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Xenadrine RFA-1


Xenadrine RFA-1 was a discontinued Ephedra-based diet pill.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was one of the most popular brands of Ephedra-based diet pills. It's a stimulant that reduces your appetite and causes you to burn more calories as well.

But, Ephedra was banned by the FDA after 2003. It was linked to many deaths. It causes your heart rate and blood pressure to go up. So, it can cause heart-attacks in people with weak hearts.

Xenadrine RFA-1 is no longer available in the USA.


Xenadrine RFA-1 was made by Cytodyne Technologies. Since it was discontinued, they have put an Ephedra-free product on the market, Xenadrine EFX.


Ephedrine has been shown to have serious adverse effects, include hypertension (elevated blood pressure), palpitations (rapid heart rate), neurophathy (nerve damage), myopathy (muscle injury), psychosis, stroke, memory loss, heart rate irregularities, insomnia, nervousness, tremors, seizures, heart attacks, and death.

Also, studies have shown that Ephedrine-based supplements only provide short-term weight loss.


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  29-Jun-2006 9:42am created by bill
  29-Jun-2006 9:57am last update by bill

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posted 27-Jul-2010 9:37am


I'll keep mine crossed for you too!
posted 27-Jul-2010 12:01pm


Is there a reason you take the regular 300 mg aspirins as compared to the recommended 81 mg ones?
posted 27-Jul-2010 4:09pm


I'm sorry to hear that. What I would if I was you is I would go to my local drug store and ask them what OTC asthma medications they have because Bronkaid is technically just for asthma and all OTC asthma medications contain either ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.

No particular reason. I went to Tahoe for the 4th of July and ran out of aspirin while I was there. I went to a CVS and this is all they had so that's why I've been taking it.
posted 27-Jul-2010 11:40pm

guys seriously with the aspirin BE CAREFUL. 325 3 x a day is close to the max a person should have. i took 2 2x a day a had stomach bleeding. that is TOO MUCH aspirin for someone's stomach. especially since we're all taking it prior to eating. if your taking the stack as you eat then it might be fine, but seriously, be careful. STICK TO BABY ASPIRIN. i am warning you, don't allow what happened to me happen to you. you don't even need it anyway, it merely keeps your blood pressure down, it has no dietary purposes whatsoever
posted 28-Jul-2010 12:59am

Aspirin is included in the ECA stack to help prolong the effects of ephedrine. Basically as a normalizing procedure the body reacts to ephedrine by producing prostaglandins and adenosine outside the cell, and phosphodiesterase inside the cell. Inside the cell, it has been found that methylxanthines, like caffeine, inhibit the activities of phosphodiesterase. Stimulation of the beta receptors by ephedrine (via noradrenaline) causes an increase of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) within the cell. This crucial part of the process that leads to thermogenesis is vulnerable because cAMP is degraded by phosphodiesterase. Outside the cell, aspirin inhibits the peripheral synthesis of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins inhibit the release of noradrenaline in the synaptic junction (before receptor stimulation). So in other words without aspirin (and caffeine), the beta agonistic qualities of ephedrine (via noradrenaline) are practically negated by prostaglandins. Thermogenesis is prolonged because aspirin interferes with this negative feedback mechanism.

Also, 325mg of aspirin is considered a normal dose. ;)
posted 28-Jul-2010 1:52pm


It was my understanding that the aspirin was also to help thin the blood as the caffeine and ephedrine both raise your blood pressure and thinner blood can help counter that. V is right, almost 1000mg of aspirin a day is way too much. 1 of your doses is bigger than 3 of ours Brad. I'd be careful with that;
posted 28-Jul-2010 4:05pm


You are also correct, Bob. It does help lower your blood pressure, but that is not the main reason why it is used in the stack.

I also appreciate everyones concern with me taking 975mg of aspirin a day, but please keep in mind that the maximum dosage that should never be exceeded is 4grams (4,000mg). I am no where near the maximum recommended dosage.
posted 29-Jul-2010 11:44am

Brad - we're just trying to look out for you in the same way you always look out for us. I hear the max dosage is 1000mg?? just be careful, obviously you know what you're doing, and i know aspirin is essential for the stack (although now i'm not exactly sure why as i've read different things than you have) but for the rest of us, we might just stick to baby aspirin instead. my stomach bleeding due to aspirin is not something i wish anyone on this forum to suffer from
posted 29-Jul-2010 4:08pm


I get that and I REALLY do appreciate it. I didn't mean for my previous post to come across as defensive. Like I've said many times on here, health is the most important factor to all of this. I definitely wouldn't be taking something if it was doing more harm than good. :)

As far as max daily dosage, I've read several different variations. Some "medical" sites claim 4 grams and others claim 8 grams. WebMD says 4 grams, so I trust that over the other sites that say 8 grams.
posted 30-Jul-2010 10:55am


Just be careful with all of that. We'd like to keep you and your knowledge around here for a while longer.

I'm down a total of 33 lbs to date! I've gone down 3 notches on my belt, my new pants are now even too big for me, my gut is practically non-existant compared to what it was, although there's still a bit i'd like to get rid of. I currently weigh in @ 177 lbs. As i'm 6'1"-6'2" i think 170 lbs might be a bit low for me but since i've still got a bit of obvious fat on me i'm sure there's more room to go. Between the ECA stack and the p90x i'm seeing muscles get bigger and better defined to. Too bad i don't seem to have the drive to stick with it 100%. I'm sure results would come even faster. Perhaps one of you guys would like to give the program a try too so we can compare results?
posted 30-Jul-2010 4:02pm


Now you've got my interest piqued on P90X. What's the deal with it exactly?
posted 31-Jul-2010 11:47am

It's an intense 90 day work out routine. Monday through Saturday you work out once a day for 1-1 12 hours, though there is a doubles routine where you do cardio in the morning and the regular workout the afternoon. It also includes meal plans for for the entire length of the program but i never followed them as i'm a picky eater. You'll need some sort of free weights or resistance bands (you can get the bands for 20 bux shipped off ebay). A pull up bar is helpful though you can use the bands in it's place.

Last year when i was taking the xen/hcl combo i went through the 90 days and lost around 25 lbs as well as getting more flexible and more toned. This time i've lost 33 lbs total and getting even more toned as i didn't lose all the muscle i developed last time. The workouts are VERY intense. Don't be surprised if you find our having to stop half way through one in the first week because you almost work yourself to being sick. in the regular singles routine you do 3 days of "lifting" and 3 days of cardio. Every month the lifting routines/muscle groups worked together get changed. They call it muscle confusion. Muscles get used to doing the same exercise over and over and being worked in combination with other muscle groups so they change them up in the program for faster results.

