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Xenadrine RFA-1


Xenadrine RFA-1 was a discontinued Ephedra-based diet pill.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was one of the most popular brands of Ephedra-based diet pills. It's a stimulant that reduces your appetite and causes you to burn more calories as well.

But, Ephedra was banned by the FDA after 2003. It was linked to many deaths. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to go up. So, it can cause heart-attacks in people with weak hearts.

Xenadrine RFA-1 is no longer available in the USA.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was made by Cytodyne Technologies. Since it was discontinued, they have put an Ephedra-free product on the market, Xenadrine EFX.


Ephedrine has been shown to have serious adverse effects, include hypertension (elevated blood pressure), palpitations (rapid heart rate), neurophathy (nerve damage), myopathy (muscle injury), psychosis, stroke, memory loss, heart rate irregularities, insomnia, nervousness, tremors, seizures, heart attacks, and death.

Also, studies have shown that Ephedrine-based supplements only provide short-term weight loss.


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  29-Jun-2006 9:42am created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 9:57am last update by bill

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posted 11-Jan-2010 5:51pm

@Preston I tried two ma huangs the other day at once and it didnt give me any energy. Today I tried the bronkaid/nodoz/aspirin combo u did and I took the same amount you took when you first came on this site. I took the first dose at 9 then the next at 11 and the first dose did nothing but after 2doses...I felt really sick. I didnt get energy thought but my hands were shaking I was jittery, my breathing was screwy and I thought my heart was about to pump through my chest and I was starting to freak out It just started to calm down now at 4:37 and not even completley. I had stuff I was supposed to do today but I put it off tomorrow cuz my minds not in the right place I actually have less energy from the 2 doses cuz it made me sick and tired so I've been reading my book, and having to shut my eyes. At times I could barley stand I just felt so awful today so tomorrow Im just gonna take the 1 dose its weird the 1 dose did practically nothing and 2 doses I thought I was gonna have a heartattack (although no energy). The combo did get rid of my food cravings and I dont have a tint of hunger Ive only had 900cals today normally its 1200 but I dont like the food thing I mean I like not having to crave stuff (it actually kind of makes me a bit nauseas to think of food) but I hate when pills mess with my appetite cuz Im ok in that department I have a small appetite already. The thermogenetic effect kept up and I think stronger then the ma huang but I doubt it will be that strong with 1 dose still im never trying to doses again I thought I was gonna die. The first dose was 9am and was 2 bronkaids, 1 aspirin, 1 nodoz and the second dose was the same thing as the 9am dose but I took it at 11am. I really didnt feel anything with the first dose and since you took that much I thought I'd be ok. Im just really confused though. How could it give me the feeling of a heartattack and work in every other weightloss department but not give me energy? What is it with pills and me that they just refuse to give me the energy. I was gonna start my workouts today but I was too terrified cuz my heart was beating so fast, by breathing was heavy, my skin turned colors, I was shaking and I had this nauseas feeling. Im gonna try just the 1dose tomorrow and see how I feel hopefully I'll get some effect (but from today I didnt get effect with the 1 dose but who knows maybe 2 hrs wasnt enough for it too kick in cuz It took about 40min after the second dose til I felt ill. I'll keep everyone updated but cant get on much been extremley busy especially tomorrow since I skipped everything I was supposed to do today (that was a lot by the way)Dont worry though I'll never take that much again I just thought it would be ok cuz I mean u took that much and u were ok and then u took the 2 mahuangs and they hit you hard yet when I took them it didnt give me any energy. So I thought since I didnt get the energy from the first one and felt nothing it would be ok to take the second dose (bad move it took 5hrs to wear off some and its still not completley gone.) Again srry I ramble a lot but Im gonna get off now.

Im still very curious I actually feel like somethings wrong with me like im weird or something that nothing will seem to give me energy although 2 doses of the bronkaid eca stack felt like it was going to kill me without even giving me energy. Whats up with that?

Any advice or ideas would be appreciated, thanks :) !
Bye Yall! (dont worry I'll be back soon enough if not in a few days by the weekend but I'll probally be back during the weekdays.
posted 11-Jan-2010 7:43pm

@panhandle girl - Whooaaa!!!I think you took way to much bronkaid. I mean basically you took 50mg of Ephedrine in a 2 hour period. No wonder you felt like you were gonna die. Also I dont think you should take your second dose so close apart. I take my first set around 8-9am. and my second set around 3pm. Also for the first week or so you will feel a little strange. I explained how I was feeling in some of my other post. I was feeling shaking, irritable, restless but that all wore off after the first week....basically I'm not saying that the bronkaid/nodoze will work for you but I do think you took WAY to much in a short period. That's just my opinion. Who knows if I'm right or not.
posted 15-Jan-2010 2:06am

Hi guys, it's been so long since I've been on here but I thought I would check up on everyone and see how you guys are doing...

I'm alright - stacking ma huang with another supplement or 2 at once. The energy is through the roof, but I make sure to take the pills and then give myself a day off as the idea of my heart jumping out of my chest scares me...

Question for all you bronkaid people as i've never tried it and i know very little about it. i read somewhere that it contained ephedrine sulfate - that can't be right as the active ephedrine is the alkaloids. Can someone give me some info on it, or perhaps direct me to the area in the blog that it was discussed because I can't seem to find it... thanks!
posted 16-Jan-2010 4:36pm

I tried reading thru the thread.....
I want to do an ECA stack and would like to know the strength of each that I should be taking:
Is it 1 asprin, 1 Kazien 8mg tab, and a caffiene pill at a time???
Im sorry if Im asking a question that has been answered - I just find the thread hard to follow--It jumps around alot LOL
Any help would be appreciated
posted 16-Jan-2010 8:39pm

25mg of ephedrine, 200mg of caffeine. if you use asprin it's 325 mg of aspirin. That's one dose. Usually taken 2-3 times per day.
posted 17-Jan-2010 2:11pm

