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Zantrex-3 is a diet pill which contains a cocktail of different ingredients. It promises 546% more weight-loss than the leading ephedrine-based diet pill (confirmed in a clinical trial).


YES! It's New Zantrex®-3... 546% more weight loss* than the leading ephedrine-based diet pill... and that's a fact. Here's another fact: Zantrex-3 is way beyond ephedrine, way beyond fat-burners, way beyond everything on the market today... Zantrex-3 is a new category of bifurcated weight loss compounds providing both rapid weight loss and incredible energy combined into a single power-packed Super Pill. New Zantrex-3 is so powerful you won't find it in some supermarket next to some "Flintrock" vitamin for kiddies.

Zantrex-3 contains: Niacin, plus a proprietary blend of Yerba Mate (bark), Caffeine, Guarana (seed), Damiana (leaf, stem), Schizopeta (spice), Green Tea (leaf), Piper Nigum (fruit), Tibetan Ginseng, Panax Ginseng (root), Maca Root, Cola Nut, and Thea Sinensis Complex.

Yerba Mate, Caffeine, Guarana, and Cola Nut are stimulants that increase your metabolism, also know as "fat burners". Caffeine is also known to reduce your appetite.

Damiana is a mild mood enhancer (helps with depression). Schizopeta promotes sweating and reduces inflammation. Green Tea has a number of positive health benefits (antioxidant, cancer-prevention, and weight-loss). Ginseng increases energy and reduces stress. Maca Root improves endurance and strength while lowering stress.


Has been on market for a number on years now.

The study that shows Zantrex-3 effectiveness consisted of 47 people over 45 days. 15 minutes before every meal, Zantrex-3 was taken with a large glass of water. The average weight loss was 11.3 pounds.


May make you jittery, increase lack of sleep

Stimulant-based weight-loss supplements tend to provide only short-term weight loss.

Stimulants increase your heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead to serious health problems or some annoying side-effects like insomnia, nervousness, and irritability.


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  23-May-2008 1:33pm created by MAGGIE3
  27-May-2008 6:40am last update by bill

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posted 9-Sep-2006 10:14pm

I would recommend this pill. Many people that i know who've tried this, including myself, have experienced horrible side effects. The main one is the stomach cramps. You literally feel like someone is stabbing you over and over again in the gut. The other effects were diarrhea or vomiting, dizziness and nervousness. I lose 9 pounds on this in about a week, but it wasn't worth the pain, especially since the weight returned shortly after.
posted 25-Apr-2007 6:24am

i'm up late on my first day of taking this. i also read in an ad to combo this with relacore. i'm actually taking diet classics to save money but supposedly it's the same ingredients. hope im safe.
posted 30-Jul-2007 5:45pm

I take zantrex 3. I got pass the side effects which were the dizziness and burning,itchy feeling on body nothing else really effected me but i drink green tea too so i am use to caffine, dont know how it would affect those who dont already have caffine in their system but from reveiws that I've read they tend to get sick and have the heart pulpations. But for those of you that can stick through the side affects zantrex3 does work but ya got to give it more then a month or 2. Its funny how people just give up after a month if they dont notice anything. Dont expect immediate results and give up cuz it dont work that way. If you give zantrex3 time to work say bout 2 months then it's like the fat melts off of you without exercise at least for me thats how its been. Others it could work differently seein as how some say they lose 5 pds in a week, personally i dont think it happened that way but hey who i am. Just wanted to put my two cents in cuz i've been takin zantrex3 for awhile and it does work if ya stick to it. The weight loss sneaks up on ya like weight gain does. Hang in there and best wishes. You can do it.
posted 10-Aug-2007 2:48pm

I just started taking Zantrex 3 a few days ago and while I have already lost a few pounds, the stomach cramps and diarrhea are brutal.

Hopefully, this is a side effect that will subside with time.
posted 17-Aug-2007 2:50pm

I started taking Zantrex 3 about 2 1/2 months ago and I have already lost 18 pounds. Granted I am an avid tea drinker so the side effects did not bother me. If you can stick to it and are somewhat healthy before you begin taking it than I would definately reccommend this product.
posted 24-Aug-2007 10:57pm

I also have experienced stomach cramps & sick to my stomach most of the day. I will try it for a few more days but if that continues then it is not worth it. I have read more negative results than positive.
posted 4-Sep-2007 8:06pm

My sister started taking these and experience increased heart rate and nervousness so she stop taking them. I wouldn't advise anyone to take them.
posted 10-Oct-2007 1:55pm

I started taking this a few days ago and it gave me uncontrollable diahhrea. Like litereally before i could even walk from my bedroom to the bathroom i had gone all over the floor. Gross I know, but this happened to me. I hope this side effect goes away over time
posted 30-Oct-2007 10:50am

posted 11-Nov-2007 4:07am

o0mg i just started today..the side effect that everyone is saying scarin me i dont know if I want to continue
posted 23-Nov-2007 1:29am

