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Xenadrine RFA-1


Xenadrine RFA-1 was a discontinued Ephedra-based diet pill.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was one of the most popular brands of Ephedra-based diet pills. It's a stimulant that reduces your appetite and causes you to burn more calories as well.

But, Ephedra was banned by the FDA after 2003. It was linked to many deaths. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to go up. So, it can cause heart-attacks in people with weak hearts.

Xenadrine RFA-1 is no longer available in the USA.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was made by Cytodyne Technologies. Since it was discontinued, they have put an Ephedra-free product on the market, Xenadrine EFX.


Ephedrine has been shown to have serious adverse effects, include hypertension (elevated blood pressure), palpitations (rapid heart rate), neurophathy (nerve damage), myopathy (muscle injury), psychosis, stroke, memory loss, heart rate irregularities, insomnia, nervousness, tremors, seizures, heart attacks, and death.

Also, studies have shown that Ephedrine-based supplements only provide short-term weight loss.


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  29-Jun-2006 9:42am created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 9:57am last update by bill

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posted 17-Nov-2009 8:26pm

ok, after doing some research, i realize there is no difference. the ephburn Cat is talking about has 25 mg of alkaloids where as the pure ma huang as only 10 mg - but they are essentially the same thing just in different doses. i think i just got confused, thinking perhaps the pure ma huang tablets were stronger because the bottle suggested only taking 1 a day and Brad had such strong effects when he took it.

the same website people have been using that Brad recommended to purchase the pure ma huang also has ephburn, zenalean pro, etc. - all of the supplements we have been discussing over and over again. On the left column it lists supplements in order of strength... it is quite possible to recreate the original rfa by buying one of the supplements off the website - which we all know is legit because they have been so good about getting us our orders quickly - and buy paying attention to dosages and which ingredients are in what. also has the same supplements, but at different prices. for those of us frustrated about not getting the same results as the original, well i guess we'll have to deal. There is no way around it, especially if we are essentially taking the same ingredients in similar dosages....
posted 17-Nov-2009 8:27pm

sorry that was from me... forgot to put in my name
posted 17-Nov-2009 9:54pm


MY STATS: Female / height: 5'6"
Starting weight: 175 lbs
Current weight: 162 lbs (as of 11-17-2009)
Current BMI: 26.1 (still overweight)
Goal weight: 125 to 130 lbs

The ECA stack is working like a dream so far. I've lost a whopping 13 lbs. It gives me the energy I need when I workout and curbs my appetite. My fitness goal is to become lean and build strength. Although my goal weight is anywhere between 125-130 lbs, I'm planning to drop to 115 lbs first, and then re-gain 10 to 15 pounds of lean muscle, ripped with a 6-pack abs, but not too big/bulky. Don't want to look like a dude. haha

My diet consists of dark greens, fresh fruits, protein (wild salmon, oatmeal, raw almonds, etc.), complex carbs, fiber, low fat yogurt, and plenty of water. I'm basically "eating clean."

As for my work-outs...for now it's mainly cardio for at least an hour 6 to 7 days a week at the local gym. I'll vary it up by going hiking in the weekends, longboard skateboarding, or go for a scenic jog along the coast.

( be continued...more progress updates in the coming weeks/months)
posted 18-Nov-2009 2:51am

Just got back from the gym and actually had a GREAT workout. Finally I am in the "zone." Thanks to the ECA stack, my body was able to build endurance and stamina in a relatively short period of time. I did cardio non-stop for an hour and burned 788 calories, and when I finished my workout, I didn't feel exhausted at all. I feel very energized. This ECA stack is the REAL DEAL, hands down. I haven't had this great of a workout since the old RFA-1 (before the ban)! Personally, I would not waste my time, energy and money on any of those pre-made ECA stacks currently out there in the market. They didn't work on me... Yes, the supplements did give me some energy, but it was pretty weak. I couldn't last for more than 5 minutes on my workouts and got extremely tired/fatigued real fast. Low energy, a ravenous appetite, weight gain and a very thin wallet were the only results from those worthless supplements. But don't take my word for it. Results vary with each individual. From what I read on the earlier posts, some people on this board ditched the pure ephedrine hcl/caffeine/aspirin stack because they were dissatisfied with the results they're getting. Experiment a little and use what works *safely* for you. I'm happy to "report" that the ECA stack is working for me and I'm quite satisfied.
posted 18-Nov-2009 10:12am

Congrats Silver!!!

I'll try your stack after a week of the NoDoz + BronkAid. So far this combo has worked for me but I like the idea of no Guafenesin. I honestly would've tried your ECA Stack sooner but the Kaizen still hasn't arrived.

Keep us posted on your stats!
posted 18-Nov-2009 7:18pm

Good Job, Silver,

Wow, so many posts since 5 days ago.
posted 18-Nov-2009 10:40pm


I just tried to order the Energy Nutrtion Ma Huang with the blue and white capsules from They no longer carry that brand but are saying the Sports One brand has the blue and white pills with the same ingredients. Has anyone tried this particular brand after using the ones from Energy Nutrition and did it work as well? Thanks for the help!
posted 19-Nov-2009 12:09am

Hi Neyssa
I'm sooo happy I was able to help you in some way. I will make sure to continue to post my progress both positive and negative. I'm not sure if you read my other post but I did have some somewhat annoying side effects in the begining but they didn't last long and for the past week I have a total normal feeling. I still have energy but its a normal feeling of energy. As of this morning I was at 170.6 so I still havent hit the 60's yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a suprise in my morning weigh in. As of today I've had a total weight loss of 15 pounds in 16 days. My next goal weight is to get to 160. Than I'll make another goal to get lower. Ohh yea Neyssa just to let u know before I tried the bronkaid/nodooze I did the kaizen HCL if you have any questions regarding my experience on it. And also w/ the bronkaid/nodooze I still only take them twice a day. Not sure yet if I'll go to 3 times a day, at this point I really dont need to. As long as I go to sleep at a decent time than I'm not up late thinking about rading the fridge. So 2X a day has been what's worked for me.
posted 19-Nov-2009 3:55pm

:) Anonymous916,

OK..Anonymous916...I think you and I have the same biological triggers! I'm so excited! (that's not just the drugs talking) (lol) I don't know if I'll ever take 3 a day...even when I can tolerate it. I may just cycle off for a few days to reset my tolerance instead. I read where you were cranky/moody...did you experience anything else? What was your experience with the Kaizen HCL? Work at all?

:) Lindz
You are correct. They said they no longer carry Energy Nutrition when I ordered also. Tell us your comments when you receive and start taking the Ma Huang from Sports One.

:) General
I tried the Kaizen ECA Stack and got a tinge of energy but mainly "nothing". I tried the Ma Huang alone and got energy but intolerable acid reflux. I'm back on the BronkAid +'s a winner with me. Although it's only been a couple of days, I feel energetic and have the "I can run ANY marathon and Rule the World" attitude. Even though I know I've only lost water weight (2-3 lbs now), I'm motivated just to keep moving, which is the exact change I was looking for. Zero side effects, zero cravings, zero appetite (but I eat on a schedule - no matter what) and I sleep very well in the evening. I do want to offer that I have cut out all other beverages and only drink water (1-2 liters pers day...keep UTI's and dehydration away!) or Almond need to overwork my kidneys more than they have been. I take a daily multivitamin and I document everything I eat. I'm not as strict on my eating yet..but I will be soon. Statistically, weight loss is 85% eating habits and 15% before I jump into anything major, I'll be measuring and planning what I eat.