Thank you =)
posted 17-Jan-2010 2:14pm

Are ephedra hcl's better than plain ephedra?
posted 17-Jan-2010 2:23pm

Kazien hcl didn't have that much of an effect for me. That's my personal experience. Everything works for everybody differently tho.
posted 18-Jan-2010 6:40pm

I just purchased a bottle of Xenadrine Ultra. I am @ 172lbs, I eat low cal, low fat and low carb. I also exercise 5-6 days a week for an hour each day. I am going to be maxing that to 7 days a week and 2 hours or more, since I have a big event coming up on the 13th of feb. I am not trying to hit a dertermined weight, just trying to drop as much as possible before the 12th. My long term goal is 140lbs. I will be happy with that but I have time to get there.
My question is this. Has anyone tried Xenadrine Ultra, if so what were your weight loss results? I am trying to see what I should possibly expect. Thanks much
posted 18-Jan-2010 7:26pm

I'm not trying to speak for everybody, but I think most people on this site who have tried Xenadrine have stacked it w/ ephedrine or mu huang. If you read alot of the post that's what most people here use/try.
posted 22-Jan-2010 1:47am

Why doesnt anybody post anymore. What happened to all the original people that were posting weekly brad, preston, V, 916,Nessa, Bella etc....I hope that doesnt mean your off the wagon, and if so post, let us know, we can encourage you or give advise. We want to know whats been going on, even if its nothing, let us know your alive!
One of the original posters : )
posted 23-Jan-2010 12:28am

I'm alive and well. I fell off the wagon MONTHS ago, but haven't gained any weight. I still check in here at least every other day (usually daily) to see how people are doing. Sorry I've been so select with my responses to people lately. I will admit that I am very curious as to what the others have been up to.

Hope all are doing well and like I said, I do check here almost every day. So if anyone has any questions or anything, don't be discouraged if you don't see a lot of recent posts from me because I more than likely WILL read it and respond. :)
posted 23-Jan-2010 6:19am

The ECA stack is not working for me. Primatine, Jet Alert and Aspirin. It gives me lots of energy but no weight loss. In the past I was very successful with the original Metabolife 356. i read many people use the Xenadrine with ephedrine. Can I use Xenadrine with primatine or should I buy some off a web-site? Desperatly looking for answers. Thanks
posted 23-Jan-2010 3:09pm


This is where you will get mixed reviews on here. Primatene uses pseudoephedrine, which if I'm not mistaken, is not what you want. However, I think Brokaid is the same thing under a different name and has given quite a few people on here positive results. Sorry I don't have a more definitive answer for you.
posted 23-Jan-2010 7:06pm

What is the difference between xenadrine rfa -1 and xenadrine clinical strenght?
posted 24-Jan-2010 12:49pm


If you are referring to the RFA-1 that was being sold just recently, nothing. They are the same exact thing. I'm not sure why they changed the name. A couple of us on here actually bought the bottles that said RFA-1 on the outer box, but when we opened up the box and pulled out the bottle it said Ultra on it instead of RFA-1.
posted 24-Jan-2010 3:01pm

If I stack Mu Huang with the Xenadrine currently on the market will I get close to the same effect as the original Xenadrine?
posted 24-Jan-2010 8:57pm


In theory, if you stack pure Ma Huang and Xenadrine you should have the same exact product as the original.
posted 24-Jan-2010 9:31pm

Hey Brad ~ Nice to see you around again. My weight loss has been going good but I think the effects are wearing off. Have you ever had that problem taking anything. I had a break from my stack for about a month and when I started again things just didn't seem to be as strong as the first round. I've still been loosing weight but its just a lot harder. Plus I almost feel like I have to take them 3 times a day now in order to supress my appetite ( which I havent done yet )....Anyhow tho, it's nice to see your name posted again. I was checking in everyday but was kinda bummed that people werent posting as much.
posted 25-Jan-2010 11:12am


It's good to see you post again also! I think what you're experiencing is normal for the most part. The body will build up a tolerance to pretty much any supplement you put into it which will then cause you to increase your dosage. It's strange that you took a month off and then came back to it without the same results as before. Typically your body should have gone back to it's normal self.

You can try eating a banana each day when taking supplements. Potassium is really good and keeping your body from building up tolerances to supplements.
posted 25-Jan-2010 2:07pm

@Brad - Thanks, I'll try that.
posted 26-Jan-2010 11:47am

Help!!! Am tring to do my best but every time I try to work out something comes up first my son got sick then I got sick and now that am ready to work out my knee is hurting so bad what can I do for this pain to go away I cant even walk for 10 minutes am at the point that I just want to quit and cry :(
posted 26-Jan-2010 4:44pm

First of all just wanted to say Thank You for all the useful information. I really appreciate the helpful answers without judgement. I was wondering if anyone has found a successful combination that closely mimics the effects and results of the original Metabolife 356 or the original Xenadrine? I am very active but could not lose any weight until I tried the original Metabolife 356.
posted 26-Jan-2010 10:59pm

Can somebody help me I have pain in my knee what can I do to avoid knee pain
posted 27-Jan-2010 12:27am

I can't tell the 2 of the anonymous posters apart, but to the first one who is injured I think you need to take a deep breath and realize that things will be ok. You need to make sure your children are being taken care of (not implying that they aren't). I think you need to go see your doctor and he/she can recommend a good physical therapist that can accommodate your needs. I really don't know what kind of exercises you can do that keep you from standing in some form or another.