I've ben abusing diet pills since I was 15, and now I'm 17. I took zantrex 3 in oct of 2006 and by december of 2006 I lost 10 pounds which was so cool. after awhile tho, it stopped taking affect, I stopped becomming insanely hyper after taking it and actually started 2 get tired. it made me so cranky and irritable after awhile too, my parents actually thought I had gotten bi-polar disorder . people also told me tht I cud get cancer from diet pills, particularly kidney, thyroid or liver. tht scared the hell out of me, so I researched all the ingredients. turns out the insane amt of niacin leads to loss in vision (which already happened 2 me) caffiene led 2 occasional heart palpatations (which happened to me.. VERY scary) and yerba mate is really bad 4u too I forgot wat it does tho, but now I gained about 7 out of the 10 pounds back and I turned bak 2 zantrex 3 .. I guess ill giv it another shot but I think I'm literally immune 2 caffiene now.
posted 13-Mar-2008 4:16pm

I just started to take the pills today.I hope it works.I used to drink alot of pop maybe 10 cans a day.I gave pop up for lent and dont think I'll drink it again.GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE TRYING THESE PILLS!!!!!
posted 10-Apr-2008 3:18pm

Do not take this product, i was happy with zantrex when i was taking it but i started to need more and more to get that same rush, and now i have chrons disease. It is not worth it. Using zantrex3 can have serious long term effects. Go the old fashion way and hope on a tredmill because where i am now just isnt worth it.
posted 15-Apr-2008 12:19am

I didn't know the side effects would be so extreme. At first I thought I had the flu. I took only 2 pills 4 days ago and still am off work due to the uncontrollable diahhrea. Even Imodium wouldn't help! Like one of the other comments here, at times I couldn't make it to the bathroom from my bed. I called my Dr today to get some help. The first night I had HORRIBLE chills and have had nausea ever since. Also have stomach cramps & sick to my stomach most of the day. Have lost weight but don't dare touch any more pills. It's been a horrible experience after just 2 pills in one day!
posted 21-Apr-2008 9:24pm

I would not recommend Zantrex because of the side effects. I only took one pill in the morning, before breakfast, and a few hours later I was vomiting. At first I thought I had a virus, but after I stopped taking zantrex the nausea, dizziness and vomiting went away. Does anyone know why or which one of the ingredients would cause these symptoms?
posted 30-Apr-2008 3:11pm

I just started taking Zantrex 3 yesterday, and so far so good! I have alot more energy, my appetite has decreased, and it may sound crazy but I already lost 1.5 pounds...I am sticking to it!
I took Alli for 4 months, and lost 4 pounds in that time frame...and it was $80 a bottle. It was a waste of time for me.
I loved Xenadrine with ephedra, and I feel like I am on the same path with Zantrex 3.
This is great stuff!!
posted 18-May-2008 8:06pm

I like Zantrex 3. I have only been taking it four a week but after the first few days the side affects started to fade away.I did not drink any caffiene and ate a very healthy diet consisting of veggies and baked or grilled chicken. Also tuna with mustard. Taking this product gave me a lil bit of the jitters but I got over it. Just take one in the morning and eat a small but healthy breakfast and tuna or grilled chicken and veggies for lunch and dinner. Drink plenty of water. Good product but one pill a day makes it better.
posted 23-May-2008 1:34pm

Hey guys Im going on this tomorrow. I am 31 and only need to lose 20 pounds or so. Mainly I have a small pot belly and fat on my hips that bother me. My BMI was 20% the last time I checked. Im 5-11 and weight 155 pounds.
posted 23-May-2008 1:52pm

Im starting tomorrow , I need to lose 20 pounds. I just lack energy to work out so Im hoping this will help. Im 31, 5'11 and weight 155. BMI is 20%
posted 27-May-2008 6:41am
edited 27-May-2008 12:15pm

MAGGIE3 - we had an older Zantrex-3 diet page, so I merged it into the one you created.
posted 13-Jul-2008 10:45pm

I've been on Zantrex 3 for six days now. The first three days were rough as I was jittery and EXTREMELY irritable. Yesterday and today have been good, although a bit more irritable. No weight loss yet but I'm keeping my hopes high!
posted 16-Jul-2008 8:21pm

just ordered today ...

so, do I understand correctly: take 2 pills 30 minutes before main meals but must be 8 hours between each dose? So, if I take with lunch at 1pm, I shouldn't have dinner until 9pm??! Can anyone who has had success give me a timeline as to when and how much you take?


Trying to lose 30 pounds.
posted 14-Aug-2008 11:54am

This pill gives you an incredible amount of energy. However I am super jittery from it but hopefully it will pass. Britney Spears took this when she was younger and look at that body, thats why im sticking to it~
posted 1-Sep-2008 2:46pm

I have used zantrex for years (off and on). It has helped me to drop some lbs. But to be honest, I sometimes use it for energy, because I really do not care to drink coffee. I have gotten over some of the side effects. Sometimes, I will not use it for a few days, and just use it right before I work out or play tennis---only.
posted 22-Sep-2008 11:28pm

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ...I first took these pills yesterday....I lost 4 lbs in 1 day..water weight im guessing...HOWEVER...I was having dizzines and bad stomach pains throughout the day...around midnight last night I found myself struggling for breaths...I began to cry uncontroablly...I den passed out to the floor && began to shake parents called the paramedics..& dey let me know that these were common side effects of this pill...& this pill had the same effects as the drug speed...I have not taken 1 pill today and I've still been feeling a lil dizzy....I looked up all my side effects...& they were right there in my face...need I mind u im only 20 no bad medical history at all...I have taken diet pills b4..even ephedren pills && never experienced anything like that...this pill is scary...
posted 29-Nov-2008 12:44pm

