma Huang. Too acidic for my stomach. I did start the (Bronkaid + NoDoz) combo and I absolutely love it...even without the aspirin, it gives me a quick rush of energy that lasted about 4 hours today. It made me want to run a few miles so I'm going to ease myself into a good cardio schedule. The timing is perfect too because the weather got cooler and I can take advantage of not having to run the AC when my metabolism is skyrocketing.

Thanks for this format! So far, it is the closest to the original Xenadrine RFA-1 for me. I will most likely take 2 a day by this weekend. How long before you noticed your tolerance level changing and you "upped" the dosage? Keep up the great work...please keep me posted on any changes. Your progress has really motivated me. Here's to our success!!

STATS : Female - 5'll - 224lbs - goal weight is 165 lbs.
posted 17-Nov-2009 2:19pm


No, I have not experienced any acid reflux on anything I have taken.
posted 17-Nov-2009 7:57pm

Hi cat, so sorry i've been MIA.... wow a few days pass and so many posts.

So i've been stacking the pure ma huang with other supplements like hydroxycut, green tea, etc. and while i have noticed a difference, that difference is small. i am losing weight at a very slow pace. i mean i know my metabolism is slow but this is ridiculous. i've only ever wanted to lose 10 lbs but my body has changed significantly in the last year and i don't know what to do. I'm taking 2 pure ma huang pills a day.... i refuse to take more as i really don't want to hurt myself

I ask you or anyone else on the site... what is the difference between ma huang extract and the alkaloids??

Also, Cat where did you buy your ephburn25 from again?

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