To the other poster, the closest thing I have found to the original Xenadrine is pure ma huang capsules and stacking the new xenadrine with it.
posted 27-Jan-2010 8:11am

I am the anonymous poster asking about the best stack. Thanks for the info I will give a try.
posted 27-Jan-2010 3:42pm

Has anyone tried Red Cutz from They say to contain sida cordifolia leaf 6% alkoid 25 mg, Caffeine 200mg, and White Willow Bark 150 mg. What do you guys think?
posted 29-Jan-2010 9:56pm


I wouldn't waste my money on it if I was you. There has been NOTHING as effective as ephedrine since it was banned. Not that you can buy from any store anyway.
posted 1-Feb-2010 6:02am

For the last few days I have been taking one Ma Huang, one caffiene pill and one baby aspirin. I am not seeing much increased energy but the combination is really upsetting my stomach. Anyone else having this reaction?
posted 2-Feb-2010 9:53am

Greetings fellow non-skinny people. I used to be thin and happy. But after gaining more weight than I have ever had in my life I am miserable. I don't seem to have my own energy and my metabolism is practically non-existant. After taking an anti-depressant for 2 years and getting to a point where the side effects were causing me to NOT poop at all anymore and drink too much alcohol to balance the ill-effects and boost the medications inherent properties, I stopped the meds and after about a year decided I needed to take some pro-active initiative to regain balance and normalcy as it pertains to my personal physiological state. Xenadrine looked like as good a solution as any other, something to get the ball rolling and anything to change the status-quo really. I had no idea whether it contained ephedra or not, it looked like a vitamin supplement to me in a nice drink pouch form. But the touted weight-loss benefits certainly didn't shy me away from trying it. I'm real happy I picked up a box, it was like hooking my body up to a generator with jumper cables. I'm not sluggish and freezing anymore, I'm warm and have a little more pep in my step as it were. Something inside of me was just in the "OFF" position, now it's back on and I can see with some good eating habits and a little extra effort to be more active that I will eventually regain a bit of the old me again. A little older, but maybe less heavy and definately healthier. Thanks Xenadrine!
posted 3-Feb-2010 8:30pm

hellllo everyone! sorry for being away... i posted a few weeks ago about the ECA stack. i have since left that idea alone as the pure ma huang stacked with zenadrine is my go to supplement of choice.... losing the weight came a lot harder this time around. as i said before, all i wanted to lose was 10 lbs to be a realistic and that eating healthy was essential! well i realized a few weeks ago that my weight gain of 10 lbs was actually 20 and i became very upset. Additionally, my tricks and eating healthy and curbing hunger were no longer working, i was getting discouraged which made it even harder to watch what i ate, which only means the supplements werent working for me because u NEED TO EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE when taking them. there is no quick solution with these supplements, they are only meant to help! so i needed a boost and ordered nutrisystem to help get me back on track. the program is 5 weeks what a healthy expected weight loss of 2 lbs a week maybe more. generally losing weight at a slower rate guarantees that the weight will stay off as opposed to dropping so much in so little time which could allow the weight to creep back up with your next piece of cake! so its week one and i feel fantastic. - 5 lbs lost.
so this is my update.... where is everyone? :)
posted 4-Feb-2010 6:28pm

Brad I am reaching out to you because your responses are very helpful. I am currently taking one Ma Huang capsule and one Xenadrine in the morning and am experiencing a little boost of energy. However, by the afternoon I am exhausted. Do you or do you recommend taking a second dose in the afternoon? I did this with the primatine Caffeine, aspirin stack. I had lots of energy but no weight loss so I switched to the Ma Huang and Xenadrine after reading everyone's posts. Thanks for you input.
posted 6-Feb-2010 10:48am

Alright, well I'm going to stop messing around and finally start stacking again, haha. How are things going for you, Brad?
posted 7-Feb-2010 11:44pm

Hey know how I was complaining how I thought the effects were wearing off on me. Well it was time for me to "reup" on all my supplies and instead of buying nodoz I bought jet alert ( casue it was cheaper ). Every things back to normal now. I have the energy, appetite supressant, and the thermo effect. So I think my body was getting used to the eca stack I was taking and just making a little change kicked everything off again...Just thought I'd share that for anyone who cares, lol.
posted 8-Feb-2010 9:43am

Anonymous916 Did you buy the jet alert at cvs is it better let me know
posted 11-Feb-2010 10:54am

Hi Brad, Preston and all fellow weight loss seekers! :o)

I'm alive and well but fell "off the wagon" too MONTHS ago, and have gained about 9 pounds. :o( I still check in here at least every other day to see how people are doing and am happy to see many people successfully loosing weight with the stack. Sorry I haven't' responded lately but have felt guilty for not eating healthy and trying to loose the weight I put on. But, that is now over! I am starting back on the stack again today and plan to get back into my exercise routine! I will keep you all up to date to my progress.

I hope all are well. :o)

posted 11-Feb-2010 10:05pm

I bought the nodoz at cvs and jet alert at walmart. I wouldnt say jet alert is better. The nodooz was working fine for me for the past few months but I felt like I I was becoming immune to the stack since the effects felt like they were wearing off. I bought jet alert only cause it was cheaper, making that change seemed to kick start my energy again.
posted 20-Feb-2010 10:24am

posted 11-Jan-2010 5:51pm was me btw
Srry I hope no one worryed about me and thought I had a heartattack and died or sumthin cause I haven't posted in a while and my last post was talking about side effects. I fell off the wagon for a while because I got braces and an expander because I need jaw surgery and they said I have to have braces for 2yrs before the surgery and I had to learn to talk and eat all over again and it was a mess then my tounge got really infected cuz the expander kept cutting into it cuz they put it really low cuz they said I was too old for an expander to work but they tryed anyways (its pretty embarasssing having braces on sophomore year of college btw). Long story short its just the braces now they took tge expander out so I can talk and eat normally again and I've been back on the wagon for almost 2 weeks (on mon)and taking the bronkaid/nodoz/aspirin stack for a week. Im not exactly sure my weight today but I had made it back to 138lbs on mon but im kind of pmsing right now and know I probably have 5 lbs of waterweight on me so for my own sanity I'll hold off on weighting myself for about a week or week and a half. Anyways everythings ok and back on track and im so happy it is I'll keep yall posted.
posted 21-Feb-2010 12:51pm

I'm guessing not, but did anyone try the Xtreme Thermoburn that was discussed in early December?
posted 25-Feb-2010 12:18pm

Hey everyone I have been reading your comments and I think they are really really wonderful....I have a question I just went to target and bought Xenadrine Ultra but I don't understand how to use it :) Do I only take one a day or do I take 1 before every meal for the first three days then after that take two before every meal....I am so confused please help.
posted 26-Feb-2010 1:35am


There are instructions on the bottle. ;)

For me, it was 2 in the morning when I woke up, 2 more at noon. After about a month of use, I added another 2 around 4pm. I would recommend you start out with 1 pill during each dose to see how your body reacts.