I started taking Zantrex-3 about a month ago. I have the worst side effects. I stopped taking them a while back but i'am still suffering from the side effects. If anyone else had this problem could you please tell me how long it lasted.
posted 6-Mar-2009 12:27pm

I started with Zantrex-3 today and I think im going to stick to one pill a day, After reading some of the comments, sounds like a lot of them over did the consumption of the product. One pill in the morning and healthy meals throughout the day and I don't think I will be crapping all over and throwing up all over like some others were.
posted 5-May-2009 10:27pm

I just started taking Zantrex 3 today and I took one at lunch & was fine but then I took two at dinner and now feel really dizzy. I think those like myself who are new to this pill should stick to 2 or 3 pills a day ( if you eat a big breakfest). I ate a lean cusine with two pills and that's when I got really dizzy. hope this helped, ill see if I loose weight this week!
posted 29-Jun-2009 10:01am

Im 16 and im taking Zantrex 3. Its pretty good so far except for the side effects,I cant stand the smell of food now.But I think its gonna work because my mom was taking them and she went from a size 18 to a size 14 in just two in a half or three months.Once the side effects wear off your pretty good to go.
posted 1-Jul-2009 1:20am

im 6 and started taking zantrex 3 this morning and just felt dizzy all day but ad energy and never do i was up still but i thought i was trippin i hope this works im also trting jenny craig tomorrow i only weigh 150 and my heightis five two thatswhy i think i need to be healthy
posted 1-Jul-2009 1:21am

the one above i mean im 16
posted 24-Jul-2009 5:41pm

iam turning 16 and started taking the pill and had extrem headaches after the first day iwould try to throw up but nothing came out..itook 2 in the morning 2 at lunch and 2 at dinner like it had said and icould not sleep.ihad very sharp pains in my stomach and i quickly stopped taking the pill..ihad also felt very dizzy and felt like i was going 2 pass out i do not recomend this to anyone do it the old fashion was stay away from this diet pill!!!
Heather Dawn
posted 28-Jul-2009 2:26pm

I'm bipolar and found that this drug tipped me over to the mania can be addictive since I have experienced more depression than mania over the years. I love that I don't eat my entire portion of food and have the energy to clean my house (usually I just called myself a couch potato). I have been known to have migraines and this drug's caffiene level can sometimes affect how I feel the next day. It is a love/hate thing with this drug. Britney Spears got diagnosed with bipolar so it is funny that it is mentioned that she liked this definately keeps you feeling "up".
posted 28-Jul-2009 5:34pm

will this drug filter through the kidney. should you take this drug if you have
chronic bladder infections?
posted 26-Aug-2009 3:13am

i started talking zantrex 3 on sunday 3 days ago.. i took 2 15mins before breakfast around 10am and still felt up at 11pm the same day.. i didnt dare take any more that day.. on monday i took 2 before breakfast and 2 before lunch.. around dinner time i felt horrible. i didnt take anymore after that. i was coming down i suppose. i got a head ache and stomach ache. these weird emotional feelings came over me without any reason. i started crying and have no idea why. i had trouble falling asleep which i never do. i woke up tired. i didnt take any more pills till about 8pm on tuesday since i felt back to "normal" again. i dont feel bad. i feel full of energy but i do get annoyed by the itching from the niacin i suppose. not bad i do feel much better than the last 2 days. tomorrow i will take 1 before each meal. then work my way up to 2 before each meal. im going to stick to it and see if it actually works.
posted 2-Dec-2009 11:56pm

do not take these pills! They have horrible side effects and yea you loose weigth cause your sick to your stomach and can barley eat. I took 2 pills yesterday and at first i was fine but all day today i felt sick with bad diahhrea and vomiting. I have also not been able to fall asleep easily the past two days hopefully the side effects will ware off
posted 10-Feb-2010 12:30pm

Yeah i was wondering if zantrex 3 would show up in a urinalysis?i took the pills about 8 years ago and i lost alot of gonna try them again in a couple of days.
posted 26-Feb-2010 7:38pm

I am disappointed because nowhere on the package does it say if you have high blood pressure you should not take this pill. I think the company should post more info on their packaging.
posted 12-Mar-2010 4:23am

i have been taking zantex for past 4 days and now i feel SUCH INTENSE ITCH IN MY BRAIN. Its pretty severe itch inside my skull. i was taking 2 pills b4 lun ch and 2 b4 dinner, the last 2 i took b4 dinner the itch became severe. im thinking im going to lay off the pills tommorrow and start again but this time take 2 piils every other day so side effects dont become severe.
posted 16-Mar-2010 2:11pm

This product has horrible side effects. I have been sick to my stomach for two days now. Hopefully the effects will wear off after using this a bit longer, however, I have already lost some weight after using it for only three days now. Kind of amazing, though it hurts so much to use it. Also, sleeping properly is hard even though I did not take any pills after five pm. Like I said, the side effects are horrid, but it works.
posted 19-Mar-2010 12:17am

A lot of people who take diet pills mix them with poor diets. Zantrex3 works really well if you eat healthy, full meals. You DO need to keep eating.