I'm sure i sound like a salesman here but the first time around i got in the beast shape i had been in years. And right now, even though i'm only 1 1/2 months back into it i'm already in better physical appearance than i was last time around. Another nice thing about it is you do the workouts at home. I can't speak for everyone but when i was out of shape i didn't really want to go to the gym and start working out in front of people so that part really appealed to me. The program is made by a company called beach body. Their website is their and it can do a better job of explaining everything than i just have. The program will run you around 120 bux if you buy it from them but there are places on the internet one can find all the workout routines and all the documents (meal plans, workout tracking forms, etc) for free but that isn't something i'd care to port up on a public form.
posted 2-Aug-2010 7:45pm

I ordered the Pure Ma Huang off of, and just got the bottle the other day. It's not the one made by Energy Nutrition (the one that I saw crazy results from), because they said they don't carry that anymore. The new one is made by Sports One. I've done 4 stacks since I got the bottle, and I don't really feel anything! The Ma Huang from Energy Nutrition whooped my ass, man- just from taking one capsule. I take 2 of these and don't feel all jacked like I did before. Furthermore, there are different colored capsules, and upon breaking one open, it tastes like some sort of powered cinnamon. Is there any way that it's not really what it says on the label? It just doesn't have the same effect =/
posted 5-Aug-2010 10:06pm


Well damn. That sounds pretty intense. Seems like you wouldn't even need an ECA stack with that.


That's a bummer. I'm sorry to hear that. Sports One is a fairly reputable company, so I would be a little surprised if they were selling fake pills. Could be a knock off company, though.
posted 6-Aug-2010 9:30am

I'm down 20.6 lbs; I started this ECA stack on Apr 24. It feels like the loss is slower than everyone elseís. I'm being told the slower weight loss is healthier and the ratio of keeping it off is higher, but the people telling me that donít know I am on an ECA stack.
Is it time to take a break from this stack? I've been on it a little over 3 months. I've taken weekends off here and there during those 3+ months. I fear if I take a month or so off, everything is going to pile back on. I still feel effects from it so I havenít become immune to its effects yet.
I have another 38.8 lbs to go. I've lowered my goal to 125, not 130lbs.
I still log my food into everyday and keep my caloric intake around or under 1200. I havenít been working out lately because I donít want to starve my body by burning off any of the 1200 calories. Does that make sense? Should I eat more so I can workout?
posted 6-Aug-2010 4:16pm


Weight loss always happens fast at first. The more you need to lose, the faster it will happen. Men tend to lose weight easier than women as well. It's always a good idea to take a week off from the stack every once in a while to keep from building a high tolerance. Also, the weight will not come back if you continue to eat healthy and don't over eat.
posted 7-Aug-2010 8:38am

@Brad (and anyone else that is knowledgeable)...what is your take on my purchase of pure ephedra sinica powder and capping them with size "0" capsules? Any idea on dosage schedule or effectiveness? Each "0" capsule holds 400 mg - 800 mg or so. I'd rather cap it than make tea out of it - it tastes pretty nasty as tea. I've searched everywhere for input, but this forum and reading everyones messages, made me want to ask here. Also, I too took original xenadrine rfa-1 back in the early 00's and haven't been satisfied with anything close in comparison...Oh also, P90X is awesome, but I switched over to INSANITY ;) it's a lot more insane, plus no equipment needed...look forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks! [Alt]
posted 7-Aug-2010 11:13am


It is pretty damn intense. If i could actually stick with it 100% all the time your probably right, the eca stack wouldn't be needed. It's hard to find that time every day to work out like the program requires and i'm a picky eater so the diet that goes along with it isn't something i'm too pleased with.


Are you seeing better results with Insanity? I was looking into it as the workouts are shorter but being that it's all cardio how is more muscle mass made?
posted 7-Aug-2010 3:46pm

@Bob its good for burning fat, not so much on building muscle mass - however, I've heard people mix and match with P90x and Insanity for more ripped results.
posted 7-Aug-2010 10:30pm

More research: So 'stacking'...I'm just more concerned about the dosage of the ephedra pill, a '0' capsule can hold about 500mg, how much is that of the pure alkaloids? And if I stack that with caffeine and aspirin? I found this:

"The dosage for ECA:

25 mgs of ephedrine and 200 mgs of caffeine are the central ingredients.

Aspirin is supposed to add to the stack's effectiveness by decreasing the body's natural resistance to the stimulant effects. The more I've researched, however, the less I'm convinced that it is necessary or helpful. I can only say from personal experience that aspirin seems to make little or no difference.

If you decide to use aspirin, I would recommend the smaller dosage/pills ("baby aspirin"). I think taking three adult aspirin a day for several days is not a good idea.

The stack can be taken 2-3 times a day, depending on one's tolerance. The first dose is usually taken in the morning, and subsequent doses are spread out over 4-6 hours. The ECA stack should never be taken late in the afternoon (after 3-4 p.m.) as this will cause insomnia.

NOTE: I recommend that you buy Ephedrine HCL 25 mg tablets, not Ephreda or Ma Huang (herbal), not anything that mentions "alkaloids." As I've said, the herbal forms just aren't as effective, and you can't always be sure of the exact dosage you'll be getting of the active ingredients."
posted 9-Aug-2010 11:12am


Do you think the few weekends here and there I've taken off from the stack is enough? I take two doses a day and, like I said earlier, still feel the effects. I hope you are right about the healthy eating habits and not gaining the weight back. I would hate to back track!
I'm down to 159.8, finally got it into the 150's! Total weight loss thus far: 24.6 lbs.
posted 9-Aug-2010 3:29pm


There are only 2 reasons why you would gain the weight back:

1.) You are taking in more calories than you burn. So eating healthy when not on the stack is a huge factor in keeping the weight off. Hopefully during the process of taking the ECA stack you are training yourself with these habbits.

2.) Your body naturally has a slow metabolism or some other form of genetics that causes you to be heavier.