Conducting my own "mad scientist" experiments proved to be very helpful to determine What Makes Me Jolt ..and it was a minimal investment. Even though the other products didn't work for me, I just wanted to thank everyone for their documented experiences and feedback.
posted 19-Nov-2009 3:56pm

Whoops...Post Aboveis from me!
posted 20-Nov-2009 8:40am

I think they are just saying they are gone because they don't want to look for the bottles and it's time consuming for them instead they'll just grab whatever bottle blue or white pills and package them up.
posted 20-Nov-2009 11:34am


I went to website to order the Pure Ma Huang and the only bottle I can find is the Blue with a white lid and the lettering is in yellow. Is this what you ordered? It is $29.99 for 100 capsules.

posted 20-Nov-2009 12:06pm

Any updates.
posted 20-Nov-2009 5:34pm

@ Neysa

Hi! No, I just take the one pill at a time, twice daily. I have lost a total of 10 pounds in 10 days ~ pretty awesome~! I am really pumped with the outcome of the half blue half white pills.

Let me know how the other stack your now doing is working for you.

Bella :o)
posted 20-Nov-2009 9:18pm

Hey Nessa~ I'm glad it's working so good for you. It's always trial and error to figure out what works for each individuals body. And I know it's exciting when something does work. My only side effects was when I was supper tweaked w/ energy which lasted about 3-4 days than I had normal amounts of energy. Than around 1 1/2 weeks is when I noticed I was kinda grumpy and irritable ( which could have been from other things ) but that only lasted a few days. Now I feel pretty normal. I have energy, very little appetite, and no longer have negative side effects. Like you I did cut out all beverages besides water. I eat what I want but what I want has been healthy foods every since I started this whole thing. Which is amazing for me being that before I was a fast food junkie. I dont really exercise, beside walking my dog or just walking around from when I'm doing errons, and cleaning the house....Well lets keep our fingers crossed that this stack continues to work out for us. And keep me up to date on your progress.
posted 20-Nov-2009 9:20pm

Nessa~ Oh yea and about the Kaizen HCL, I got a little energy from that for the first day or two but than nothing at all after that. I completed the whole bottle than switched to the bronkaid. So that's my experience with the Kaizen.
posted 21-Nov-2009 5:28pm

Hi everyone! Here's an update on my weight loss on ephedra thus far. Today I weighed 145.5 lbs, which I am THRILLED about. It's the lowest I have been in over a year and a half (since May 2008). It is the first time all year that I got below 150 lbs and now I am tantalizingly close to my goal weight, woo-hoo!

My "fighting" weight is about 138-140 lbs (give or take a donut, LOL). I'm just a hair under six feet (5' 11 and 3/4") so I could get away with gaining 10 lbs without really looking heavy. However, even a 5 lb gain affected how I felt when I was running or in the gym, and by January of this year my weight hit a high of 168. I had lost my job and that started a cycle of feeling down, not working out or running consistently and seriously overindulging in the junk food. Even though I tried to clean up my diet and work out as usual, I found I kept hitting a plateau around 150-152 lbs. Then indulging even a little in the foods I craved (ice-cream and pizza are BIG culprits for me) resulted in a big bounce back up to 158-160 lbs. I felt like I was gaining and losing the same 10 pounds most of this year.

I will be SO HAPPY if/when the ban on ephedra is completely lifted. There are still some supplement websites that will not ship to my state. The ONLY thing that made a difference in my weight loss was taking ephedra pills during this month. While I can't say it gives me energy/makes my running or workouts easier (it feels harder, actually; I never drank coffee and I think I'm caffeine sensitive), it is certainly working like crazy on my weight loss and appetite. I find I have to make myself eat and sometimes I feel uncomfortably full even when I've only had a salad. I LOVE to snack, especially at night, but now I find I cannot eat a thing after dinner.

@Silver, thank you for your updates, it sounds like your ECA stack is working GREAT! Also, @V, how are you doing? You had questions about the ephedra supplements in general (Pure MaHuang, etc); what are your weight loss goals?

Keep writing everyone! I love this forum.
posted 22-Nov-2009 9:00pm

Wow! It is so fantastic to come back and see all the comments! I had a lot of reading to do to catch up, haha. Good to know other people found success with the Bronkaid/NoDoz/Aspirin stack too! I am just now starting back on the weight loss. I have suffered from man boobs for too damn long! Found a few good lower pec exercises to pair with a Ma Huang capsule and an aspirin =) Some days, I take 2 Ma Huang capsules at once, and MAN do I get crazy, haha. My hands shake so much, it looks like I'm going through crack withdrawals! Sorry I've been off the forum for so long, but like I said, it's great to hear everyone is starting to see some results, and we attract new members every week! This forum will be the official unbanning of ephedra sinica =)
posted 24-Nov-2009 11:55am

@ Preston
Imagine that we single handedly; simultaneously lift the ban by ordering different products that will actually ship to our country or state. HOOORRRAAAYY that's the funniest. Maybe they will get tired of us sending our money out of state and therefore sell it here again. AAAHHHHH one can only dream. I love, love, love, this forum
posted 24-Nov-2009 10:02pm

Hi Cat!

I had mentioned before that all I ever really wanted to do was lose 10 lbs. over the last year my body changed - my hips got wider, etc. and i feel that since i'm still pretty young - 23 - it's not, not normal, for every to kind of shift and for my metabolism to slow down... but its SLOW i mean, really slow. i did take the pure ma huang pills for 3 weeks and lost a little weight but then very quickly started on the ephburn 25 i had heard you mention. i'm on day 3 - and this is the first day i've decided to take 2 pills - before that i was taking 1 to get used to them. i cant say ive been eating uber healthy or not, but pretty normally. i haven't had the chance to exercise very much because my work schedule is so hectic these last few weeks....
my biggest problem is that i gain weight so quickly. when im not watching what i eat, i can gain 10 lbs in two weeks like that. if the pills, ive actually managed to fall off the wagon but not gain any.... losing however is a different story. i feel like ive plateaued and nothing is helping. also, i am not experiencing the same side effects as anyone else is with the pills... my heart beats a little faster but thats about it. oh, and i do get full easily.
thanksgiving is this week so my diet is kaput... but i'm sure once i get back onto my strict, very healthy but a sufficient amount of food - generally 1500 cals a day - ill see results quicker...

but for those of you experiencing amazing weight loss - cat, bella, etc. what have you been doing in addition to taking the pills?? diet, exercise?
posted 26-Nov-2009 2:57pm


I personally am losing the weight just strictly taking a Ma Huang capsule with an aspirin in the morning and afternoon. After I get off work at about 9pm every night, I goto the gym and do 1 mile of cardio at around 6-7 mph. Every other night, I will couple an upper body workout with that for a solid 30 minutes to an hour. It has shown great results for me, and I shall continue down that path for another 20 lbs or so =) Hope this helps!
posted 26-Nov-2009 4:22pm


Please make certain you are taking the 81mg of aspirin. Only because if you ever get injured god forbid...but these things do an can happen do not bleed to much as aspirin does thin the blood. Play it safe right.
Canada, Ontario
posted 26-Nov-2009 5:29pm

I bought the Xenadrine RFA-1 a month ago at a local walmart, now it seems they pulled the all RFA-1 out and replaced it with the Xenadrine Ultra - seems like these pills are filled with more caffeine than rfa-1. I just bought the Ultra today. I'll check back here and let you guys know if it does any thing. Oh btw, I lost 5 pounds using rfa-1 in a span of 3 weeks. its not much but its something.
posted 27-Nov-2009 11:55pm

Preston: huge help.... I'm convinced i may be one of those people who just really needs to watch what she eats. the pills are merely an aid - and that is it. i think i just got lazy... i spent so long watching what i eat and being so hell bent on exercising that when i read of people's fabulous results, i kind of thought to myself "ok this is great, i'll order these pills and don't have to work out anymore" - which couldn't be more wrong. There is no reason for me not to get the results i want with the supplements we've been discussing.... advice to everyone who is looking for a quick fix - there is none. these pills are only an aid, the only way to guarantee results that will last is to do your part and change your lifestyle... thats it
posted 3-Dec-2009 6:02pm