I used these after I had my baby to lose the extra baby weight, if you mix it with caffeine you will feel too buzzed, and if you do not eat enough you will get sick. Its all a matter of balance.

The side effects for me were not bad at all, I ate three healthy balanced meals a day with them and never once felt sick. I have a few friends as well that used them to knock off their baby weight and they worked wonderfully.

Tho one friend was getting the side effects pretty badly, we realized she was barely eating. As soon as she started eating more, the weight dropped off and her negative side effects disappeared.

Diet pills are not to be used with low caloric intake. Your body needs food to survive. Eat normally with these and your side effects should be minimal if there are any at all.
posted 18-Apr-2010 1:11pm

I am taking Zantrex-3 and have been since Easter. I have lost a lot of weight and don't have the toilet issues I have read of people having. I did however get a rash 2 times now but am unsure if it's to the yogurt I ate. I tried the yogurt again and got the rash again so I', really thinking it's the yogurt. Good Luck to everyone and to the young girls who are 15 and 16 Please, Please Don't take zantrex.. It says 18 on the bottle for a reason! I'm not trying to mother you I feel for your safety.. If your having side effects.. anyone for that matter then your body isn't liking what your putting into it and you shouldn't be taking them. One of the girls said she took 2 in the morning 2 at lunch and 2 at dinner.. that is WAY to much anyway for anyone really. PLEASE BE SAFE EVERYONE
posted 30-Apr-2010 8:00am

Everybody, This diet pill can result in death please do not take it.
posted 5-May-2010 2:06pm

Well I was taking expherine before and I loved it I lost like 30 pounds but I ran out so I started taking Zantrex3 and I hate it the jittering never goes away and the itchy skin is horrible and I have the shakes all the time so I do not recamend this to any body especially if yall have small children and i did exactly what the bottle said to do start by taking 1 tablet and move up from that well before I started taking 2 it wasnt that bad but now since i started taking 2 its horrible
posted 5-May-2010 2:11pm

This is for Angela honey your only 16 and you weigh 150 I think from a me im only 5"3 and I weigh 130 and im 28 years old in high school I weighed 105 girl your still young just pick up a sport or start jogging thats all you need to do diet pills are very addicting believe me ive read about to many young girls taking diet pills that either pass away or never able to have children
posted 2-Jun-2010 12:51am

I'm sure most of the people experiencing bad side effects eat crappy food and don't drink enough water on top of which sit on their ass and think that exercise is not needed to lose weight... lazy idiots

love J
posted 1-Aug-2010 10:29pm

I do like this diet pill. I have lost over 50 pounds with it. I'm the one who posted I was taking it since Easter. I lost 50 pounds in less then 3 months. I stopped all diets for 2 months because Family and friends came over for memorial weekend and I just had a lot going on. I can say in the 2 months that I have not been dieting or taking Zantrex I have NOT gained and I feel that is a GREAT plus! I just started taking it again this past week and have lost 6 more pounds so it does work! As for the red rash I thought was from my yogurt no- it was from Zantrex and yes a bad stomach ache with it. I found if I have dairy (yogurt) I get the rash so I don't have dairy with it. Because the yogurt also has one of the ingredients that the pill has in it. (to much I guess) So good luck to everyone on their quest to loose weight. I still don't think the young girls on here should be taking it. I also don't take it after 12:30 so that I don't have the sleep issues.
posted 1-Aug-2010 10:32pm

P.S. I had my yearly check up and the doctors were amazed at my blood tests. Niacin is B-12 which Look it up at some of the stuff it helps with.
posted 1-Aug-2010 10:33pm

Niacin.. is the cause of the red rash though. If your body gets to much or you are allergic to it. so again be safe of what you put in your body.. You body will tell you if it's rejecting something
posted 26-Oct-2010 5:06am

I took 2 pills around 4:00 this afternoon. It is 2:00 AM and I am still awake. I don't have any of these crazy side effects yet (except the not sleeping thing). I do believe I will just take 1 in the morning and see how tomorrow goes!

I do have a question tho: how good does this product work on minor weight lose? I am 118lbs and need to fit back into my size 0 jeans for winter. So I am only looking to lose 10 lbs fast. I eat pretty healthy and am exercising. Do I have a chance with this?
posted 27-Oct-2010 12:59pm

Whitney, are you retarded??? C'mon a size 0??? My 6 year old doesn't wear a ZERO.
posted 7-Nov-2010 11:35pm

I just took 2 pills today and started crying and was very moody. I'm not sure if it was the pills I'm gonna try them again tomorrow. If I start crying and acting all moody I don't think I'll continue taking them I even wanted to call my school and drop out I don't know why I would think that way It must be the pills..
posted 1-Mar-2011 3:02pm