Congratulations on breaking into the 150's! That's awesome. Keep up the good work!
posted 17-Aug-2010 7:56pm

How do you use this diet. How often do you take each pill and how many of each pill everyday and for how long? Seems to me you would be wired to the max taking No Doz and it would be hard to function at work. Seems this would raise my blood pressure too and I'm on hbp medication.
posted 17-Aug-2010 7:59pm

I should have specified, I am talking about the bronkaid, baby aspirin and Nodoz combination people are talking about that mimics the effects of phen-fen.
posted 17-Aug-2010 10:09pm


Every question you have has been answered many, many times already. You would be much better off going back several pages and reading the responses.
posted 18-Aug-2010 10:20pm

Sorry, it's just hard to decipher it all--some talk about Xenadrine, some talk about ephedrine, an ECA stack--I just don't understand what it all is and how you take it that's why I asked.
posted 18-Aug-2010 10:54pm


Yeah, this forum isn't structured that well at all, so I completely understand how it can feel daunting. If you travel back to around October of 2008, that's where a good majority of everything you'll need to know starts. Take your time reading through it all. You have some very good questions that can definitely be answered by me, but you should definitely get the opinion and feel from everyone else as well. One thing stays a constant throughout all of this and that is just because one thing works for one person, it does not mean with will work for someone else. You'll read about several different stacks and MANY experiences from several regulars on here. :)
posted 18-Aug-2010 10:56pm


Also, I apologize if my first response to you a couple of days ago came off in a negative way. I just re-read it and I feel bad because that's the tone that I get from it. I did not mean it in a negative way at all. My apologies.
posted 19-Aug-2010 4:41am

There goes Brad owning noobz again raspberry
posted 19-Aug-2010 4:01pm


I still feel bad for the way it came across haha
posted 24-Aug-2010 7:23am

Nothin too worry about. Everybody knows the internet is serious business.
posted 25-Aug-2010 11:13am

Ephedra is serious business.
posted 27-Aug-2010 4:09pm

Yes it is.

How is everyone doing?
posted 28-Aug-2010 7:50pm

Man.. I'm so upset that stopped selling the Pure Ma Huang by Energy Nutrition. The only reason I had even spent the money on it the first time, was because you tried it, Brad. Now, after receiving pills that say they contain pure Ma Huang on the label, but do NOTHING for me (and I know it's not tolerance), I'm afraid to try buying any other brand =/
posted 29-Aug-2010 1:11pm

I'm sorry to hear that, Preston. I still have about a 1/3 of the bottle I bought from them. I wonder why they stopped carrying that brand. Have you looked anywhere else to see if someone else sells it?
posted 1-Sep-2010 2:26am

here is my update on my EC/STACK regime:

> bought a pound of organic ephedra powder (ephedra sinica)(certified organic/earth kosher)(harvested august 2010)
> bought 500 empty capsules and a capsule machine - made ephedra capsules.
> bought 200mg caffeine pills
> created dosage/nutrition/workout schedule/calendar for the next 3 months.
> did a coffee colonic day before start -- starting weight: 175lbs(female) goal: 130lbs
> week one dosage: 1E/1C in the morning for 7 days.
> week two dosage: 1E/1C in the morning and in the afternoon (6hrs later)
> week three dosage: 2E/1C in the morning and in the afternoon (6hrs later)...same for week four.
> workout every other day (I just wanted to work my core, so I am doing INSANITY Cardio Abs)
> week five dosage: take a break/cycle off, continue workout.
> week six, seven, eight, nine dosage: 2E/1C in the morning and in the afternoon (6hrs later)
> week ten: take a break/cycle off
.....and so forth until I reach my desired weight goal - will update the forum as the following weeks emerge.
posted 6-Sep-2010 5:51pm

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've posted on this board--not since Nov. 17th and 18th of 2009. I'd like to share my progress and success story in hopes to encourage some of you out there wanting to lose weight. I've been taking the Kaizen Ephedrine HCL tablets and stacking 24mg of it with 200mg caffeine and 81mg of baby aspirin; 2-3 doses a day (no more than 3 doses in a day). I followed a high protein and low [complex] carb diet and ate 6 small meals a day. I participated in two Biggest Loser Contests at work to help give me that extra push and motivation. My workouts involved cardio, Bikram Yoga, crossfit, and weight lifting.

I'm female/5'6" tall and here's my stats from back in Nov. 2009:
Starting weight: 175 lbs
Current weight: 162 lbs (as of 11-17-2009)
Current BMI: 26.1 (still overweight)

1st Biggest Loser Contest progress:
09/25/2009: 175 (START - initial weigh-in)
10/02/2009: 172.5 (week 1)
10/09/2009: 168.0 (week 2)
10/16/2009: 166.6 (week 3)
10/23/2009: 168.5 (week 4)
10/30/2009: 170.0 (week 5)

Notice that although I have been cutting calories, eating healthy and busting my ass at the gym every day, my weight was going up!! At that point, I was getting extremely discouraged and frustrated!! I was not on the ECA stack.

Progress continued...(on the ECA stack)

11/01/2009: 166.0 (first day on the ECA stack)
11/06/2009: 164.0 (week 6)
11/13/2009: 163.5 (week 7 - final weigh-in of Biggest Loser Contest - I did not win - oh well.)
11/22/2009: 161.4
11/30/2009: 162.0
12/07/2009: 158
12/14/2009: 156
12/21/2009: 155

From January to mid-June 2010, I kinda stopped working out like a mad woman, stopped taking the ECA stack, but continued to eat healthy and occasionally cheated (ie. drank alcohol, ate fast food, sweets, etc.) and maintained my weight between 155 and 151. I got lazy and was side-tracked... until the 2nd Biggest Loser Contest at work began.

06/18/2010: 153.5 (initial weigh-in/START)
06/25/2010: 146.0 (week 1)
07/02/2010: 149.0 (week 2)
07/09/2010: 146.5 (week 3)
07/16/2010: 145.2 (week 4)
07/23/2010: 144.5 (week 5)
07/30/2010: 143.8 (week 6)
08/06/2010: 140.5 (week 7)
08/13/2010: 136.0 (week 8 - final weigh-in / won 2nd place of the contest)

TODAY (09/06/2010): 135.0

I lost 40 lbs. total and did it gradually--and this took some major lifestyle changes. I feel great - I went from a size 11/12 (38 waistline) to a size 2/3 (with a 27 waistline)--you guys don't know how STOKED I am to reach this point! VICTORY!!!! grin

What's next for me? I'm switching my focus from weight-loss to stamina/endurance training for my 1st marathon. I have to get off the ECA and change my diet to a high complex carb/low protein. After I finish my 1st marathon, I will focus more on strength training and building lean muscle.