Love the inspiration in that post =) I have found that by working out and running, my body just naturally desires healthier things anyways! I can't remember the last time I drank a soda, in all honesty. I find myself after EVERY workout wanting a salad or cottage cheese, haha. It's great when you really listen to your body and give it what it wants. The same way a performance vehicle will give you a check engine light when something needs to be fixed, your body will definitely give you signals of something it wants. Ever get those cravings for weird stuff, like broccoli or cottage cheese? That's your body telling you it desires something in that food to better itself and increase productivity. I've learned so much about the human body and the effects of all things we put into it, and it really gives you inspiration to eat right and work out! The pills definitely help give you confidence and inspiration to work out, though. I hope to hear more success stories with ephedra use!
posted 3-Dec-2009 6:52pm

@ Preston

It's good to hear from you again! Welcome back. :o)

It so true, your body will tell you what it is lacking and thus begins to crave those foods, well at least my body does. I just wanted to update everyone that I have lost about 3 pounds a week on the Ma Huang, I am very happy with this. I am going to add the aspirin though as I have not been taking that and I think that will help, it definitely can't hurt (at least not the 81 mg one).

Will check back in about a week and let you know how it is all going.

Bella :o)
posted 3-Dec-2009 9:29pm

Has anyone taken Xtreme Thermoburn? Is it as good as the Original Xenadrine RFA-1 (2003 and earlier)?

I saw this advertised on a Canadian website...I'd like to place an order, but I'm a little skeptical about this product. Any reviews? Anyone?


Xtreme Thermoburn has been on the market since 2003.
Xtreme Thermoburn has become the #1 choice for individuals that are interested in losing fat since 2005.
This product has been compared by many fitness/health enthusiasts and our customers to Original Xenadrine.

Xtreme Thermoburn has been formulated to melt fat like no other product on the market today. Xtreme Thermoburn will suppress appetite, speed metabolic activity, shed bodyfat and increase core temperature to yield dramatic results, FAST!

Xtreme Thermoburn Facts per 2 capsules:

* MaHuang - 300mg (standardized to 8% - 24mg ephedra alkaloids)
* Caffeine - 300mg
* Garcinia Cambogia - 200mg
* Citrus Aurantium 4% - 100mg
* White Willow Bark - 100mg
* L-Carnitine - 100mg
* Ginger Root - 50mg
* Cayenne 40,000 BTU - 50mg
* Chromium Picolinate - 50mcg
posted 4-Dec-2009 6:21pm

Wow! That sounds like a pretty close mixture to the original Xenadrine, but I don't know.. it's out of Canada, and it sounds like it has the real ephedra sinica in it.. what do you think, Brad? That looks like something worth buying a bottle of!
posted 7-Dec-2009 10:05am

Hi-Everyone, this will be my first time trying Xenadrnie rfa-1, but after reading the comments on how it will raise you heart rate I a little skeptical. Do you think it will be okay to still use this along with my blood pressure medicine, my pressure is under control and not that high anymore.
posted 7-Dec-2009 6:57pm

You can find Xtreme Thermoburn on the Energy Reload website.
posted 8-Dec-2009 9:36pm


From what's been posted, it seems like a good source. Anyone have a link to the product in question?


If you have heart problems or blood pressure issues, I highly recommend you do NOT take any supplement that elevates both your heart rate and blood pressure. Be safe.
posted 8-Dec-2009 9:58pm

I second Brad...anyone taking any inhibitors, heart medications DO NOT TAKE!! You are setting your self for a huge incident.

Again not meaning to scare anyone but this is COMMON SENSE people.

This is like asking if you can dilute ammonia with bleach! DO NOT MIX THIS IS LETHAL.

Some medications can be dangerous by drinking a simple fruit juice along with it.
posted 11-Dec-2009 8:20pm

SO...I finally got my order of Pure Ma Huang from this week. They sent me the correct pills(Sports One - half blue/half white) and it was delivered in 3 days. I took it on Tuesday by itself and didn't feel much of anything, but woke up on Wednesday and had lost a pound. I then stacked it with a baby aspirin and still didn't feel much, but lost another pound. Yesterday and today I stacked it with caffeine and aspirin and could really feel the difference. The energy level is similar to the original Xenadrine, but it doesn't suppress my apetite as much. Prior to this was taking a stack of Vasapro/Caffeine/Aspirin for about two weeks and it worked ok, but not like this stuff. Since Tuesday I have lost 4 pounds! I have been working out, eating right and drinking plenty of water consistently for about 6 months now and I had hit a plateau so it was great to finally see some weight loss. I'll keep you posted on how it's working!
posted 12-Dec-2009 11:36am

Hi guys! After 3 weeks, I'm back! Happy Holidays too...
Well, I've been on the NoDoz/BronkAid/Aspirin now for 3 wks and I've lost 10 lbs!!! I feel great!

The only noticeable side effects were :
1) On week 2 I had a HUGE hunger I snacked on raw almonds and pecans when I was hungry. As a treat, I did buy chicken strips from KFC to eat with my own honey mustard mix. I think I wasn't taking in enough protein so my appetite kicked into overdrive. I supplement with protein shakes and All Good Now!

2) I couldn't get to sleep as early as I wanted to when taking the Stack at 7am. That darn power surge lasted until midnight and I typically try to hit the sack at 10pm. I don't recommend this for everyone but I drank one glass of red wine to help this, since I didn't want to take anymore meds and wind up like Marilyn Monroe...LOL (just kiddin)!

3) Week 2 : the mood swings did hit me. Around the same time, I was feeling irritable but that could just be the combination of low protein and screwy sleep schedule. It has since passed now.

Other than feeling that I wake up and get hit by GAMMA RAYS every morning, I feel wonderful and have tried to be more active. This is nice since everyone else has slowed down considerably with the cold temperature.
posted 13-Dec-2009 8:24pm

Any updates
posted 17-Dec-2009 9:48am

posted 17-Dec-2009 12:34pm

If it's so boring, add something fascinating...of value.
posted 18-Dec-2009 12:13am


That's great news! I've never tried stacking the Ma Huang with caffeine, too.. I'll try that for my next trial.


Glad to hear the success story! If only the FDA could get ahold of this website, they'd see that ephedra is all good =) Keep up the good work!
16 year old girl
posted 18-Dec-2009 7:20pm

Hey Brad!!
k so i took 3 hrs to read all this and it really helped. I am planning of trying the Xenadrine RFA-1, but i just need to know if it is safe for me. I am 16 years old only, and i am wondering if it is too young, and if i may be at risk. Please let me knw!!!
posted 18-Dec-2009 9:20pm

Hi 16,

I personally would not recommend any of the diet tips on the site for you.

Other than a legal issue, the main reason is that your body is still changing and you're in an unstable hormonal change at this point in your age.

Many of us on this site over way into our 20's, 30's, and I'm sure even 40's +. We've had some experience in experimenting on how our body responds to different substances/chemicals (some more than others).

You don't want to harm or weaken any of your major bodily functions/cycles while it's still developing. This could potentially lead to major health issues later on in life.

Maybe look at being more physically active, lose the sweets and fast food, eat healthy, and give your body a chance to change without experimental chemicals.

Speak with your family doctor or a dietician and get some tips from them on what would work better for someone at your stage in life.

When I was 16, I honestly still had what we considered "baby fat" and didn't lose that till I was 19...but I was also a late bloomer.