Second day on Zantrex-3 I think it's working... Only side effect was some diarrhea...not too bad. No dizzyness or cramps or stomach pains. Some energy boost and no jitters. On a strict diet 13.5% Bodyfat trying to drop down to 8% or below. Plan on a 30 day cycle or whenever I drop to target goal whichever comes first. I am down 2 lbs and I exercise 5-6x a week and eating 1500 cals. I'll keep you posted. I did stay up too late last night not sure if it's the Zantrex or just a random occurence
posted 19-Apr-2011 4:40pm

i took them almost 3 years ago and experienced mild side effects.just itchiness and a little dizziness.i had a heart problem..stupid on my part i know.i started in october weighing in at 5' mid january i was down to 126.i stopped takin them and still lost weight.i didnt exercise and didnt watch what i ate at all.i ate out almost everyday but i did have a 2 year old at the time.i could pretty much sit on my butt and lose didnt raise my heart rate.i didnt pass out or shake or anything.but i do have an irregular heartbeat.i was 19 and hard headed but then again nothin happened to me.the only thing i didnt like was that after i quit taking it i kept losing weight and i didnt want to be that skinny.good luck!
posted 30-Jul-2011 10:20am

My 30 year old son passed away July 15th, we do not know the cause of death yet. He had been taking Zantrex for a few weeks. I am not saying it caused his death I do know he had headaches and didnt feel good while taking it. Says he was feeling really stressed. I had asked him please not to take diet pills he was not that heavy at all and had started working outside landscaping and would have lost it just doing that. He wouldnt listen. Like I said I am not saying it caused his death but I have to wonder. Please consider the natural way before turning to diet pills. Its not worth the risks.
posted 27-Sep-2011 1:58am

Diet pills are dangerous ... Plain and simple... You want to gamble with your lives that is up to you
posted 27-Sep-2011 3:00am

lady ur son was probably doing something else too.. or the heat probably got to him..
posted 27-Sep-2011 3:01am

im 16 can i take this pill? i want more energy when i work out.
posted 29-Sep-2011 1:47am

Today marks my first day of using Zantrez-3 and I already dislike it.
I actually just took one pill about an hour ago and feel very dizzy/nauseaous.
My throat feels like it is closed up and i am having difficulty breathing/swallowing.
This is a huge bummer for me, I was really hoping i wouldnt get these side effects.
Lets just day i wont continue using these pills after today.
I strongly believe there is ephedrine in them. Dam liars.
posted 9-Oct-2011 6:32am

I wanted to take these to help give me the energy I needed to go to the gym, worst idea ever! The first day I was bad tempered and so very tired. By day two I was sick to my stomach and vomiting everything I ate. I only was taking one a day, not even the recomended amount. I'm not willing to lose weight by means of vomiting up my food.
posted 25-Oct-2011 4:36pm

I just tried Zantrex-3 today, I feel horrible. I got very clamly, and my whole body felt like I had a fever. I feel very light headed and still do. I ate like it said too, but I guess I ate to much. I threw up, basically all the water I drank and food. I'm going to try it tomorrow and see how it goes, hopefully the side effects will decrease.
posted 6-Nov-2011 3:15pm

It's partly Zantrex-3's fault in marketing (not making it clear enough), but it also works as an appetite suppressant. Of course if you take too much, it will make you feel sick, nauseous, throw up, diarrhea, stomach pain, etc. All of these side effects are a way for your body to purge what it perceives as toxic. I just started taking Zantrex-3 several days ago and I only take ONE in the morning and it dulls my hunger for the entire day - and it is working great! I can't imagine taking the 'suggested' 6 capsules a day. The main reason they suggest this is they want you to use up their product faster to buy more while playing on people's false notion of "more pill = more weight loss faster." Try lowering your dosage if you are having problems, don't blame the product right away (unless you have an allergic reaction of course).
posted 15-Nov-2011 7:01pm

Im 16 and my parents keep telling me to lose weight, ive tried exercising and eating right but im still not loosing the weight i want. Am i too young to take Zantrex-3 ?
posted 21-Nov-2011 12:53pm

I took 1 pill before breakfast and felt sick to my stomach.I had a headache and cramps.Then I got diarrhea! Took 2 more pills before supper.Started to feel very dizzy and couldn't concentrate. Tried to eat but it made things worse.I couldn't breathe very well and felt light headed.eventually i fainted and was rushed to the hospital.apparently my face was green when the nurse saw heart was racing and my blood pressure was very low!they had to give me oxygen to breathe.Finally I managed to vomit,but the pain in my stomach was terrible!I continued to vomit through the night and now 3days later i still feel awful!stay away from zantrex 3....i thought it was the end of me.
posted 7-Jan-2012 12:41am

I am 13, and i weigh like 120. I wanna be at the most 100, would it be safe for me to take Zantrex 3? :/ i am only 4'9, but i got told i was over weight by my doctor, i really wanna loose weight!!
posted 9-Jan-2012 12:23am

DO NOT TAKE THIS PILL unless you have a very high tolerance to caffeine..i took it as directed 1 30 mins before working out and one 30 mins before head hurt so bad..i was really body felt really was awful..i had to go to ermrgency room for the headache and just going to eat healthy to shed these few pounds
posted 16-Jan-2012 7:53pm

Im going start zantrex in the morning, starting off with 1 pill for breakfast and one before exercise. .hope it works! Ps:does anyone know how far apart your suppose to take them?
posted 20-Jan-2012 12:16am