Anyways, that's all fromme---and good luck to everyone--and may you all achieve your own personal victories, too!
posted 7-Sep-2010 8:40pm

@silver ...congratulations!! that's awesome and encouraging!
posted 9-Sep-2010 2:15pm


Thanks! Losing weight has been a struggle--and thought I couldn't do it since the original Xenadrine RFA-1 has been taken off the market, but the ECA really helped.
posted 10-Sep-2010 4:10pm

I'm totally bummed! For about a month I've totally dropped everything ( healthy eating & EC stacks ) Not only have I stopped I went even more downhill and have been eating anything -n- everything. I'm so upset at myself. A couple of times I tried to get back on track and have been having the hardest time. How could I have gone from eating so good and consistantly loosing weight over the past year to totally dropping everything. I'm sooo unmotivated right now, I dont know how to get myself back on track.
posted 10-Sep-2010 9:50pm


I'm sorry to hear that. We all have times when it's harder and times when it's easier. You just need to find a reason/motivation to keep going. I've reached and passed my original goal, but now have a new one and it's plenty to keep me going.

We all slip, you just need to find the right motivation to get back in the groove. Don't be so hard on yourself. :)
posted 11-Sep-2010 1:54pm


That sounds so familiar to me--which means--yes, I have been there! I would lose my motivation every now and then and even get distracted/side-tracked because "life happens." To get my motivation back I would read some fitness magazines, look at my "before" pictures and compare how far I have gone, make up mind that "I'm gonna do this!!!". It's OK to eat anything and everything. I LOVE FOOD!!! My favorite "cheat food" are carne asada tacos with lots of guac, sour cream, and topped with pico di gallo and shredded 3 cheeses (I'm from southern Cali, BTW), Greek gryos sandwich, french fries, and chocolate cake! I would reserve my "cheat meal" days during the weekends only (Friday night thru Saturday night, excluding Sunday) where I eat, drink, party and be merry--so that I don't feel "deprived." And then during the next 5 days straight, I'd strictly eat CLEAN and workout hard, and then repeat when the weekend arrives.

To get back on track, you would have to just to pick yourself up, dust off your shoulders and try again. Moving on from this moment forward is all you can do...and don't look back! smile
posted 14-Sep-2010 5:26pm

Thanks Brad & Silver for the motivation and kind words!
posted 16-Sep-2010 12:14am

hi guys!
so ive been on the bronkaid stack now for almost two months and have dropped 15 lbs! i am in love w this stack as nothing ever seemed to work for me before....

so i have a question and i was hoping one of the bronkaid vets could help me out w this. i'm approaching the end of week 8 of my cycle and i've only ever gotten up to 2 doses a day. i know i should take next week off in order to reduce my tolerance but on the 24th i have a major event in nyc that i want to look fabulous for! i can tell my tolerance has leveled and its time for a break but what if i were to up the doses to 3 x a day (as many of you have done) until the 24th, and then take my break after the event.... what do you guys think i should do? Brad? - i know you'll have an opinion on this one so lay it on me haha
posted 16-Sep-2010 4:19pm



This is probably bad, but I haven't taken a break yet from it and I think I've been on it since May or June (can't remember exactly). My tolerance has DEFINITELY increased and I am beyond the dosage that I would have ever recommended to anyone in the beginning (bad, I know I know). Once I reach my goal (only 10 more lbs to go), I am going to take a break for at least a month to see how my weight shifts (if at all) and to lower my tolerance back down. Long answer short, I haven't taken a break and I am doing fine, but it doesn't mean it's the best solution. Do what feels right for your body. If you honestly feel that you should take a break, take one. Trust your instinct. If you feel that continuing on up to the 24th will be fine, keep at it girl. I'm proud of you! love
posted 16-Sep-2010 10:13pm

Brad i've never received such a nice message!!! lol you're too cute, with your big red heart!! haha thank you for being so proud!

yea i've decided to stay on it till the 24th, as i was only taking 1 bronkaid/1green tea with caffeine/1 baby aspirin 2x a day and so ive upped it to 3 times a day.... you're right though, do what feels right for you. i am totally fine, but i know my body and after all the supplements ive been on, i know how much i can take and the 3x a day is about as much as im gunna go!

i have 10 lbs to go... which is a new goal - as all i ever wanted to do was lose 10-15 lbs, which ive successfully managed to achieve. but i'm short and petit and so excess weight looks like 40lbs on me.

this stack is fabulous, and for those of you on it, who were so kind as to share your results w us and convince people like myself that it was worth a try, i hope your accomplishments are making you as happy as mine have made me. please keep updates coming, i'd love to hear what some of the bronkaid vets r up to and how they are doing!
posted 17-Sep-2010 1:47am

Since the 14th Ive been back on the stack thanks to some motivating kind words. I noticed something that helps for me is to start my first stack IMMEDIATLEY when I wake up. That way I dont put it off, forget or get lazy. I'm hoping to get back on track, so far so good.
posted 19-Sep-2010 3:10am

Hi again Brad=) Been reading up and glad your doing well with your stack=) I did the xenadrine and bronkaid stack you suggested since I had some xenadrine I had just bought..I felt a bit of energy and a bit of appetite suppression but no weight loss=(...My doctor put me on Lexapro for social anxiety..I'm a flight attendant and don't have much to lose..but I feel that Lexapro is making me put weight on...clothes are fitting tighter..I'm only 5ft 3in and used to be 110 pounds..I'm pretty petite..but I weigh 129 right now and would like to get back to my original weight which has been very hard! I was wondering if you feel the ECA stack might work better than the xenadrine and bronkaid stack..I'm not obsessed with weight loss..I just have no dicipline and feel a bit thick=)..clothes don't fit=(..I feel more lazy, etc..I loved phentermine! Actually put me in a happy I can't find anywhere that will prescribe it to me..because I don't have enough fat..I also noticed you mentioned add meds..I have a prescription for adderol? I know I didn't spell that right..but I wonder if that works like the dexofrine (was it)??
posted 19-Sep-2010 7:07am

Anonymous916 - I went back and read some of your posts and I know exactly why you feel you've lost motivation/fell off the bandwagon. For a whole year you counted calories, measured your food, and stuck to the same exact meals. ANYONE would fall off if they restricted themselves that much. In college, when I counted every calorie going into my body, or measured things, it was SO HARD to get myself back on track or even keep going for that matter. Sometimes, eating low cal/low carb isn't always a long term solution (you are on a diet forever, and being fit is a lifestyle change) and lasts for so long before your body gets used to it and you fail to see results.
I know you might not have ever considered it, but weight watchers teaches portion control. I never did it but my mom did and honestly, it's great. you can eat whatever you want and learn to not overeat and transform your life. being on a diet forever, never ever works. I am not nearly as strict with my eating as you were, and to be honest i don't think i could be. i love food way too much, so finding a healthy balance between eating what you love and staying in shape is important.