Good luck!
16 year old girl
posted 18-Dec-2009 10:47pm

Hey Kara, thank you for your answer, but the reason why i want to turn to pills is because i have been obese all my life, and i have been through the whole eat well, exercise, but its hard to do that when you are in school, and on the weekends have homework to do and ect...Xenadrine RFA-1 seems to be my only solution because i can get it off a store. DO you think i could die from it? thats my only worry
posted 20-Dec-2009 4:11am


I agree 100% with Kara. I do not mean this in a negative way at all so please do not take it that way, but you are far too young to be taking these kind of supplements. Just to reiterate what Kara has already said, your body is still going through a lot of changes and it is too early for you to resort to dietary supplements. You probably have the strongest metabolism compared to anyone on this board and if you try a little harder with what you eat you will see results. The 3 main pieces of advice I can give you are:

1. ALWAYS eat a healthy breakfast within the first hour of waking up. Eat a small bowl of oatmeal, banana and a glass of water (or something equal to that). NO FAST FOOD!
2. Spend at least 30 minutes each day doing something active. It can be something as simple as walking at a semi fast pace for 30 minutes. I don't care how busy someone says they are, because they always have at least 30 minutes of "free" time each day.
3. NEVER eat within 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed. I have been guilty of this in the past, so this isn't a "holier than thou" speech. If you really feel like you need to snack on something, drink a full glass of water and eat a handful of natural almonds. I promise this will get rid of the craving.

You're far too young to be experimenting with supplements. Also, I'm not sure what state you're in, but here in California you have to be 18 to even purchase them. I'm 26 and am carded almost every time I've ever bought them.
posted 21-Dec-2009 12:00pm

Hiya 16,

To answer your question, we can die from anything...but you will increase your chances if you introduce unknown chemicals with an unknown outcome ....and even higher risk when you do it without professional supervision.

Self admittedly, I'm not a doctor or dietician and I, personally, would not recommend diet pills to anyone less than 21.

Even though there is a minimum age of 18 yrs old for diet pills, most diet products are created with the calculations for an average adult body of 25 years old because there are typically less unknown and unstable factors involved. Since 18 is the legal age that a person should be able to make rational legal decisions, manufacturers include that age minimum on their labels because they are legally protected by the US Government, in the event you take them to court and claim ignorance.

The fact that the rest of us come together in this forum to discuss alternatives are mainly because we have had years of trying different options, learn about our allergies and sensitivities...and we haven't died :) Being over 18 yrs old, we all accept the risks that can occur.

If you are truly 16 with weight issues, speak to your Parents / School Counselor / Family Doctor about the steps you can take about getting on a wellness plan. These individuals will know more about your habits and current medical condition to advise you better than an online forum. When it all comes down to it, healthy weight loss is truly a result of living healthy.

If it turns out that you may have medical concerns that contribute to your weight gain (such as thyroid), they can uncover it and help you correct it.

We all think it's great for you to realize that you should do something. We're just saying seek help from experts that can offer the best solutions for your particular situation.
posted 23-Dec-2009 8:17am

@ 16 Becareful because I've known a few back in the day that were your age and today they are having many complications breathing. Your body, mind are not developed to be introduced to ephedra. PERIOD.

Your baby fat coincides with what is still baby and not visible on the outside...your lungs, heart etc. You risk the chance of developing heart issues. DO NOT TAKE wait a few more years. My youngest sister had your issue and began to go to the gym and she lost it all. She eats well and when she doesn't feel like going to the gym she goes for a walk.

Becareful...When we are young we are chasing our wealth and when we get older we chase our health. No different to chasing beauty. Watch yourself you last a whole lot longer getting older than you did being young. You don't want to live miserably.
posted 24-Dec-2009 3:59pm

Merry Christmas, everyone!
posted 25-Dec-2009 8:26am

Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas to all!

...cookies are calling me :)
Bipolar girl
posted 26-Dec-2009 12:02pm

(Srry about my nickname I couldn't really think of anything ) bipolar and take the anticonvulsant lamictal and cant see a doctor to ask with this whole health care thing going on and Im not sure if I should take any ephedra based product with it. Also I've been trying to follow along but im getting confused on what everyones taking and where there getting it from I've heard the mention of several pills and sites but am getting confused. Can someone who has had phenomenal results (Cat, Bella ect.) please explain to me their regime and where they got it Thx
Bipolar girl
posted 26-Dec-2009 12:07pm

^ Also (srry to double post) but I came across this site after looking for reviews on Red Cutz so has anyone tried that and seen results (I thought it would work cuz it had 25mg of ephederin alkaloids but then I was hearing all this stuff about coming from leaves and stems and got confused) its also an ECA stacker.
posted 26-Dec-2009 11:12pm

Like my nickname lol it shows a good sense of location besides my name is very rare so I dont want anyone I know to know that I've been looking at this kind of stuff and any kind of nickname I have would also indicate to them that its me anyways just call me panhandle girl cuz thats where I live on the florida panhandle. Anyways I just spent 4hr and 18min (yea I clocked it lol) reading everything not including all the research I did earlier today.Im not exactly sure if im going to do Brads plan or Prestons plan because they both have the most reviews. I have only been looking into ephedra for 3 days (but like the whole day every day on the computer bcuz I like many others in America was thinking I couldnt even get a hold of it but now that I know u can I've been paying attention to every detail of everything trying to make sure Im not getting scammed.Normally when im looking into buying something I look at A TON of reviews from people (unbiased reviews not from companys site) anyways looking for a good ephedra supplement I couldnt find that all I could find were from sites and not people like me and you and u could tell it was copy and pasted and from the companys sites.Anyways since I was here for close to 4 1/2 hrs reading I know this is real people not trying to scam me so Im going to try either Preston or Brads plan I'll probably see if I can get Brads first but if I cant I'll try prestons cuz I noticed people complained of getting the wrong pills I'll decide tonight my eyes kill from reading all this so I should decide after a good nights sleep. As for my stats Im doing a 2day fibercleanse on monday and then starting my 1200cal diet again on wednesday and starting my workout routine the following monday. I have been cheating BAD all week long and for some reason I always do a lot better when I start up something on mondays and Ill try not to mess up too much tomorrow. But anyways I'll wait about a week until I give my stats I know I gained a lot of weight this gain prob 10lbs or more so Id be stupid to weight myself cuz I'll get all upset once I learn how much I gained. I've never had the original stuff like the majority of you so I really dont know what its suppose to feel like. I'll probably be shaky though so im gonna start real low dose cuz I dont drink soda or coffee (I use to drink green tea every day about 7months ago but thats not like a lot of coffee and doesnt make u spaz out.) Anyways last November (not the recent ones) I weighted in at 163 (im 5ft 2 and a female btw) and then by April I made it down to 125 then I developed binge eating disorder and then went up to 147lbs and then I ended up geting over the disorder (september this year) and dropped down to 129 but then I keep cheating and then geting back on my weightloss plan over and over and on sun I was 139 but I gained atleast 10lbs with all the crap Ive been eatting (and thats a lot) so I'll wait about a week then give u stats. Last year it was pretty easy for me to stick with it this year its harder cuz im so tired all the time I dont have the energy to workout Im stressed leading me to crave carbs and hello im a female we get that time of the month where we would kill someone for some freakin' treats and I have a real slow metabolism. My goal weight is 103lbs so I hope this works for me (and btw if u havn't noticed I never shut up and ramble on like im doing now and im too tired after looking at the screen so long to re-read what I wrote to see if it makes since lol srry.) Like I said I'll post stats in about a week and be prepared to be hearing a lot from me I'll be posting with every update like when I order whichever method I chose, when I receive it then after that. Im excited to find people I can trust that arn't trying to get me to buy a product and are just sharing experiences with diffrent things. I look forward to talking more with you guys and well trying a method and hopefully losing the weight:)

P.S quick question somewhere on pg 1 (that was a lot of hours of reading ago lol) I read that ephedra doesnt work if u eat processed food which I know is bad for you but for dinners I eat lean cuisines and leanpockets and tend to eat special k and weightwatchers snacks. Will that interfere with the ephedra working?