Be safe. :)
posted 26-Feb-2010 1:53pm

Hi everyone. Thank you for posting all of your experiences. This is a lot of information. I used to take xenadrine with ehedra 10 years ago and lost 70 pounds. Due to a lack of exercise and will power, 50 of it is back, so I started taking xenadrine rfa-1. What is the best combo for this? Bronkaid and aspirin? Thanks is advance. =)
posted 26-Feb-2010 8:24pm

I have been reading these for a couple of days. I think I am mentally ready to start working out again and try to lose 40 pounds. I will settle for 10 at a time. I am wondering what I should take as a diet stimulant. What is legal in Nebraska.
posted 27-Feb-2010 8:33pm

Just an update on my progress for those who are interested. I'm at 156!! Exciting for me. I continue to drop the weight. Sometimes slowly but always dropping. I'm still on Bronkaid/Jet Alert.
posted 1-Mar-2010 2:42pm

I just ordered the Sports One Ma Huang and it should be here by the end of the week! Great customer service, they sad if I tried 1-2 capsules and didn't it, I can return the open bottle and receive a refund. I'm going to take it with Xenedrine. I hope I have good results like others have! I'll give my stats when I start on this, and keep everyone updated.
posted 5-Mar-2010 7:21pm

Hi yall ok so im on my one week break after taking and finishing the 2 1/2 weeks worth of bronkaid/nodoz/aspirin the same exact way Preston did. I didn't lose much weight with it either even with workouts and 1200cal diet and I feel terrible this week. Even though it didnt give me energy when I was on it I am completley drained this week and slightly dizzy with a headach and im a lot hungrier ( which im never hungry although im not eating extra bcuz of it im sticking to the 1200cal diet). I've been getting plenty of sleep too and I was wondering if maybe by body got addicted to it or sumthin and now cant function without it. I start my Pure Ma Haung/nodoz/aspirin combo on monday. I currently weight in at 135lbs (which is kinda aggravating since with all my work and with the ephedra I should have lost a lot more and been under 130. Im also at a platea which really sucks I've been 135lbs since wed of last week which I really dont understand since I should have lost 1 lb and a half just from the way I was eating not including the excercise and ephedrin Im confused at my platea. I only worked out once this week cuz im so drained I can hardly function.Please tell me if you have any ideas to get off my platoe! Thanks
posted 6-Mar-2010 1:12am

I have come to realize that the Ma Huang/NoDoz/Aspirin regimin works much better than if I stack Bronkaid instead of the Ma Huang. Just my two cents =)
posted 6-Mar-2010 10:51am

hey guys ive been lurking here since this was only 1 page long but only now decided to throw in some info just incase anyone was wondering about this combo..I have been taking a combo of stacker 2/bronkaid/excedrin for about a month now and its working wonderfully..I originally used xenadrine ultra instead of stacker 2 but found stacker 2 to be much cheaper being only 19.99 for 100 as opposed to 60 xenadrines for 19.99.I will say that the stacker 2 gives me more jitters than the xenadrine did but it seems to disappear after about 2 days plus I find myself only taking 2 stackers while when on xen i would take 3 a day. Hope this helps anyone wondering..
posted 6-Mar-2010 8:32pm

Does the Ma Huang make anyone nausous?
posted 23-Mar-2010 6:47pm

Advice please....whilst clearing out my mums house I found an unopened bottle of the original xenadrine rfa mum took it years ago and i saw some fantastic results but i was a bit concerned about taking them so i stuck to the old fashion way of diet and exercise....however desperate times, desperate measures. I am a brides maid in june and really want shed the pounds. The bottle is well out of date will it still work and will it be safe????
posted 23-Mar-2010 9:37pm


What is the expiration date printed on the bottle? The ingredients will lose their potency over a period time. However, I don't know what that time might be. I am fairly confident that it wouldn't hurt you to take them after their expiration date. You just may not see the effects due to them being expired.

As always, be safe. If you do decide to take them, start out with 1 on a full stomach and see how you feel. Also, if you could please update us on the effects of an expired bottle it would be greatly appreciated. Your question has been asked before so it would be nice to have a somewhat definitive answer to this. :)
posted 25-Mar-2010 7:45am

People are finally posting again on here! Is Ma Huang and the Xenadrine on the market now the best way to simulate the effects of the original Xenadrine? What about the new Metabolife with Ma Huang. My amazing results were with the original Metabolife.
posted 27-Mar-2010 1:25pm


I still check this page on an almost daily basis. If you have questions and I see them, I'll do my best answer. I have absolutely no experience with Metabolife so I couldn't say. From my experience with the current Xenadrine and Ma Huang, it's the best substitute.
posted 28-Mar-2010 12:25am


How do you go about taking the Xenadrine and Ma Huang? How many capsules, how many times a day?
posted 28-Mar-2010 1:40pm


I haven't taken anything in a long time, but when I was taking it I would take 2 Xenadrines/1 Ma Huang. I was taking 3 doses a day. 1 when I would wake up in the morning (around 8), another between 12-1 and the last around 4.

How have you been doing, Preston? Are you taking the Ma Huang or did you switch back over to the Bronkaid?
posted 29-Mar-2010 12:51am

Does anyone know how I can get just a pure Ma Huang supplement? Preferably a dropper? Does anyone grow it themselves with the seeds? Or what does one do with the seeds?
posted 29-Mar-2010 7:03pm

Well Brad,

I've been off of it lately- my body was starting to build a tolerance to it. I'm going to buy another bottle of the Ma Huang soon, and I guess I'll try the Xenadrine stack this time. Does it pretty much feel like the old Xenadrine when you stack the two?
posted 30-Mar-2010 9:50am

I've recently started up with the Xenadrine again and am taking 2 of them 3 times a day with 1 Ma Huang. It certainly helps control my appetite but i don't get that happy feeling that went along with the original Xenadrine. So far i've lost 5 lbs over the last week and a half though.
posted 30-Mar-2010 9:38pm

How different is this Xenedrine RFA-1 from the kind that was banned in 2003? Is it a similar formula? I took it back in 2002/2003 and saw awesome results. I fell off the bandwagon, gained a ton if weight back, went on Adipex (rx from doc) and need to lose the last 10 or so pounds.