Xtina - the reason why you might have some difficulty with the bronkaid is because you paired it up with Xenadrine. I find that when i make the stack myself, i know what i' putting into my body. but with all of those other pre-made stacks, you can't guarantee the ingredients or the amounts of those ingredients. I'm surprised bronkaid didn't work for you, as the majority of people (even myself and nothing worked for me) have great results. But again, different things work for different people.... ALSO, it is HIGHLY possible that your Lexapro is halting your weight loss. but, i do not suggest to stop taking it as i know your doctor probably prescribed it for good reason and your health is far more important than anything. Talk to him about a different medication to help you with that. But begin by stacking bronkaid with aspirin and nodoz and you might see different results.

good luck!
posted 19-Sep-2010 1:01pm

Man, it feels good to hear all these stories on here. The media is right when they say there's no magic weight loss pill.. but when you combine a few, you get some serious results =) I fell off the bandwagon months ago and have stayed right around 230-235 (at least I know my metabolism can keep up after I finally end the ECA stacks). I started stacking again about a week ago, and have already dropped 5lbs- haha. One day, we all need to get together and rally in front of the FDA's main office to bring Xenadrine back!
posted 19-Sep-2010 2:39pm


V pretty much said everything I was going to say. I did a little digging and it appears that Lexapro DOES slow your metabolism down and most people gain between 20-25lbs when on that particular medication. Whatever you do, do not stop taking that medication unless your doctor recommends it. I also question how safe it is to take stimulants (ECA stacks, etc) while taking depressants (Lexapro). I don't think it's good to take both at the same time being that one is telling your body to go in one direction and the other is telling it to go in the other direction. I would seriously talk to your doctor about taking an ECA stack while using Lexapro or any other CNS depressant. ECA stacks are not illegal, so don't be afraid to ask him/her about it. Regarding using Xenadrine and Bronkaid, if it hasn't shown you any results, I would try the home made stack that the majority of us have been using with great success.

Stick to it!
posted 19-Sep-2010 11:55pm

V - Thanks for the info.
I've been back on for about a week now and so far doing pretty good. I've lost 5 pounds so far, which is the best motivation there is.
posted 20-Sep-2010 1:00am

i am so happy for you!!! keep it up :)
posted 20-Sep-2010 4:04am

Thanks so much guys!!! I read there were no actual confirmed statistics saying Lexapro made people gain weight...but reading multiple matter what studies say..people are gaining from Lexapro..I have noticed it myself because I'm not doing anything different than before..I went on them for some things I was goping through briefly which has cleared up..I even feel the Lexapro os making me tired and not helping my health much...I will try the homemade ECA stack..I'm sure that will work=) I've just never been in favor of any anti-depressants but won't just quit them...weening myself off will be a good thing..not because of anything said in this forum..but because in general it's not helping me..getting fat alone will depress me Thanks for all the info guys=)
posted 20-Sep-2010 4:04am

Thanks so much guys!!! I read there were no actual confirmed statistics saying Lexapro made people gain weight...but reading multiple matter what studies say..people are gaining from Lexapro..I have noticed it myself because I'm not doing anything different than before..I went on them for some things I was goping through briefly which has cleared up..I even feel the Lexapro os making me tired and not helping my health much...I will try the homemade ECA stack..I'm sure that will work=) I've just never been in favor of any anti-depressants but won't just quit them...weening myself off will be a good thing..not because of anything said in this forum..but because in general it's not helping me..getting fat alone will depress me Thanks for all the info guys=)
posted 20-Sep-2010 3:03pm

Xtina - talk with your doctor, maybe he can make a suggestion different than Lexapro? Your health comes first, always. Sometimes the desire to lose can impair our judgement and maybe do things we would or wouldnt normally do, but what good is being in shape if your health isn't where it should be??
Try the homemade stack with the bronkaid. if that doesn't work try the ephedrine hcl - kaizen brand or primatene. maybe that works better as some people respond better to bronkaid and others respond better to hcl. Also, consider adding green tea - i stack my bronkaid with mega-t green tea supplements which are basically green tea and caffeine, along with baby aspirin. I've done a ton of research and doing so is perfectly okay as long as you stay within the recommended dosages. good luck and let us know how you're doing.
posted 22-Sep-2010 12:48am

Thanks V!!! That was great advice!!!! I will definitely keep ya guys informed..for now, I think I gained about 10 pounds on my one week vacation to visit my I will try the regular stack..and follow the rest of your advice...=) Cheers
posted 23-Sep-2010 2:40pm

It has been since Aug 9 since I last updated! Wow, time goes by fast. I am currently down 32 lbs; another 27.4 to go!

ECA Start date: Apr 24
Start weight: 184.4
Current weight: 152.4
Goal weight: 125
posted 23-Sep-2010 3:06pm

wow kel!!! that is AWESOME!!!! congratulations!!!!
posted 24-Sep-2010 6:52pm

Okay, so I haven't done a check in on here in a while regarding my stats while using the Bronkaid stack. As of today, I have been on the stack for 103 days (since June 14th of this year). My original dosage when starting was 1 Bronkaid/1 Caffeine/2 Aspirin three times a day. As of today, I am taking 4 Bronkaid/1 Caffeine/2 Aspirin two times a day (once in the morning and around 12:30) and my final dose of 3 Bronkaid/1 Caffeine/2 Apsirin at around four. I have done absolutely no exercise in the sense of running/jogging or any weightlifting. I don't live a sedentary lifestyle, so I don't necessarily sit around all day. I'm on my feet for at least 75% of the time I'm awake (during the work week of Monday-Friday). I can't say exactly how much weight I've lost because I don't have a good reference for what I weighed before I started taking this stack, but it is somewhere around 35-45lbs. I know that's a big gap in not knowing exactly. As of today I am right around the 169-170 mark. My original goal was to reach 185 and that came fairly quickly and easily. My new goal is to hit 160 flat at which point I will stop stacking all together. I am 5'11", and from what I've read and what I have been told by my doctor, 157 is the best weight for me, but 160 already seems to be pushing it. One thing to note as well is that I can say for sure with 100% certainty that I have lost fat, not muscle.