-Panhandle girl (I must admit thats a strange nickname for me lol)
posted 27-Dec-2009 1:32am

If they give me the bottle they have now even though its not the same bottle if its the same blue and white pills will it work the same as Brads did?
posted 28-Dec-2009 5:02am

@ BiPolar girl: People with metal disorders such as depression, bi-polar, schizoprenia, etc. should NOT use any ephedra/ephedrine based products.
posted 28-Dec-2009 5:08am

@ Panhandlegirl: When losing weight--NUTRITION IS EVERYTHING. Eat more natural, whole foods rather than processed, manufactured, packaged, and frozen foods (this includes lean cuisines, lean pockets, weightwatchers snacks, etc.)
posted 28-Dec-2009 10:52am

@ BiPolar girl: People with mental disorders such as depression, bi-polar, schizoprenia, etc. should NOT use any ephedra/ephedrine based products.
posted 28-Dec-2009 9:31pm

Do you think its a good idea to stack 6 days a week for 3 weeks and then take a whole week off (cuz when I get back to working out I will be doing it 6x a week mon-sat and dont need energy on sunday anyways. I think im gonna go buy both the Ma Haugh that prestons using along with NoDoz and aspirin and prestins stack but only try one first (that way if one of them doesnt work I'll have a backup plan at hand/.) Please let me know if you think my idea on the way to stack is good or not im not really sure when to be doing it and when to take breaks and I think im gonna buy one months supply of both and then I'll buy in more bulk whichever one seems to work. BTW didn't start my diet today got 2 teeth pulled today and 2 more on wednesday so needless to say im living off pudding/icecream and soup until probably friday but besides the point. Please tell me ur ideas on the way I was going to stack.
posted 29-Dec-2009 2:37pm

Ok I just ordered 2 bottles of 60ct NoDoz, 3 box's of 24ct Bronkaid, 1 bottle of low dose aspirin (120ct), and I requested the white and blue capsules of Pure Ma Haugh. Im not going to try both at once im gonna try one method first and then the other and then I will use whichever one works better. Wish me luck :)
posted 29-Dec-2009 7:46pm

I used the original Xenadrine RFA-1 way back in June of 2000 and lost 40+ pounds on it. I went from 200 pounds down to 158. I would use various other ephedra fat burners on and off through March of 2003, when Cytodine discontinued Xendarine RFA-1 because they were being sued by the Maryland Attorney Generals office following the death of Baltimore Orioles pitchers Steve Blechler in Feb. of 2003, supposedly due to the use of Xenadrine. Even though Steve Blechler was 300+ pounds and it was almost 90 degrees in the Florida spring training. Other old school ephedra favorites were the original Hydroxycut, and Dymetadrine Xtreme, Ultimate Orange, Nutrex Lipo -6 and Metabolic Thyrolean. These were the original Ephedra formulas that I used between 1998 - 2002. Of course no of them have ephedra in them and I wouldn't even recommend them anymore. Ultimate Orange, Metabolic Thyrolean and Dymetadrine Xtreme aren't even around anymore.
posted 29-Dec-2009 7:57pm

Sorry I forgot to add that I lost 42 pounds in a little over a month, When I started on June 1st 2000, I was 200 pounds, and by July 7th I was down to 160 pounds.

But I was running between 5 and 6 miles a day, and following a very strict diet. Of course when I took the Xenadrine it really killed my appetite, so following a strict diet was easy, and gave me the energy and mental focus I needed to run those 5+ miles.

The side effects were anxiety, but I already had anxiety issues way before I took Xenadrine, so the Xenadrine kind of intesified that, nervousness, some paranoia, insomnia, very jittery even when I was at work behind a desk or if I wanted to relax, I couldn't because I would be wired all day long, never had any heart or blood pressure problems, but back then I was only 22 years old, so I my body could hack it. Also I think the ephedrine with all those other stimulants made me kind of crazy, like I said before I would get paranoid, and sometimes think people were out to get me or I have to always be on the lookout in case of something bad happening, I don;t know it was a weird feeling, and also it did make me aggressive, not so much physically aggressive, but more like I would be very outspoken and very determined to do something even if was need to chill out or if i was in the wrong. One positive side effect besides weight loss, energy and mental focus was that the Xenadrine made me very talkative and sociable, which was really good for me because I had always been a very shy and quiet guy, but I when I took the Xenadrine RFA-1 I would go and talk to girls at clubs and in the malls, etc. Like I would iniate the conversation, I didn't wait for them to do it.

Well I hope this helps anyone, but I know they don't make the original formula anymore. But I have had some success with the ephedra free versions of other fat burners.
posted 31-Dec-2009 12:28pm


Good luck with the ECA stack- it has proven the best results for me!

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to everyone! With the help of ephedra supplements, all our new years resolutions can come true =P
posted 31-Dec-2009 10:23pm

Have any of you thought or are taking an adaptogen (herbs to lower cortisol) cause I know that ephedra and caffene and stuff would raise cortisol levels and increased cortisol levels make you gain weight. So has anyone thought of taken any to kinda balance things out? Im researching it right now! After I purchase one though I think I'll call it quits for a while I think I've put a big enough dent into my bank account.I think its something to look into. What do you guys think?
posted 31-Dec-2009 11:03pm

^ Just an add on im going to start taking green tea and ginseng with my ephedra supplements/ECA stack cuz its one of the few adaptogens that you can easily buy at the stores and I already have in my house (I heard a lot about Reishi mushrooms and holy basil and stuff also but I have to go order that and its more expensive.) Im not a doctor but I do think maybe meditation or something would be good if not a supplement when taking ephedra or caffene since it will raise cortisol levels and stuff which makes you gain weight. Just a little piece of advice.
posted 1-Jan-2010 1:19pm


Are you sure you mean cholesterol, or do you mean blood pressure? Ephedrine increases blood pressure, but I have never heard of it increasing cholesterol. Below is a snippet regarding that:

"Cholesterol levels - Weight loss normally causes a corresponding decrease in HDL ("good" cholesterol (19). Not only does ephedrine prevent this decrese in HDL cholesterol or even slightly reverse it (6, 19), treatment also decreases LDL ("bad" cholesterol by about 10 mg/dl over six months (6). For most individuals, this is a 5-10% reduction."
posted 1-Jan-2010 4:28pm

Quick question:

I used to take RFA-1 back in the day, and had reallly good luck with it!! It went off the market & I was so bummed. I have about 30 lbs to lose & need a boost. Im totally healthy & have no heart conditions......What do you recommend?? I tried following the post, but Im slow today LOL
I would just like the name of some good products, and how much to take......