Any insight would be great!

Also, anybody use Lipodrene? Any results there?
posted 31-Mar-2010 12:50am


No, it doesn't feel exactly like the original RFA-1, but it's very close. In my opinion, it's as close as you can get without the original being made again. Hope this helps. :)


They aren't really even the same product. The new one isn't made by the same company that made the original and the new one does not contain any ephedra alkaloids which is why it is nowhere near as effective on its own.
posted 31-Mar-2010 12:48pm

Hi,had anyone ordered from I was thinking of ordering diet pills from there but would like to see if anyone has bought from them. Thanks!
posted 5-Apr-2010 10:58pm

Never heard of it, Grace. Do a Google search for " review" and see what pops up.
posted 9-Apr-2010 3:53am

Grace - is fabulous. great service - the only thing is, when they drop off the package they expect someone to be home to sign for it. strange i know, but when i ordered from them a few months ago (i've been on and off the supplement now so i'm still on bottle 1) i wasn't home and had to go to the post office to pick up the box. i guess its their way of using precaution but i highly recommend it.
posted 9-Apr-2010 11:45pm

Has anyone had any success with any combination other than the Xenadrine and Ma Huang?
The Ma Huang makes me nausous. Maybe it is too strong for me. I used to take the original Metabolife with no side effects.
posted 14-Apr-2010 1:12am

Another update: I'm at 148 pounds!! Still loosing the weight. Weight loss has been getting harder for the past month or two but atleast I'm loosing. I've lost a total of 52 pounds.
posted 14-Apr-2010 1:55am


Can you refresh my memory on what stack you are using, please? 52lbs is an INCREDIBLE amount! Congratulations!
posted 15-Apr-2010 1:05am

Thanks so much Brad. I've been using Bronkaid and NoDooz / Jet Alert ( which ever's cheaper )
posted 16-Apr-2010 12:47pm

Hey, I'm 20 years old 5'2 and weigh 136lbs, I want to lose about 10-20lbs, I work out everyday for about an hour cardio, and a half hour weights, I just started taking Xenadrine RFA-1 today, so i will let everyone know how it works, also do u think that it works only when u want to lose a little bit of weight? thanks so much!
posted 18-Apr-2010 1:07pm


Yay, that is awesome! Am I correct that you're stacking with only Bronkaid and Jet Alert(or NoDooz) and nothing else? Are you still taking them around 8-9am and then 3-4pm? I'm trying the MaHauang and Xenedrine and I get the appetite suppressant, but I'm not getting the energy boost I need. Congrats!
posted 19-Apr-2010 2:45am

@ runn3r
Thanks. Yes I just use Bronkaid and Jet Alert, nothing else. Latley I've been trying to take them later in the morning 9:30-11am so I can take them later in the afternoon ( never later than 5pm ) becasue I've been having a problem snacking late at night. I definatley still get an energy boost. I notice within 30 min. of taking it in the morning I usually get the urge to do something, clean, laundry, wash the dog etc. So it really helps me in that area. The appetite suppressant part isn't as strong as it was in the begining. I really have to try hard to not snack throughout the day, which in the begining I wasnt hungry at all. For me this was the perfect combo to get me started and going as far as I have. Now I'm at the point where I have to add exercise otherwise my weightloss is very slow. The good thing is it's helped me atleast keep any weighloss off. As long as I'm taking them twice a day I havent gained any weight back, even if the weightloss is slow.
posted 19-Apr-2010 8:08am

Can you still buy products with the exact same formula of ECA that Xenadrine RFA-1 offered before the FDA banned ephedra in 2004? I see lots of products out there, but is the form or type of ephedra the same as the original? If it is how are companies getting away with selling it, and not getting busted by the FDA.
posted 19-Apr-2010 3:42pm


Did you notice better results with the Xenadrine/HCL combo or the Xenadrine/Ma Haung combo?
posted 20-Apr-2010 3:53pm


I looked up Bronkaid & it seams to be for Asthma. Is this right? What is it?
posted 21-Apr-2010 9:44am

Never mind, I just did more research & found my answer. I am going to try the Bronkaid/caffeine/low dose aspirin combo starting today. I'll let you all know how it works for me later this week. I enjoyed reading all of your post, thanks for the great information and good luck to you all!
posted 21-Apr-2010 10:41pm


I personally found the Xenadrine/Ma Haung combo to be much more effective. It got to a point with the HCL that I wasn't feeling anything at all. At one point I had taken around 6 of the HCL tablets to try and feel something from it and even that didn't work. Once I switched over to the Ma Haung it was obvious that either the HCL wasn't as effective or my body had built up a massive tolerance to it somehow.

However, after hearing about the amazing results Anonymous916 is having I am thinking about trying that stack for the shear fact that I don't have to order anything online.
posted 22-Apr-2010 8:33pm

Good luck w/ your stack. Keep us up to date on how your doing.
posted 24-Apr-2010 3:29pm

I started the ECA stacker (Bronkaid/NoDoz/aspirin) today after researching Xenadrine the other night & running across this forum. Took the old school Xenadrine in highschool & it worked miracles. Hoping this stacker does the same. I am impressed with Anonymous916's results; everyone elses' for that matter.
I am looking to get down to 130 lbs, at 184.4 lbs now; I'm 5'2". Bought a scale today to watch the progess. Sounds like an average 10 lbs loss a month per everyone's experiences.
I am feeling good today on this stacker; in a good mood, little shaky, but feeling good and roaring to go.
posted 1-May-2010 3:13am

Today I bought Xenadrine RFA-X, I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is different from the RFA-1.. It's seems that the Dose is 3 tablets instead of two.. The lable is alot more confusing than I remember the older bottles being. I bought my 8mg hcl with this.. and plan on taking 16mg stack. I'm just wondering if anyone has tryed this yet or if anyone can thinks its unsafe.. Im including the information on the lable. Sorry its so much..