I need to stress that I do NOT recommend anyone else follow the plan that I have, especially when it comes to the dosages I am taking. I have built up a tolerance to the Bronkaid over the past 100+ days which is why I have increased it to (gradually over time) where I am at now.
posted 30-Sep-2010 1:22am

I really don't know how to respond to this post. I've been checking every day to see if someone has said anything and nothing. maybe they all don't know what to say either, but i am very worried about how much bronkaid and aspirin you are taking. just, please, i really hope you know what you're doing. Also, I'm very surprised your doctor suggested a weight of 157 for you considering you're 5'11". I thought the standard weight for a man that tall was 180? I dont know... i just really hope you take a break from it soon.
posted 30-Sep-2010 9:39pm


Please don't be worried. My doctor is well aware of me taking this stack and has actually asked me to check in with him once every 2 weeks (next week will be the third check-in with him). Just like with anything else that you add to your body on a daily basis, you will build a tolerance quickly. I am not recommending anyone else follow my plan. I trust my body and it's reactions which is why I stopped taking the Ma Huang capsules several months back. Everything checked out at my most recent doctors office visit. I did a full physical and everything has come back perfect including liver and kidney functions as well as blood pressure. :)
posted 30-Sep-2010 11:06pm

Brad... good to know! i'm so surprised at how much your body can handle... i said i would be taking 3 doses a day, and i can only do it some days and not others. i can barely do 3 bronkaids a day, nevermind how much you take...
what did your doc have to save when u told him you were on the stack? I think id be a little frightened considering this ban. i feel like my doc would tell me to stop immediately...
posted 1-Oct-2010 12:40am

Well he wasn't exactly happy about it which is why he ran blood work to make sure everything was in tip top shape. There was the speech that I expected about eating a low fat diet with plenty of exercise. We all know that. I have the healthy diet down, just not doing any cardio. It's not illegal to stack this or to consume it, it's illegal for it to be included in diet pills. He does not recommend taking it at all (which also wasn't a surprise), but wants me to keep in touch with him on how I'm feeling. I should hopefully be down to 160 within the next two to three weeks. Long story short, the basic gist is that all is fine as long as I pay attention to how my body responds.
posted 2-Oct-2010 7:56pm

Wow, Brad. 4 Bronkaids per stack? That's amazing. I was thinking about going to 3 per stack, 'cause 2 just doesn't give much anymore. After hearing your story, I'm a bit more at ease with doing 3 =P I also only do 2 stacks per day, though, too. You are a beast, my friend =P
posted 3-Oct-2010 11:59pm

I'm not pushing my limits or anything along those lines. I'm just listening to my body and the tolerance that has built up. Please, just listen to your body. Don't jump up in dosage unless you know it's the right thing to do for yourself. I went up slowly. I didn't go from 2 at a time and then jump up to 3 at a time the next day. I would do 3 in the morning, and then 2 for the other 2 doses. Once that felt good, I went to 2 doses of 3 and then 2 for the last. Gradually it worked up to 4 at a time.

Always trust what your body tells you. :)
posted 4-Oct-2010 8:08pm

Brad - i think its so funny that you can consumer ephedrine and buy it but putting into diet pills is illegal. Seriously, that is the most ridiculous thing ever. I know we've been through this over and over again, but just recently i read a fabulous article written by some scientific guy who also happens to be a body builder whos taken the stack for over 10 years and he lists reason after reason as to not only why taking ephedrine is okay but also the specifics of why the FDA has a big stick up its butt. I'm going to try to find the link again and post it here. The guys basically throws in a bunch of medical jargon but sums up the entire conspiracy as the FDA will not make ephedrine diet pills legal until it can find a prescription equivalent that targets the same receptors in the body as the stack does. He even goes on to say how using it long term can actually make it more effective, crazy right? It's a great article, I'll definitely try to post it here
posted 5-Oct-2010 10:48pm

I was curious if anyone on here has ever tried the Master Cleanser? If so how long did you last and how was your experience?
posted 8-Oct-2010 3:54pm

I've heard about that, but I've never tried it or known anyone who has. Sorry.
posted 11-Oct-2010 10:56am


I saw the same article you're talking about. I don't remember the site either, but yeah, it was a worthwhile read if you have any doubts about the ECA stack.
posted 12-Oct-2010 2:53am

that's awesome! i'm glad you read it too... i admit though, i have my doubts about one thing the guy said. he claims long term use of the eca stack (which i assume he means cycling obviously - but doing so continuously) actually makes it more effective. you've been on it longer than i have... what do you think about that?
posted 12-Oct-2010 3:13pm

@Anonymous..I have done the original Master Cleanse which is the lemonade diet for 11's amazing!!! The combination of the lemon, cayenne and real maple syrup has some sort of positive effect on your system unlike what some seem to think...yes, lemon alone is bad..yes, cayenne alone isn't good either..and yes, even maple syrup isn't all that great...but in combination it has a healing affect...your eyesight is improved, your digestion, your metabolism is increased alot!!! You no longer crave the stuff you used to cleans out everything pretty much like getting a colonopy! It's just very hard not eating especially if you have someone eating in front of you..but after 4-5 days, your not that hungry crave the smooth move tea that your supposed to take each night and the salt water wash in the morning is very difficult to swallow..but excuse my choice in words..but pee out of your's actually more clear than urine after a couple days or will gain back half of the weight after the 11 days because half of that wieght is water weight...but it really encourages you to eat better than you ever have before..until eventually, you start eating bad again and put that crap in your system all over again..thats why they say to do it twice a year!

@brad..I know what your doc is telling you..but I would go to another doc..157 is very low for your height and I can't imagine how your dose os the stack is not going to affect your liver...what it will do is slow down your metabolism even more..and the effects it will have on your organs won't appear right away..but suddenly in's not so much that the ephedrine is not's that it's affecting your organs and slowing your metabolism down even more..I used to be a certified personal trainer..addicted to ephedrine..I was more about working out though before I got into that stuff and it really did affect my even when I work out..I have to work extra hard to lose half the wieght I use to lose with very little cardio or strength training...and look, I'm still trying to do ephedrine...but if I will need to up my does..that will be a sign I need to take a break instead..because if you need to up your dose, your metabolism is actually slowing down..not only losing the effect from the ephedrine..anywho..I really admire the advice you have given me..and I'm not saying you shouldn't do the stack..any of us that have done ephedrine back in the day are paying for it now because we all screwed up our metabolism..and nothing seems to work much anymore..unless some sort of a stack..please can't be safe with what you are doing..and it's never going to be enough with the rate your will only kill yourself..I've been going back to my nutrition and supplment books and been reading a lot and spoke to my own doc too...