Im 14, female, 5' 1" and 160ish pounds. I need to lose weight down to about 100-108 because I am overweight and unhealthy. I dont have energy for really anything much, and I like to eat so I think the pill would be good for me, but I am worried of the side effects. I know it says 18 years old to take it, but exercise isn't working well and I want to weight off quickly. I have a hospital down the street, which is good, but I need to know if it is safe or not because I am getting mixed reviews on this pill. Snooki used it and she looked great. Any help?
posted 3-Feb-2012 10:10am

Hey i took two in the afternoon and then 2 more before dinner 15 min . My bodys reaction was that i felt more tired like my eyes wanted to close but that same night went to bed at 9 and had insomnia coz i couldnt get into deep sleep. I read my book from 9 till 12 and turned off the lights to sleep. Couldnt sleep till the pills started to ware off around 4am. Also must have a duretic coz went pee alot. No stomach pain or vomiting and i avoided extra caffine. Just took 2 this morning but may just take 1 this afternoon. I dont feel burst of energy tho. I also feel light headed. Took gravol and zantrex 3 with breakfast instead of b4. Lets see if that helpd. Gotta pee now
posted 3-Feb-2012 10:15am

Oh yeah im also going poo more often which is good. For those of u getting diarareeh eat cheese to harden ur crap so u dont crap your pants. Also avoid junk with malitol unless u wanna make it worse. Remember if u think its a fart its not, its poo! Lol
posted 15-Feb-2012 7:29pm

I Started The Pill Today, I Only Took 2 Before I Ate And I Had Really Sharp Pain In My Ribs And Stomach . I Feel Really Dizzy And Outta Place. With All These Comments, I Think I'm Going To Just Stop And Do It The Old Fashion Way. Kinna Got Me Scared /:
posted 17-Feb-2012 6:58am

I have been using Zantrex 3 for a week. I have lost 3 lbs. I only take 1 pill before breakfast and 1 pill before lunch. I only felt a little nervous the first couple of days . It does curve my appetite which is what I wanted. I will continue with this product using the smaller dosage.
posted 5-Apr-2012 9:13am

Ok So I am 26 yrs old. I have three children, yes, three(dont judge me!)and honestly Ive been carrying the baby fat weight from my first child for about 7 years now. I am 5'4" and weigh 174.9lbs right now but throughout the day I fluctuate(My lowest weight being 171.9 & my highest 177even). My size is 16 jeans(juniors)& my BMI is 29.9 witch is considered to be obese. Id like to be a healthy size and weight for my height so my goal weight is to be at least 130-ish, a size 7 jeans(juniors) with a BMI of 24.9 or lower. Right now I drink slim fast twice a day, one for breakfast and one for lunch and I eat a real meal for diner with plenty of water throughout the day. I have 3 children so I get my daily exercise lol. I also do arm shaker exercises walk & do squats. I have been trying to find something online that indicates if its ok or safe to combine Zantrex 3(blue) with Slimfast but found nothing. So I decided that after reading all these reviews Im going to take a half of pill a day(starting right now) and see how that works for a few days to a week, then I will try a whole pill a day. If one whole pill a day works for me I will stick to that but I will not take more than a single pill a day. I will keep everyone posted on my progress and/or side effects as well. Thanks for reading!
posted 17-Apr-2012 6:40pm

I took 2 pills today for the first time and I have felt like crap all day! Ive been laid up on my couch with nausea, chills and dizziness. As far as im concerned this pills are going in the garbage!! Feel like i have the flu and would never reccomend Zantrex 3 to anyone!!!! Wish i would have came across this page before taking them, looks like im not the only one with these side effects..
posted 24-Apr-2012 8:42pm

im going to agree with the person that said this results in death, THESE PILLS ARE NOT GOOD IM TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW YOUR GOING TO REGRET IT i used to say im going to get skinny or die trying after taking two pills for only one i will never say that again. I took 2 pills and it took my body about one hour and 30 minutes to rralize what i just digested i thought if i go to gym i can easily work this out of my system as soon as i got on the treadmill i felt dizzy and it seems as though the walls was shaking and they was caving in on me, i began to pray and i flushed the whole bottle of 84 pills down the toliet, after that i began having a miniature panic attack i really felt as though it was the end i suggest that no one take these pills ive read all the reviews up top and for all of you whos saying to try them a second time even after the first horriable side effect your crazyy!!!!!!!! these pills will cost you your life i dont want to try em again and im not giving them another chance. Mind you i only took 2 pills and that was enough for me u feel like your on some sick scary drug the experience was horriable and im telling you people to stay away from these pills.
posted 10-May-2012 2:36am

These pills are nonsence!! I've only took two today and I feel like heading to the er!!! My heart is beating out of my chest as I'm just laying here and I feel like my throat could close up at any second!! These pills are terrible!! I believe you could loose your life with tthese. Its not worth it. I rather be 300 damn pounds then be dead!! Stay away!! Stay away!! Stay away!!
posted 16-May-2012 11:01pm