Thank you !!!!!
HAPPY 2010 =)
posted 1-Jan-2010 5:55pm


Go back to October '08 and read from there down. Everything you want to know should be answered.
posted 1-Jan-2010 7:18pm

@Neysa- I'm so happy how the stack is turned out for you. We seem to have the same reactions to the bronkaid/nodoze stack as we were talking about above. As for me I took about a one month break, only casue I ran out of the bronkaid and didn't really have the $ to spend on more. But the good news is for the first week & 1/2 I continued to loose weight. This was around thanksgiving. I completley lost all good eating habits the week of thanksgiving and did gain about 2 pounds back. I lost the gained weight by eating better again and of course gained 2 pounds again the week before xmas. Since xmas I've been back on my "healthy" eating routine. I finally was able to buy more bronkaid today *yeaa!!* so hopefully I'll start loosing even more weight again. The exciting thing for me is, if you remember I was trying to get out of the 170's (pounds) casue I kept bouncing around 171-175 and I finally did it over the past few days. I'm now at 166-168 pounds ( depending on when I weigh myself ).... So I'm excited to kickstart the weight loss and cant weight....Oh yea and I also wanted to say that I found 6 bronkaid pills ( 2days worth ) so I took those 2 days ago and side effects as we were talking about earlier started all over again. Maybe not as strong but they are there. But I do know they will wear off over the next few weeks.
If anybody's followed my story I started at almost 200 pounds. The changes I've made to loose the weight is: drinking ONLY water, NO fast food, and eating healthier. I usually eat chicken breast, steamed vegies ( as much as I want, and usually the frozen kind since its quick and easy to make ) salads ( with the spray kind of dressing ) and taking the bronkaid/nodoze stack w/o the asprin two times a day. I dont work out which I know if I did I'd loose even more weight but I havent been able to make that change yet. Especially since it's a struggle to keep on track w/ eating healthy. I can say that I do have to be very strick on myself about eating otherwise I quickly gain weight back, which means no snacks like chips, crackers, cookies, etc... So anyhow this is my updated story and good luck everyone.
@Bipolar....I just wanted to say I also take lamictal. I cant give any advise on if its ok or not ok to take when combining them w/ these stacks. But throughout this process I've continued to take my "mental" medications.
posted 1-Jan-2010 8:09pm

@ Preston
Thx for the luck :)

@ Brad
No, not cholesterol..cortisol the hormone that has to do with high insulin levels, stress, and high levels of caffene, and high levels of anxiety.

"Caffeine-induced stress can actually interfere with how you feel about yourself and trigger emotional eating or a need for comfort food. This correlation between caffeine and weight gain is another good reason to consider weaning yourself from caffeine to reduce stress hormones that result in emotional eating.

Cortisol Levels
As mentioned earlier, caffeine can raise cortisol levels and it's important to take a closer look on what this means because raised cortisol levels can leave you feeling anxious, fearful and even lashing out at in frustration and anger. It diminished feeling of well being and can even lead to feelings of depression and affect your ability to communicate and learn. Prolong cortisol levels can:

•Lower your immune system
•Slow thinking
•Generate blood sugar imbalances
•Raise blood pressure
•Weaken muscle tissue
•Decrease bone density
•Increase fat in the stomach areas
That's right! Increased belly fat can be the result of elevated cortisol levels. Decreasing caffeine intake combined with regular exercise can help you reach that goal to a flatter stomach and better overall health.

Caffeine and Insulin Resistance
Studies show that caffeine also contributes to insulin resistance. When this happens glucose and insulin builds up in the blood. It's common knowledge that drinking coffee can also cause insomnia and sleep deprivation. Both of these conditions are related to insulin resistance and insulin is a metabolism hormone. It affects every cell in the body. Insulin:

•Regulates blood sugar
•Controls the storage of fat
•Helps direct the functions of amino acids, fatty acids, and carbohydrates
•Regulates the liver’s synthesis of cholesterol
•Affects appetite control
•Affects kidney function
A consistent elevation of insulin presents other possible problems including:

•Raised blood pressure
•Raised cholesterol levels
•Stores food as fat instead of using it for fuel
•Causes kidneys to retain excess fluid
•Damages arteries
•Elevates triglycerides
•Changes protein into sugar and fat
These are the problems your body faces with insulin resistance. Breaking the caffeine habit can help to lower the risk to insulin resistance and as a result help to manage your weight."

@ Everyone
Still hasn't gotten here yet but I just ordered it a few days ago and it said 9-12 days or 6-9 or something like that. Happy New Year also. New year= fresh start.
posted 1-Jan-2010 8:26pm

Sorry I keep doubleposting but I ordered the pure ma haung capsules from the place everybody got theres ephedraoutlet on the 29th of December which nobody was in customer service all day even during the mon-fri 10-3 time but I ordered anyways and its the 1st and I got the confirmation email so that means they already billed me and they said they'll send me an email with my tracking number when its shipped but shouldnt it be shipped by now? I was just on an ordering spree that day so I ordered from 2 other places not including that (bath and body and overstockdrugstore to get stuff for the ECA stack) and I got an email back the next day saying it was shipped from them. Should I worry?
posted 2-Jan-2010 1:58am

I feel like an idiot. I can't believe I read "cortisol" as "cholesterol". Sorry.
posted 2-Jan-2010 1:59am

PS. No, I wouldn't worry just yet. So far that company has been very professional and reputable. You should be just find. :)
posted 2-Jan-2010 2:24pm

@ Brad
lol ur not an idiot I actually thought I was an idiot I went back and re-read everything I wrote to see if I wrote that cholesterol lol. Ok thanks I'll hold off a little bit longer before I worry.
posted 3-Jan-2010 2:49pm

Ok I weighted in and measured so I got my stats I plan on weighting myself every Sunday keep in mind im not going to be using ephedra or working out this week so its just my 1200cal diet that I can depend on for any weightloss this week Im going to receive.Im copying this work for word the same way I wrote it in my food diary.
date/time: 1/03/10 12:18 pm (ate lunch at 11:30am and didnt have much water so far about 2 of my pink bottles full)
height:5ft 2
current weight: 148lbs
upperarms: 13in
waist(well more so across the bellybutton so got the big gut measured): 39in
wearing: red pj pants (thin) and blue aeropostal shirt
next weight in: 1/10/10
weight until goal weight:45lbs (this number makes me want to cry)
goal weight: 103lbs (rem im only 5ft 2)
weight to go before first mini reward (just allowing myself to relax for the day): 10lbs

Yeah so thats my weight but I keep telling myself new year= new start so I wont think about what I weighed last yr cuz its the past and done with this is my current weight.

In other note still no email saying my order has been shipped for the Pure Ma Huang :(
posted 4-Jan-2010 6:04pm

OK Brad, and others,
I just made my purchase of LiDa DaiDaihua diet pills - and on the website they had my favroite xenedrine rfa. So I ordered a box to try. These lida pills are ok. Basically they seem to just knock the procrastionator out of me. I was very successful before with xenedrine and I have hopes this will at least be close. When it was pulled off the market I had tried various things~ but caffiene pills, yuck. So we will see next week when they arrive~ PS since some of the verbage/tenses are off I am assuming this is not an American company.
posted 4-Jan-2010 8:22pm

@Brad and Preston
Haha just had to mention this cuz I think this is kinda funny but I forgot the name of this site and thought it was called like dietblog or something so I googled xenadrine and it didnt work but then I googled xenadrine, brad, preston and this site was the first one that came up. Sorry had to say that lol

I got the pure Ma Huang today (still waiting on the Bronkaid, NoDoz and Aspirin and again im not taking them all at once im gonna wait til I finish one then start the next and see which one I liked better. Im gonna wait til next monday to take it cuz it gives time for my other package to come and I like to start things on Mondays for some strange reason. I feel more hopeful because I got the blue and white capsules ofcourse it was the dumb bottle on the site but I dont think the bottle has anything to do with it it looks similar to the pills Brad had on the pic.
So yeah Im gonna wait exactly 1 week to take them and im gonna just start off with one pure ma huang capsule and an aspirin and then go from there and see how I feel. Hopefully mine will end up working like Brads did I just wanted it to be known that the pills arrived and they were the right ones (blue and white).
posted 4-Jan-2010 10:00pm


I have no idea what LiDa DaiDaihua pills are, so I can't really say anything about them. Most of the sites that sell Ma Huang and Ephedrine seem to be based outside of the US (mainly Canada). At least from my experience anyway. Keep us posted on how things turn out for you.