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container 40
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 1 mg 50%
Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin) 6 mcg 100%
Pantothenic Acid (as Calcium d-Pantothenate) 20 mg 200%
RFA-X Proprietary Blend 1127 mg
Green Tea Leaf Extract (as Camellia sinensis) Standardized to 45% EGCG, 75% Catechins, 90% Polyphenols
Caffeine Anhydrous
Theobroma cacao Seed Extract Standardized to 6% Theobromine
Coffea arabica Seed Extract Standardized to 25% Chlorogenic Acid supplying 300mg of Caffeine
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
Cynara scolymus Aerial Parts Extract Standardized to 5% Cynarine
Bacopa mannieri Aerial Parts Extract Standardized to 20% Bacosides
Cissus quadrangularis Stem and Leaf Extract
Haematococcus pluvialis Extract Standarized to 1.35% Astaxanthin
Yohimbine HCl
Wasabia japonica Root
Raspberry Ketone
Quercetin Dihydrate (as Fava d'Anta)
Capsicum annuum Fruit
Ampli FX
Willow Bark (as Salix sp.)
Coleus forskholii Root Extract Standardized to 10% Forskolin
Zingiber officinale Root Extract Standardized to 5% Gingerols and Shogoals
DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) Bitartrate

Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Sesame Oil, Gelatin Capsule (Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue No.1, FD&C Red No.3, FD&C Red No.40), Silica.Directions For Use
For full benefits of Hardcore Strength Xenadrine RFA-X, take 3 liquid capsules with a glass of water 2 times daily, approximately 30 to 60 minutes before meals.
On days of your workout, take 1 of these servings before your workout. Consume ten glasses of water per day.

Read the entire label before use and follow directions. Do not exceed 6 capsules in a 24-hour period. Do not take within 5 hours of bedtime. To assess individual tolerance, follow the chart. For best results, combine with an intense exercise and nutrition program.

Day 1 to Day 3: 1 capsule, 2x daily
Day 4 to Day 7: 2 capsules, 2x daily
Day 8 & beyond: 3 capsules, 2x daily
posted 2-May-2010 8:30pm

I'm trying to decide what stack to use, pure ma huang, no doz and tylenol, pure ma huang and xenadrine or the bronkaid stack. I had amazing results with xenadrine rfa1 in 2002. I guess I'm just confused, whats the difference between ma huang and ephedrine? Or are they the same thing? I have a stubborn body, hates to lose weight, low body temp etc. I managed to lose 4 pounds a week every week in 2002 with rfa-1 and I was only 160 pounds, when down to 135 in a matter 6 weeks. I maintained that until recently when I was put on an antidepressent (which I quit taking) Now my weight is stuck. I would like to use whatever was in the old xenadrine because I know my body responds to that. Any suggestions?
posted 3-May-2010 4:55pm

I also just noticed that the description of pure ma huang on ephedraoutlet says "Ephedra Sinica Extract (areal parts) Doesn't extract=no good? I thought if it was an extract it doesnt have alkaloids or something. But then people say ephedrine hcl is no good because its made in a lab/ Does that mean we can't get anything similar to what was used in the old xenadrine rfa-1?
posted 3-May-2010 6:55pm

the old xenadrine had ephedrine or ephedra in it, so your prolly gonna do best with the ephedrine
posted 5-May-2010 10:01am

I weighed in this morning, lost 6.2 lbs since starting 12 days ago.
I added an additional dose to my days (around day 6). One dose around 7:30am and the other around 1:30pm. Dose includes:
-2 bronkaids
-1 nodoz
-1 aspirin

Added a workout regimen on day 11 (yesterday) to bump up the weigh loss, I have a summer trip during Memorial Day.

I will keep you posted.
E. Michael
posted 5-May-2010 9:49pm

Hello all. Man, how I miss the old Xenadrine RFA formula (circa 2002-2003). I dropped from 190 to 165 lbs. (25 lbs) in about 3-4 weeks with diet and exercise/weightlifting - but then again, I was 22 at the time. The ephedrine also gave me incredible focus/concentration which helped get me through long days in grad school. I stopped taking it in August 2003, and then the ban came about a year or two later.

Last year (2009) I tried taking Benzedrine (from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals), which pretty much substitutes Synephrine HCl, Methyl-Phenylethylamine, and other methyl-group compounds for Ephedrine. Although this product gives you energy, I definitely got a weird feeling that I never had even with large amounts of the ECA stack in the original RFA. I stopped taking this after a while.

I have taken BronkAid the past few weeks and it definitely reminds me of the old RFA (some energy and focus). I don't like taking the accompanying Guafenesin (i.e., Mucinex) for no reason though. Therefore, I just bought a bottle of pure Ephedrine HCl (Kaizen, 8mg x 600) from It arrived, but haven't tried it yet. I will look to create my own ECA stack, although I'm not sure what role the other "crap" in the original Xenadrine RFA had in overall effect. I would image the ECA does >95% of the job.

Can anybody tell me the quantity of Ephedrine HCl/Caffeine/Asprin in the original Xenadrine RFA?

Good group. I will keep in touch.
posted 7-May-2010 10:44am

Brad are you out there? I'm waiting for your opinion on my above question :)
posted 7-May-2010 10:04pm


Sorry to keep you waiting. Work has been hectic lately and it's left me little free time. As far as which stack to use, that's not an easy answer. Everyone reacts in different ways to different supplements. Even when RFA-1 (the original) was around, I remember reading reviews from people claiming it did nothing for them. So I can't exactly give you a definite answer. For me personally, I thought the Ma Huang capsules mixed in with the current Xendadrine on the market worked fairly well. It wasn't exactly as potent as the original, but it was close. The drawback to this is having to rely on the internet as your source for the most important ingredient (Ma Huang). Granted, it's not a major issue, but it is a slight annoyance.