I have not been taking the bronkaid stack for the past couple weeks..I took a baby aspirin, 1 bronkaid and 200mg of caffeine and I felt like it made me depressed later in the day...I don't like taking the caffeine unless I'm hitting the gym..I really just want an appettite suppressant...I wonder if taking the bronkaid with a baby aspirin alone will work to do that...the caffeine makes me very angry and the xenadrine back in the day with ephedrine didn't do made me anyone tried not taking the caffeine and noticed the ephedrne still working with just the aspirin? @brad, you should try YELLOW BULLET..maybe you won't need so much ephedrine...this has 25mg in each pill..and I can't take it...actually I can if I'm in the gym..but makes me more jittery than the bronkaid stack..I bought it at Max Muscle..and I used to be able to take it but they made it waaaaaaaaaaaaay more strong..alrighty..I just hope everyone takes care of themselves..I'm not afraid of dying..I am afraid of thats the reason I try to not over do it..there are people that love us and will suffer too if we end up hurting ourselves..Brad, get a 2nd opinion from another doc...hugs!
posted 12-Oct-2010 3:17pm

wow..I'm just hitting those typos today, arent I?? haha..lets start over..

I meant COLONIC..NOT colonopy=)
posted 12-Oct-2010 3:41pm


My liver is in great shape. Other than taking this stack, there isn't anything that I throw at my liver that would make it work extra hard. I NEVER drink alcohol and even before stacking, I rarely ever ate anything bad (I just ate too much). You are right that stacking will slow your metabolism down, but it's been proven that it will return to normal over a period of several months. I can assure you that me upping my dosage is because my body has grown tolerant to the previous doses (not because my metabolism has slowed down drastically). This works just like ANY drug that you put into your body (alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, etc). I do agree with you, though, that 157 is too low. I highly doubt I will push myself to that weight because I already feel like I have lost more than enough. :)
posted 12-Oct-2010 9:09pm

"You are right that stacking will slow your metabolism down, but it's been proven that it will return to normal over a period of several months" - God i hope you're right Brad! that is my one biggest concern. love the weight loss i'm experiencing, hate the idea that i might be royally screwing myself in the long term
posted 12-Oct-2010 9:49pm

I've spent the last 45 minutes searching google for anything that says the opposite and I can't find a single article stating that it has any longterm effects on your metabolism. It's true that it WILL temporarily slow down when you stop taking the stack, but you should hopefully have built up healthy eating habits by this time for it to not really matter too much. I even came across a different board where it's members claim that if you take it long enough, it can actually boost your metabolism when not on the stack at all. However, since that is just user opinion and not fact, I would take that with a grain of salt.
posted 13-Oct-2010 2:19pm

What I heard from the doctor that I paid a visit to is that large doses of ephedrine will damage your organs long term and in the long won't be visible right away..but again, to each his own..I'm not going to stop taking it myself..but I just won't double or triple because it scares me and I used to be that person that took xenadrine with ephedrine RELIGIOUSLY among every other pill that had ma huang...and I will tell you it did horribly slowed down my metabolism...being a certified trainer..I loved working out and I always saw results in doing so..until ephedrine became big and I thought...hmmm..I'd love to be able to eat whatever I wanted, and thats why I took it..I've never been over 135 pounds at 5'4..right now I'm around 127 which is still fairly high...I am not overweight but I have such a hard time losing the extra weight now no matter how hard I work to do it even though I'd really just love tpo burn off the extra fat I'm not used to..I am 125 in this 125 does not seem like I need to lose weight..yes, maybe not on the physical end but healthy wise to where I feel energy and good on the inside, yes..I need to get down to 115..I have a very petite frame so I can put on some extra fat and most people don't notice it..anywho..again, right now I'm skipping on the caffeine and just doing the bronkaid and baby aspirin...and (yellow bullet only before I hit the gym)..hope the bronkaid and baby aspirin works alone..=)
posted 14-Oct-2010 1:28pm

Xtina~~ thanks for letting me know your experience with the master cleanse. I recently tried and failed. It was kinda tough for me cus I have people eating and cooking all around me. I actually didn't make it past the second day. I never had a problem with being hungry it was more a problem of wanting to eat out of habit. You never notice all the reminders of food until you stop eating ( commercials, people cooking, etc.) Well I still have all the ingredients so who knows one day I might get the urge to try again. I have a lot of respect for people who are able to do it as long as you did since I know how tough it could be.
posted 14-Oct-2010 4:51pm pleasure...and me, it took a few times before I got it right..the first time I tried I made it up to 5 days till it was a friends bday and I had to bake a'm sure you know where that I only made it the whole 11 days once..I've tried a few times and failed..=( I love to eat and I too eat out of habit not hunger because I never get hungry..I just love snacking..hehe..and yes, it makes it nearly impossible if you have others eating around's bad enough flipping channels and seeing food advertised...the best way to do it is with a partner..actually with whom ever you are living with=)Maybe one day I will give it another go too=) One day..=)
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posted 16-Oct-2010 8:45am

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Keep up the good work!
posted 20-Oct-2010 6:54am

Hey all, my name is Dottie, i saw brads posts at the beginning of august, i was actually searching for ephedra desperate to get the weight off that i lost when i was on in. i couldnt find it, but i found this post and ordered the bronkaid, nodoz and asprin stack, i started sept 3rd at 168 pounds and today oct 20th i am 149!! i love it! my goal weight is 128, thats where i was when i was on the ephedra and i was very happy at that weight. i eat alot of chicken, fish, hard boiled eggs, almonds, cheese and yogurt. thats pretty much been my diet. very south beach. the only down sides i have expierenced is that when i come down i come down very hard and really want to go to sleep, i dont go out much at night because my last dose is at 2:30 at work, so by 5 when im off work im so sleepy that i just want to crawl into bed and i dont take another dose or i will be up all night. the other thing i have developed in the last three weeks is a constant pain under my chin and when i look it up online i find thyroid and adrenal function issues associated with it, so i dont know if the stack is causing that, i made an appointment with the doctor. but other than that, this stuff has been a life saver! i feel so much better, i do taekwondo and im ready to compete again! i feel lighter and faster! how long can i stay on this stack? i take it 3 times a day, have you heard of any negative physical affects? like kidney or liver problems associated with being on this? anyway, good luck to all of you and i will keep you posted!!
posted 20-Oct-2010 2:00pm