Glad to hear they arrived and that they were the correct type. It sounds like you have a strong plan and that's important when starting supplements. As with Laura, keep us posted with your results.

I know I don't actually post on here very much anymore, but I do actually check in every day to see how everyone is doing. It's nice to see that this page has helped some of you out. I'm curious to hear how some of the people from the beginning of me posting on here are doing (ie. Bela and others).
posted 5-Jan-2010 11:27am

Yeah, I have to say that I don't always post when I check in, but I do check in regularly. I'm on my own little push from the beginning of January, to the end of February. To be honest, it hasn't started off really well- haha. Too much crap going on right now. Today I will actually start though! Looking to make a new and improved me. I wish the same on all of you!
posted 5-Jan-2010 2:37pm

Just an update on my progress using the Ma Haung stacked with caffine. So far I've lost 15 pounds and my BMI is down 5% in the past 3 weeks. I've been slacking off with my workouts due to the holidays, but did not binge on all the bad food that was around, so the weight loss is still steady! The Ma Haung definately works well for me and no bad side effects to report so far.
posted 5-Jan-2010 3:02pm

As of this morning I'm at 164 pounds *yeaaaa* That's a total weight loss of 36 pounds. I can't believe I'm so close into being in the 150's. I must say thanks to Brad cause w/o this forum and reading your experiences I would have never known the options that are out there. Not many sites talk about ephedra in a positive way. Who would have known you can go to your local drug store to get everything you need. So thanks for all the info. And I love reading everybody elses experiences on whats worked or not worked for them.
posted 5-Jan-2010 6:15pm

Ok still havn't taken mine yet so im being paranoid my capsules do contain a light brown substance like mine but according to the pic on his site my blue looks darker and my pills a bit shorter and fatter. Yea you can totally call me paranoid now. I know it would be best if I waited til Monday then said something I just am not sure. Has anyone who tried the Pure Ma Huang noticed that their pill was shorter and fatter with a darker shade of blue but still has light blue powder in them? Im not sure if I should be worryed it just makes me feel less hopeful that I got the same thing as him thats all.
posted 5-Jan-2010 6:16pm

Wow im such a geek lol when I wrote like mine in the first sentence after substance I meant to write Brads name but I didnt so yeah lol srry.
posted 6-Jan-2010 7:41am


You stack your Ma Huang with caffeine? Interesting.. I was just taking a Ma Huang with an aspirin.. time to go get some more NoDoz =P
posted 6-Jan-2010 2:24pm


Yeah, I started stacking the Ma Haung with 200 mg of caffeine bc I did not feel much of an effect the first couple of times I took it. I actually replaced the Vasapro in the ECA stack I was taking with the Ma Haung and just recently dropped the aspirin. It may just be the extra caffeine I am feeling, but it helps me stay on track with my diet and gives me more energy at the gym. The weight loss has been great so far too! :)


The Pure Ma Haung I have are the Sports One brand and the blue part of the capsule is a dark blue similar to the color of the bottle. The powder inside is light brown and they are short and fat. So far they have worked well for me with no bad sides. I take one in the morning, feel great during the day and am able to sleep great at night as long as I work out. I hope this helps, but definately trust your own judgement if you feel something is not right with the pills you have. Maybe call the company and double check. :)
posted 6-Jan-2010 6:36pm

Thankyou I haven't started it yet I just wanted to see if anyones capsules look like mine and got similar results to Brad. It still sucks though that the capsules don't look the same as his so they probably wont have the same effect but I'll think positively because even if they dont have the same effect they'll most likely do something from reading peoples comments here and if they dont I have the bronkaid coming also.

@Whoever wants to know
I was planning on taking my Ma Huang with NoDoz and aspirin too but I was gonna start with just the Ma Huang to see how my body reacts first but I'll also be drinking green tea and taking korean ginseng (although no caffene in ginseng) so I wanna be careful not to be taking too many supplements.
I might just take 1 ma huang on saturday but still start on mon just to see how I react before I start up a plan because I have a lot to do on monday and I dont want to have a bad side effect (im a pesimist I know) or somewthing when I have a lot on my plate, ya know?

Signing out I think I'll hold off and come back here on saturday and if I decide to take the 1 ma huang I'll tell you my reaction and plan.
posted 6-Jan-2010 10:46pm

@ Anonymous916 what are u taking that made you loose 36 pounds.
posted 6-Jan-2010 10:53pm

Bronkaid & NoDoz 2X per day. Plus a change in my eating habits.
posted 7-Jan-2010 12:46am

@ Anonymous916 in how long did you loose that weight
posted 7-Jan-2010 9:30pm

I ve been reading all posts since early morning. I live in Canada and English is my second language so pls forgive my grammer mistakes.(Btw thank you so much your posying about this Brad, I felt so good after i read your post).Anway I am a litte bit confused. Should i go with ECA stuck ( which is very easy to buy them for me from sports nutrions stores) or Ma Huang?

I would really appreciate if you could answer me.

Thank you in advance.
posted 7-Jan-2010 10:12pm


For me personally, the Ma Huang worked much better than the traditional ECA stack. But as I'm sure you you've seen on here, many people have had success with the traditional ECA stack. I personally think a stack of Ma Huang/Caffeine/Asprin is the best combo.
posted 7-Jan-2010 10:54pm

:)) Thank you so much Brad. I agree with many other you are the best. I ve ben improving my diet supplument knowledge in this site. I only need to lose 20 pounds not much ( 5,6 tall 149 pound) whixh i gained them in Canada. As you canguess cold weather and fatty ready-cooked foods :))
Thank you very much one more time
posted 7-Jan-2010 11:07pm

I ve just ordered two bottles of Ma Huang ( blue bottle and sports one lol)Let's the journey start :))
posted 8-Jan-2010 12:05am

@anonymous - I think I started a different type of EC stack sometime in September but I wasnt getting the results I was hoping for. Than around the end of Oct. begining of Nov. is when I started the Bronkaid/NoDoz
posted 8-Jan-2010 6:30pm

Im disapointed. I took 1 pure ma huang capsule today and I felt absolutley no diffrent. My energy levels was the same, my temerature level was the same, my appetite, my cravings everything was the exact same. I was tired still today like usual. I expected it to give me energy or make my body heat up but nope, nadda. Actually I might take that back but im probably trying to just give hope to this but I heated up a bit today earlier and I asked the people in the room with me if they were hot and they said no and the heat wasnt on (and its freakin 23degrees today outside) but the outside of my body was cold but the inside felt kinda warm but this lasted like 10 mins and was probably my imagination. At least I wanted it to give me energy so I will be able to complete my workouts when I start on monday:( Tomorrow im gonna still take 1 pure ma huang capsule and stack it with 1 nodoz and 1 aspirin and if I still dont feel anything then on sunday im gonna take all that 2x a day. If I still dont feel anything then monday I'll just switch right to the bronkaid/nodoz/aspirin. It could be like what (Im sorry I forgot who posted it) but they didnt feel anything but got on the scale and were losing a pound per day (at the beginning) so maybe I could feel nothing but actually be losing weight (unlikely) Well hopefully tomorrow when its in ECA stack form it will do something. I weighed myself yesterday btw and im not working out but still having 1200cals so its not enough to lose even a pound just with the 1200 cal in 3days time so I'll know if in 3 days of taking this if it did anything cuz I deffinatley dont feel anything :( Wish me luck that things change tomorrow when I stack it!
posted 8-Jan-2010 6:34pm

btw just went back and read...the person I was comparing to was Lindz. I hope my reaction is like hers how she lost weight even thought she didnt feel anything and when she stacked it she felt it and lost the weight. Wish me luck thats how it is:) Please :)
posted 8-Jan-2010 9:33pm


Well thank you. :)