Regarding your question of whether extracts are good or not, it all depends on what they are extracting. You definitely do not want areal parts. The alkaloids are the strongest in the stems and base of the plant. My concerns with the HCL weren't so much that they were produced in a lab, but that it just didn't feel potent to me. Meth is technically produced in a lab and can make you drop 10-15lbs a week if you used it daily. I am in NO WAY condoning meth, just making a point. The main ingredient in producing meth is pseudo-ephedrine. This is the same thing that is in Brokaid (along with many cold and allergy medicines) that many others on here are using in their stack with a lot of success. I have actually been considering trying this stack for the pure fact that it's incredibly cheap and all 3 parts of the stack can usually be purchased at any drug store.

I hope I answered all of your questions/concerns. If I didn't, let me know. :)
posted 8-May-2010 6:42pm

Thanks for getting back to me Brad! I would try the bronkaid stack, except I don't like the idea of taking the extra guaffenessin (however it's spelled)... I'm at a loss as to what to buy! I kind of want that pure ma huang you talked about earlier from ephedra outlet but it says it's an extract from the aeral parts so they may have switched it out to fake now. I don't want to waste money on HCL if it's useless. Why can't they just lift this stupid ban?!! I may just have to try all three by process of elimination. The original RFA-1 was amazing
posted 11-May-2010 5:10pm

Haha.. glad to see this forum is still alive to this day =)
posted 11-May-2010 6:29pm

How's your weight loss going preston? I'm still trying to figure out what to buy. I've been eating 1200 calories a day and working out 6 times a week, still no weight loss after a month. Well I lost 3 pounds the first week but i'm assuming it was water weight. I weigh 210 pounds so I should be losing something. I feel like a good eca stack could make my metabolism work... i just can't find the e lol
posted 12-May-2010 7:37am

There's a new a product out called Megadrine RFA-1 that's claiming the have the same basic formula as the original Xenadrine. I can't find too many reviews on it that don't seem to be sales pitches so far though. The new Xenadrine w/ the ephedrine hcl just isn't doing as much for me this time around as it did the first go round and the Ma Huang never really did it for me. I've picked up something else which so far seems to be working well but it's only been 4 days so far and i'd like to get a week in before i make judgment and pass along the details to every one here. I have lost 4 lbs in 4 days but that's not too far outside of what an average person could swing with their weight normally.
posted 13-May-2010 2:06am


I'm writing to you because I know exactly how you feel.... for months I tried so many different things and couldn't for the life of my figure out what was going on with my weightloss - or lack thereof. I tried just about every supplement discussed here (and went on nutrisystem which only helped with 5 pounds) and all i got was high blood pressure from almost OD-ing (well not really, and definitely not on purpose) on caffeine. After doing some extensive research as well as realizing that different things work for different people I've come up with some conclusions that now helped me and may help you too.
-First of all, fat burners and caffeine are two different things, although they can supplement one another to achieve maximum weightloss, the key is to find the fat burner that works for you - be it Ma Huang, Green tea, etc. and add caffeine into the mix.
-Second, this is going to sound crazy but you may not be eating enough. Yes, low-calorie does = weightloss, but for the weight you described you should be eating more calories. i only say this because your also working out 6 days a week - which is fabulous but could result in as little as 400-800 calories a day depending on how long you work out and what your doing. if this is the case, and your caloric intake is as low as i've just described, your body might be in "starvation mode" - which means its trying to salvage as many calories as it can and as a result your metabolism is the slowest ever. for example, on weight watchers people with higher body weight tend to be allowed more "points" - these eating points go down when the person loses weight.
-third, your workouts need to incorporate strength training and cardio - interval cardio to get the heart rate up (so, sprint then recover, etc.) and keep the metabolism going with some muscle mass too. If your doing the same thing every day, your body has most likely gotten used to whatever it is your working out and you've plateaued.

Maybe people on he forum might disagree with me regarding the calorie thing but let me tell you, i've been watching what i eat and have taken just about every supplement on the planet for the last 10 years so I know a little of what i'm talking about. I also know how INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING it can be to do everything right and still not see anything, especially because i believe i might have the slowest metabolism on the planet. the key is to find the problem (slow metabolism, wrong eating, eating too much, not enough, etc.) in addition to finding the right fat burner for you. Be prepared though you may have to experiment with many of the supplements on this site before you find your ideal supplement.

Good luck!!
posted 13-May-2010 4:16pm

Excellent post, V! Couldn't agree more with making sure you actually EAT and not starve yourself. One thing I'd add to your post is the importance of eating breakfast EVERY morning. The sooner you get your metabolism started each day the better.


I would stay away from Megadrine. I researched that one a while back. It does indeed have every ingredient from the original RFA-1, but with one MAJOR ingredient missing and that's the correct version of ephedrine. The ephedrine in Megadrine does not contain the correct alkaloids. Just a heads up.
posted 13-May-2010 9:31pm

Im back I've used up all my epherdrin but fell off the wagon a month ago after geting only 15 pounds from my goal weight and now am gaining fast. My binge eating disorder has come back so im dealing with that. I guess it never really went away I just ignored it for the 3 months I stayed on a strict 1200cal diet but now im dealing with it and finally going to get over it for real instead of avoiding it so I can be normal around food. However im a lot further from my goal now and It would be nice to gain as little as possible while doing the geting over binging transition. I've tried the Pure Ma Huang and Bronkaid/Nodoz/aspirin combo and while they were alright I didnt get the energy or lose as much as others and I had insomnia at night even though I took it at about 7am in the morning and I had to ditch the Nodoz cuz it left me very shaky and jittery. Anyways I was looking at ephedraoutlet where it was suggested to get the pure ma huang and saw Methyldrene which I couldnt find any negative reviews but I'd rather ask you guys cuz Ill know this is an honest review. Thankyou
posted 13-May-2010 11:05pm


Don't feel bad. We all fall off the wagon from time to time. I know I have. I wish I had something positive/negative to say that would help you out with Mehtyldrene, but I've never heard of it. I did, however, find the ingredients...