Oh my gosh! I started the pills last Sunday at noon time - I took two pills. I had no side effects, so I took 2 more pills at 4:00pm. I didn't take anymore that day. Monday I woke up sick as a dog! I was so nauseaus I thought I was going to die. I tried to stand up but was so dizzy, hot with chills, and throwing up with diaherria. I had to call work and tell them I can't come in. Missed a day of work because of these pills! Also I didn't sleep for two days, and the first night I had anxiety and was crying! it was crazy! I did lose a couple pounds in that one day. I'm going to wait until the weekend when I'm not going to work, and take 1/2 of a pill a day. If I"m sick at least I won't miss work! NEVER, NEVER take 4, 5, or 6 pills a day! Just try one a day.
posted 20-May-2012 2:43pm

I see all these reviews and all I have to say is that I took the pill twice in one day, once in the morning and one before lunch. I ended up skipping the next day due to an event and didn't want to have the side-effects. I felt the side-effects the first day and they didn't hit me that bad,but then again I have been threw worse stomach pain. I enjoyed the jitters it gave, but since I had to be sitting down it was bearable. If you are going to take it make sure you are able to be active. My appetite did go down a lot, and my lowered appetite lasted a good 3 days. Thats as much as I can say from my experience so far.
posted 18-Jun-2012 4:55am

Iam 16 and iam taking these bc iwant to lose my bby fat i weigh 150 should istop using these pills? If not how much should itake a day?
posted 12-Jul-2012 3:03am

Don't do it! I PROMISE, these pills are NOT WORTH IT! I've had the worse experience ever! From heart palpitations to left tingling to breathing issues. I stopped taking it almost two months ago, and I'm still suffering from side effects. I've never taken a diet aid before, and it took me over a year to even come to purchasing these.

PLEASE IGNORE the "good" reviews. I wish I would have! This product doesn't work the same for everyone, and honestly, it doesn't work at all. I lost more weight when I stopped taking it! Please, take my warning serious!

DO NOT USE ZANTREX 3!!!!! You'll regret it!
posted 17-Jul-2012 4:26pm

I found myself very emotional and borderline depressed...the only thing I could relate it to was the feelings I had postpartum....I wonder if it causes hormone fluctuations? I didn't have any problems with nausea or stomach issues. I think starting out slow (one pill or two per day)is a very good rule of thumb.
Mrs Waynes
posted 22-Jul-2012 12:27pm

So i'm 29 mother of 4. I am 5'5 about 240 but only look around 180. I tried this pill today and feel great. I took 2 this morning before eating a small bowl of plain grits, and had lots of water. I did notice shortly after taking them I felt slightly dizzy 3 on a 1-10 scale, but I knew it was because my energy was increasing ( I took phen for about 5 days so that's how I know) so I got up and went to work out. I had the best 2 hr work out. I wasn't tired and it made me want to keep going. If anyone has taken Phen they know how strong it is and how fast it works. I drink coffee when taking it lol talk about energy. Even with all that said I'm sure I will only take 2 in the morning and that's all. It gives me all the energy that I need without feeling sick. No stomach pains no nothing. I drink 3 cups of coffee in the morning...well not now so my body is use to it. Maybe people that don't are the ones who are getting the bad effects. S0 2 a day seems to work great for me. Good luck to you all.Oh and to the ones that way 100-140ish you don't need to loose weight you need to EAT. People like me it will work for like what are you trying to look like a twig?
posted 24-Oct-2012 4:59pm

Today is my second day on Zantrex 3. So far the only side effects that I feel are extreme itching today. I hope this goes away. I take 2 before breakfast and 2 before lunch. We'll see how it goes.
posted 31-Jan-2013 4:24am

when i was taking them i started getting all the symptoms as listed by everyone else . but my cramps are feeling like menstrul cramps? i should not be getting those for about a week. so has anyone else felt 'period' like cramps while taking them?
i also stopped yesterday. ugh i regret it
posted 15-Feb-2013 9:23pm

Took 2 pills morning, 2 afternoon and 2 dinner ended in er doc told me very close to having a heart attack!!!! If i would of waited 10 min would of been too late. What a piece of crap drug!!!
posted 23-Feb-2013 11:35am

All these little girls wanna lose weight really? They can't even spell! If your under 21 I don't think you should be taking! Anyways I'm 22 and have been takin these pills for about a week have great energy! It's awesome I've also broke out in a rash and have been experiencing dizziness! Only once though! Other then that I love it!!
posted 23-Feb-2013 11:36am

I also only take one pill a day! I still can sleep and stuff! I don't see how people take more then that a day ^
posted 13-Mar-2013 10:59pm

hey i wanted to what is recomended to eat with these pills? can i eat anything or should i stay on strict diet?
posted 16-Mar-2013 2:15am

Hi everybody,today was my first day of consuming Zantrex 3 red bottle.Before buying it I did a lot of research on this product and read almost all the failure and success stories.However,I ended up buying this.Well,I'm a very active person workout like 4 to 5 days in a week for about 1-2 hours.So, I took one capsule 2 hours before going to gym.Somehow,I didn't feel that kinda energy it promises but yes it did curb my appetite.Also,I noticed red rash on my face n it cleared after 30mins.It's 2a.m. and I'm about to sleep.i usually sleep at this time.tomorrow I'm planning to take 2 capsules one before breakfast n the other before lunch.M planning to have full meal n only salad for dinner.I will update my improvement soon.crossing my fingers.I need to lose 20lbs.
posted 16-Mar-2013 11:20am