Your results sound very similar to what Preston had when he only took 1, but as soon as he took 2 he felt the results that he was looking for. I have only tried 2 once and that was the first day I had them. Everyones body is different and reacts differently to different doses. Before stacking the C/A, try 2 capsules of the Ma Huang and see if that works better for you. The original RFA-1 recommended taking 2 capsules at once. Just an FYI.
posted 9-Jan-2010 11:06am

@Brad and anyone else
sorry I had already take the ECA stack before I read what you wrote and even with caffene I didnt get energy. I mean shouldn't the caffene give me energy anyways? In the ma huangs defense though even though im not feeling anything else I might be feeling a thermogenic or thermogenetic effect or whatever. Please tell me if It sounds like that. I feel like hot on the inside but then I feel my body and its like icecold (heck its like 20 degrees outside and 66 inside right now. Then I'll ask people around me though if their hot or cold and they'll either feel cold or indiffrent. Noone reported feeling hot. I still feel cold in my hands though. But like under my clothes feel warm and my head feels warm and I feel like Im sweating but then I'll touch my self (not meant to sound perverted lol) and ill be cold and not sweating at all. This effect doesnt last very long though yesterday not long at all. Maybe a little bit more today not sure. Does this sound like a thermogenic(well u know what I mean) thing to you? Did you or anyone else feel like this? Why would my hands still feel cold thought? Its a weird feeling I must admit though to feel hot and cold at the same time. Like I seriosley feel like when I touch my skin it should be sweating or hot but its ice cold (well not icecold im not exactly dead but still cold) As for energy or appetite or anything else for that mater nadda. I just wanted to test it out though. Im gonna try the bronkaid/nodoz/aspirin thing on monday (just cause I only have 18 days worth of that and I have 50 days worth of ma haung (well 49 now) taking 2x a day but after I finish the bronkaid thing I'll take ma haung 2x a day. Although I dont feel energy I do wonder if im losing weight though. I'll find out tomorrow for my weight in I guess. The thing I dont get though is im an ephedin virgin I've never had ephedrin before in my life so it should be hitting me harder then anyone but its not. I dont even ever have much caffene so I should be feeling something. OMG Im starting to get sick when I started writing this I was fine but now im all of a sudden dizzy and things are kind of blurry but I dont feel rapid heartbeat or anything. It kind of feels like im outside of myself or something like my head waeights like 50lbs I better go rest for a bit but I dont understand cuz I dont feel rapid heartbeat or anything just kinda like I said blurry eyes and like my head weights 50lbs. Is this normal or am I being a hypochondriac (I tend to be sometimes Im kinda paranoid) Im feeling a bit better now though still I feel really bad for making you read all this so Im gonna go anyways it wasnt anything serious cuz my hearts not racing or anything so its not like im gonna have a heartattack or sumthin just slight blurryness (really bad for like 4 mins earlier and my head still kinda feels like it weights a lot and I had to lie down typing this. Well im gonna sigh off (I know I said that like a billion sentences ago)
posted 9-Jan-2010 12:29pm

UPDATE: I feel much better the feels only lasted about an hour and it felt like a thermogenec feeling. Gross but my pee was also hot and ive heard before that has to do with thermogenec stuff.Im not even feeling warm anymore.Im almost positive though that the thermogetic (im sry if im gonna keep mentioning it I should learn how to write it right) part works though. It reminds me of something I must admit though. Over the summer I tried this stupid thing I heard of its a water diet. Basically you drink a bunch of icecold water in a short period of time and your body will have to work hard to maintain the body temperature its supposed to be at (a thermogenec effect) Back then stupid me thought I had water poisioning and went to down salt, eat banannas and drink gatorade (long story) Anyways the symptoms are the EXACT same. So im no longer worried everything I was feeling im supposed to feel. I just wanted to let everyone know im ok now so no one worrys.
posted 9-Jan-2010 2:03pm

I could kiss u right now (lol dont worry ur safe its an expression) ok well its been 6 days since last weight in and for now on ill just mention my weight instead of the inchs and stuff. Well I weighed in on sun and was 148 on thurs and was 143lbs ( before that I was menstrual so had about 5lbs of water weight but was done by then gross but its informative) anyways I knew everything I lost since thurs would be the pills and im now 141 lbs. So ive lost 2 lbs in 2 days so thankyou Brad even though I didnt feel the energy effects I am losing weight with it. I'll keep everyone updated.
posted 9-Jan-2010 7:17pm

I also lost 5inchs total so its not water weight
(I think I posted too many times in a row)
posted 10-Jan-2010 1:35pm

Ok I tried two ma huang capsules with 2 aspirins at the same time and still no energy and I dont know why. Im losing the weight (im pretty sure the two pounds in two days I lost was from that because they were the only two days I took it and I wasn't working out. im pretty sure the weightloss is coming from the thermogenic effect the pills have on me because besides that it doesnt do anything and again I dont know why) My heartrate doesnt increase and I dont get energy or any changes in appetite or cravings only the thermogenic thing. I only know this cause I'll feel hot then think the room must just be warm or something but I'll ask people around me and they dont feel it and then I'll touch my skin and it will be cold) Anyways besides the fact im gonna stack the 2 ma huang capsules with 2 aspirins and 2 nodoz capsules tomorrow (which at this point I dont think will increase my energy) is there anything else I can do. Cause I cant take any more then im already taken. On one hand I dont care as long as weightloss continues, on the other hand I wish I had energy cause im gonna start my workouts tomorrow and I want the energy to do so.) Ok well bye I'll update tomorrow after I try it with the caffene too if I still dont get energy I'll give up on that part cuz theres no more I can do but like I said I dont mind that much as long as weightkiss continues.
posted 10-Jan-2010 2:48pm

@pandhandle girl - I think if something doesnt work the first few times its not gonna work for you. All of us have tried and experienced different formulas. What works for one person may not work for the other. In general ( I dont wanna speak for everyone )These ECA combinations effects usually work almost immediatley. I know I purchased pure ephedrine 12.5 mg called Kaizen from canada and stacked it with rfa ( I think that's what it called, its the old weight loss drug, but now doesnt have the ephedra in it.) Which didnt give me the energy or appetite suppressent that I really needed. I kept using it casue I didnt want to waist my money and with the hopes it would just kick in. But it never did. Than I switched to Bronkaid/NoDoze and from the first time I took it, Bamm it hit me. Everything I was looking for, energy, loss of appetite, also the thermogenic effect you talk about.....So anyhow my point is if it's not working for you, that probaly wont change and you should try a different combo. Everybody's on some different type of ECA stack that works for them and you just have to find the one formula that works for you....That's just my two cents, hope its helpful
posted 10-Jan-2010 3:41pm

@ Anonymous916
It works in the weightloss department. I mean I only gave it two days (this is my third day but I didnt weight in today) I just dont feel the energy but according to the scale and the tapemeasure it worked. I bought the bronkaid/nodoz/aspirin combo I just haven't tried it yet. As long as my weighloss continues with the combo im doing now I really dont care too much if it doesn't give me energy. I find it a little strange though I mean could I really lose close to a lb a day (again im only basing this on 2days worth so who knows if it will continue) only on the thermogenic effect? Im actually thinking of trying the bronkaid/nodoz/aspirin combo tomorrow but then on tuesday go back to the pure ma haung just to see how I feel on it.
posted 11-Jan-2010 12:25pm


Don't do a stack of 2 Ma Huang capsules at one time! I weight 230lbs, and I took 2 with an aspirin one time, and I was JACKED up! 2 of those things really gets you workin'- but I'm not sure if it's a good kind of workin' or not. Be very careful if you take 2, but I don't think I recommend it! Who cares if you don't get a bunch of energy while stacking- as long as you're losing =) Good luck to you!

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