Ephedra Extract (Whole Plant) 25 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 250 mg
Hoodia Extract (cactus) 25 mg
5-hydroxytryptophan 10 mg
Cayenne (40,000 Heat Units) 25 mg
Ginger Root 100 mg
Theobromine 99% 10 mg
Green Tea (95% polyphenols, 40% EGCG) 15 mg
Panax Ginseng (44% Ginsenodsides) 100 mg
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 6 mcg
Vitamin B6 (pyroxidine HCL) 2 mg
Methylsynephrine 20 mg
Aspirin (salicylic acid) 100 mg
Yohimbine HCL 1.5 mg
Phenylethlyamine HCL 20 mg
Citrus Aurantium (30% synephrine) 100 mg

That looks like a nice stack, but you are paying almost 10x as much for the same thing you get out of the Ma Huang/Caffeine/Asprin stack. A lot of this stuff in there seems to be filler just to make it look more powerful. All 3 of those ingredients are on that list.

I'm not saying it wouldn't work, I'm just saying I wouldn't trust it.
posted 14-May-2010 2:26am

you are right about breakfast! i forgot to include that, thats very important.

try it, i've done extensive research on almost every ingredient in there: synephrine, yohimbine (i think), green tea, and cayenne pepper are also huge metabolism boosters. Hoodia is also a great appetite suppressant (at least for me) and the vitamins in there too help with appetite suppression as well. there does seem to be a lot of caffeine in there so take it easy... so i'm not sure if all the ingredient in there are fillers, but the list doesn't look so bad. but, don't take my word for it, or even brad's... the only way you will know is if you try, but again, as i mentioned to starstruck, what works for one may not work for another and experimenting with different supplements is the only way your going to figure out what works for u.
posted 14-May-2010 9:11am

To date, I am down a total of 8 lbs. in 21 days. I have continued the cardio work out regimen, trying to get atleast 5 workouts into my week. Eating a "simple" diet of fresh produce and lots of water.
As once mentioned, I do notice myself being better to my body by being on the stack. I'm sure it is a mental thing, I don't want to mess up anything the stack could be doing so I am edging myself to a healthier life. Does anyone notice this healthier lifestyle subsiding after they get off the stack, whether it be a month long break or a permanent quit? It takes 30 days to make a habit, I was once told, so I'm wondering if this will change my lifestyle forever.
I have noticed the afternoon dose doesn't hit me as much as it used to, the morning dose still works well. I rely on the afternoon dose to get me in the gym after work. I take it around 1:30pm and get to the gym around 4:30pm.
All in all, I am still loving the results the stack is giving me; not just the loss of weight but the gain of energy, healthier mindset, alertness, and focus.
posted 14-May-2010 11:29pm

Srry last time to ask for reviews on things it just freaks me out messing with this stuff and I dont wanna waste my money and wanna find one that works on mine
I also found
-MethylEphedra ECA (which seems similar to the Methyldrene to me but Idunno)
- Black Ice (It looks like it works and I know there have been claims of ephedra cardiac arrests reports in the past but there have been a few on this specific drug so I dunno I want to be skiny but I dont wanna be a dead 20yr old (im too young for a hardattack)
-Or the Methyldrene I asked about
-or well any suggestions

I tried the bronkaid/aspirin/nodoz and after that I tried the Pure Ma Huang and I think I lost some weight from it but I didnt get the energy from it or any of the stuff others get so It didnt really fit me I want to find the one that works for me that gives me the feeling that Brad and Prestons have given them

Thx and srry for making yall do all this reseach for me
posted 16-May-2010 2:21pm

Ok nevermind my old post I just ordered
- 1 bottle of pure ma haung
- 1 bottle of methyldrene

That way if the methyldrene doesnt work I have something that does kinda work but not like it did for others but if it does work I just found the one that works for me.

BTW use the promocode 10ephedra when you do it I found it online and it took 3dollars off my pure ma haung and 4 dollars off my methyldrene (10% off each product) so after shipping and handling my total was 68dollars all together.

I really hope it works I liked that it was also a mood booster cuz my binge eating is emotional so maybe it will help that who knows. I'll keep you updated.
posted 24-May-2010 1:59pm

Guess I was bad this weekend because I jumped up 2-3 lbs since Blame it on the binge drinking and buffets since family was in town. Time to get back to making good choices.
posted 25-May-2010 12:06am

Hey, I just read some of your post. I'm glad this stack is working for you. As far as your "bad weekend" I just wanted to comment, don't let that stop you. I've had many off days but I start right back on my "healthy eating" the next day. And any pounds I may have gained fall right off as soon as I get back on track....It's funny how you were talking about healthier life style. When I first started this over a year ago, of course I had to change my eating habits completley but over the months my lifestyle got healthier and healthier. I went from a daily fast food junkie to now doing my best to eat only organic products. so I definatley think the stacks help you think twice about healthy living. But keep with it. It will work over time.

For those that are on the HCL/Kaizen ( i think that's what it's called ) That's the first stack I was on when I tried this. It did work for me even though I think after a few months the effects werent as strong. But it did work. I ended up quitting just casue after being on this for so long the bronkaid/nodoz is just more convienant and cheaper for me. I think w/ the HCL I had to take 3 pills at a time casue there were only 8mg which makes your bottle go fast. so anyhow thats just my experience.
I will continue to check in to see how everyones doing.
posted 25-May-2010 12:35pm

Thanks for the motivational words! I really appreciate it. I got right back on the band wagon yesterday after the cheat weekend. It seems to be easier for me to be "good" during the work week, I guess because I am on a set schedule.
How is your loss going? Are you still taking the stack? Last update we received was 52lbs on April 14th. Man, I cant wait until I am at 52lbs! What was your daily regimen to accomplish this?

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