Can somebody plz tell me after how long will I feel the effects or energy.Coz I took one before breakfast and it's been half an hour n I don't feel any energy,instead I'm feeling sleepy. :(( I wonder if I sold take 2 pills.but I'm afraid of the red rash.
posted 6-May-2013 7:05pm

I'm 26, 5'7", 199lbs (and dreading seeing 200!). I gained the extra weight while recovering from acl reconstruction and now "light duty" isn't making it better. I'm thinking about combo pilling with Relacore and Zantrex-3 (red box). I was hoping that someone could offer SUCCESS stories along with dosage recommendations for combo pilling.
posted 10-May-2013 10:24pm

ok so im going to start tomorrow I'm 5'3" I'm 18 I need to loose 20 lbs at least should I take it ?
posted 17-May-2013 11:20am

The red bottle works. Took it for weight loss but the biggest benefit has been the relief of incredible arthritis pain.
posted 29-Jul-2013 2:05am

Have been taking the red bottle for about a week, 2 in the morning and 2 with your main meal. No horrible side affects, just lots of energy. Curbed appetite ! I feel greattttt !!!
posted 14-Aug-2013 5:16pm

This pill is awful. I have vomiting, shakes, hot flashes, cold sweats and stomach cramps. No sleep in 2 days and that was after taking 3 pills in 2 days. Do not take this pill.
posted 4-Oct-2013 10:57am

Hello. And Bye.
posted 20-Oct-2013 9:25pm

I'm with everyone who is saying this pill is terrible. I took the recommended 2 pills at 2:30 this afternoon with a meal and around 5:30 began feeling extremely anxious like I was on the verge of a panic attack. By 7:30 I began feeling numb and tingly and nearly fainted. Even my head and face were going numb. It's now nearly 9:30 and I still feel like I'm on the edge of having a terrible panic attack. This is the worst I have ever felt. Will never take this again. I regret buying it now. The bottle is going in the garbage!
posted 31-Jul-2014 9:28pm

I started Zantrex Black this past Sunday. I have only had the jitters and my hands shaking BECAUSE I DIDN'T EAT. Completely my fault not the drug.No other side effects. Anyways im 26 I have a 6yr old a 4yr old 3yr old & an 8 month old. I am a stay at home mom wanted energy and to loose some baby weight consume high amounts of Dr.pepper daily. So this drug is fine for me. I think these young girls should she how beautiful they are 14 years old really? I was 88 pounds in highschool im 5'2 they thought I had eating disorders it was natural if your that little you have no boobs no butt your a STICK. Its not attractive. You cannot assume diseases come from pills more like gentics. Everyone is different. How can you define these ppl as lazy you dont know them they could be doing the same things you are. They can be addictive im a recovering addict I should knw. Just be careful. Im sorry if anyone has lost a loved one so young its a tragedy. Im so sorry for your loss but we should help each other and give honest opinions about the product. Let people decide for there selfs. Adderall is a wonderful drug for me but its also bad for others etc...
posted 5-Aug-2014 6:24am

Taking 2 pills a day, not at the same time. It does curb your appetite, but you still need to eat healthy meals and exercise.

Nasty side effects? Mainly, the sharts. You can pretty much guess what that is. You may think it's just a fart, but there is also a good squirt involved, especially right after you eat. First, your stomach growls, LOUDLY, and then comes the ill fated rumble. Squeeze your cheeks together and head for the toilet immediately.

I thought I had a serious problem with my bowels, and frankly, I was thrilled to read that other Zantrex 3 users have the same issue. Well, I no longer care to have that issue, so it's adios Zantrex.

I run 10K every day, after I figure it's safe to go out. That, and watching my diet, is keeping my weight in check. I only purchased the Zantrex for an energy boost, but honestly? Only the sharts have become more energetic, and I can do without that!
posted 4-Sep-2014 2:41am

I just started today and all I feel is really itchy And cant sleep but those ate the side effects and they go away . I hope it works ill give it a month to see a difference im 20 btw
posted 15-Oct-2014 4:04pm

So far I have no side effects except i feel very tired about 2 to 3 hours after i have taken the pills. I notice increased energy for about a hour and then I crash. I think as long as you take as directed. 15 min before food and with a whole glass of water (8oz) the side effects are minimal. not sure if they are effective yet as I have only been on them 3 days.
posted 9-Mar-2015 10:27am

Took two last night felt good like in a good mood and motivated. Stayed up late. This morning I took two before breakfast and drank a lot of water. Before I could eat I started feeling funny. Face felt red hot and my lips felt weird and tingly. Went to look in the mirror and threw up all the water I had just drank. Hmm we'll see what happens I guess.
posted 12-May-2015 2:59pm

Even with a healthy diet and exercise, the side effects were still HORRIBLE. I think some people are just more sensitive to it than others.
posted 4-Jun-2015 7:47am

It's been about two months now and I'm still suffering from the side affects such as frequent urination, insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability, breathing problems, and feeling like inhale to throw up sometimes. It's terrible and I'm wondering when will these effects wear off already!

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