@ Dottie~ Congrat's on the weight loss I know it feels great. On my personal experience I was on the stack for about a year straight. Only coming off here and there if I didnt have the money/time to buy more but other than that I was on for a year straight. Which is when I had the majority of my weight loss.
As far as your "coming down" side effects I think that has something to do with the stack. I had that problem when I first started.I was grumpy or angry for no real reason. I'm not sure how long that lasted. But it did eventually wear off. Now when I stack I have no side effects whats so ever.
posted 21-Oct-2010 6:38am

Hi, thank you! yes mostly i just feel extremly tired where i just want to close my eyes so bad and just take a nap. not much anger or crankyness. I only plan on staying on it till i reach my goal and then i will just continue to maintain on my own and if i see i am going back up i will just go back on it. I weighed in this morning at 148:) I will keep you posted! thanks for responding:)
posted 22-Oct-2010 6:35am

Hi everyone! down another pound! 147! wooohooo! i would have never done it without the ECA stack! but i know i cant stay on it forever, im staying on it till i hit my goal weight and then after that i am nervous, i hope i can maintain witout it. How is everyone doing?
posted 24-Oct-2010 9:01pm

Congratulations, Dottie! Keep us posted on how you do when you stop stacking.
posted 27-Oct-2010 4:10pm

I went off the stack for 2 days because I wasn't able to stop and get more Bronkaid. I haven't felt that hungry or that interested in snacking in about 6 months. Back on it again today, but I now know it's going to be tough when I stop. Grrr.
posted 27-Oct-2010 5:03pm

Hi, I tried the ECA stack with bronkaid and it makes me extremely jittery and uncomfortable...would it work if I just took 100mg of caffeine instead of the reg 200mg?? or what if I just cut out the caffeine pill all toegther? Any advice would be appreciated!

posted 27-Oct-2010 11:04pm


The stack will not work unless you combine both ephedrine and caffeine. Aspirin is debatable and you will receive mixed responses on it (not just here, but pretty much everywhere else). How much are you taking? 1 200mg caffeine pill and 1 Bronkaid?
posted 28-Oct-2010 4:20am

@Brad..yes, 1 bronkaid and 1 200mg caffeine pill...what if I took 100mg of caffeine - 1 bronkaid - 1 aspirin 3x a day? btw, I'm taking baby aspirin..thanks for the response Brad=)
posted 28-Oct-2010 6:32am

Hi Brad! thank you! i am down to 146 now:) I actually took 2 days off and i was starving! lol so when i am finally at my goal i think its going to be hard! i also just got my shipent in from i got 12 bottles of the 8mil ephedrine from 4everfit, have you heard of them? im hopeing its good because the bronkaid has the guarfasine in it and i feel like i should get off that. im going to start with just 8mil just to make sure its not stronger than the bronkaid, then i will move up from there. i cant believe how fast i got the shipment! it was from Canada and im in NY and it was shipped on the 25th! and now its the 28th! that was fast! i will let you know it goes. good luck all! Dottie.
posted 28-Oct-2010 11:04am


You can try halving both the caffeine AND the Bronkaid so that you still keep the same balance between the two. What are your stats (male/female, height, weight, age)?


Can't say I've heard of 4everfit, but good luck! Keep us updated on how you do! :)
posted 28-Oct-2010 2:02pm

@brad, I'm 34, female, 5'3, approx. 130 pounds. so 100mg of caffeine should still work instead of 200mg? @dottie, whats wrong about the guarfasine? I've never heard of it..and good luck, let us know how it all works out so we can know a trusted seller too=)
posted 28-Oct-2010 4:08pm


You may just be overly sensitive to stimulants (a lot of people are). Try cutting the caffeine pill and a Bronkaid pill in half and see if that helps at all. If it does, build up a tolerance to that and once you start to feel that it's not as strong anymore, up the dosage to a standard dosage.
posted 28-Oct-2010 10:45pm

Thank you Brad! Your awesome!
posted 30-Oct-2010 3:18pm

Hey all, heres an update on the 8mil ephedrine i got from, i took 2 8mils,a baby asprin and a nodoz and it was way to strong for me! i was having heart palpitations and when i came off of it i crashed way harder than with Bronkaid. its weird because i stack 3 times a day with the bronkaid stack ( accept the baby asprin, i just take that with the first dose)but i never had any heart palpitations with Bronkaid. that ephedrine hcl is some strong stuff! guarfasine is actually somewhat destructive for those who workout
its a muscle relaxant, and a general depressive compound leaving one open to soft tissue damage while working out, also in simple terms it makes you feel lame.
thats what i read about it anyway, however its been working for me although i do feel those periods of extreme fatigue periodically wich im assuming is from the guarfisine, so i am going to stay on the bronkaid stack for now. i will save the ephedrine 8mils for just incase i can't get bronkaid anymore, lol you never know when they will stop the sale of that too! as far as ordering from, its the real stuff for sure, but here was my first expierence with them, i ordered the bottles and waited, they didnt take the money out of my account, a couple of weeks went by and still nothing, so i e-mailed them twice and didnt get a response till a month later, then i finally got an e-mail from them that my order was stuck in the system and they wanted to know if i still wanted the order, i e-mailed them back that i did want it, and it didnt ship out for 2 weeks after that! lol so i guess they dont read there e-mail often. but once it was shipped they gave me an extra 2 bottles for free for my inconvience and i got it in 2 days! wich im still trying to figure out how that happen. i had to sign for it with my local post office. so yes the ephedrine is the real stuff, yes you will get the stuff, but how long it will take for you to get it i really dont know. i would give them another chance only because its hard to get that stuff and they gave me a couple bottles free so that was cool. I hope everyone is doing great! i will keep you updated on my progress!! Happy Halloween:)
Anonymous kisses
posted 4-Nov-2010 7:55am

I just started yesterday. I have never been this heavy in my life. blk f 27 5'5 255.4lbs I used to take the xenadrine rfa-1 and it was awesome I lost 60lbs on that. I am desperate!
Anonymous kisses
posted 5-Nov-2010 9:03am

251.6lbs! Where is everyone??
posted 5-Nov-2010 4:04pm

That's great news, Anonymous Kisses! Keep it up and keep us posted on how you're doing.
Anonymous kisses
posted 6-Nov-2010 9:47am

Finally! How is your journey going Brad? 250.4lb!
Anonymous kisses
posted 6-Nov-2010 9:52am

The thing that helped me make my final decision was having a support system.

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