Xenical, only in a smaller dose.">
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alli is an over-the-counter diet pill that contains the same fat-absorption blocking drug found in prescription Xenical, only in a smaller dose.


alli is a diet pill that you take with each meal, 3 times a day. The pill causes your body to block up to 1/3 of your normal fat processing. So, it reduces the number of calories and fat you get from eating.

alli contains Orlistat with is the same active ingredient that is found in Xenical. alli is a new formulation, made by GlaxoSmithKline, which is produced at a lower dose and has been approved by the FDA for over-the-counter sales. GlaxoSmithKline has put a lot of money into a major marketing campaign timed with Alii's debut, mid-June 2007. alli will be available in stores June 15, 2007. There are also books about alli that have already been published. For example, "The alli Diet Plan" by Caroline Apovian M.D.

alli (Orlistat) is derived from lipstatin. Lipstatin is a strong but natural drug which binds and blocks lipase (an enzyme made by your pancreas). The result is that you body is unable to process all of the fat that you eat. The fat passes through you when you go the bathroom instead of being added to your body.

Xenical was developed as an anti-obesity drug. But, now we have alli which is available over the counter, so now anyone can take it (you don't have to be obese or have a serious weight problem anymore). The price of alli is expected to be relatively affordable, as well.

Changing your diet and exercise is no required to lose weight while taking alli, though it very likely would help. You can do all three. But, the beauty of alli is that you don't have to change your lifestyle to lose weight. Just take an alli with each meal, three times a day, and you should see a difference.

Some people have side-effects from alli, namely lose stools, especially if you have a very fatty meal. Also, because the fats pass through your body, there's some chance that you'll lose some important nutrients. Taking a multi-vitamin along with alli should help compensate for that unlikely possibility.

  13-Jun-2007 7:07am created by bill

posted 19-Jun-2007 2:51pm

I just got this from my dad for my birthday, I will give you an update on how well it works after a while of using it..
posted 21-Jun-2007 4:46pm

cool, thanks
posted 3-Jul-2007 4:08am

Should you take enzymes while taking Alli or will that interfere with it's efficacy?
posted 27-Jul-2007 4:59pm

I have been taking for about 2 weeks. I have had NONE of the scary treatment effects. It has been great, the only will-power I need is to take the little pill at each meal and the worry of experiencing treatment effects keeps me honest with my diet. I have lost 4 pounds and have 26 to go. You do need to remember to take a vitamin at night...there were days when I didn't (it was just not part of my routine) and I really felt fatigued...don't know if it was the alli or not, but when I began to remember the vitamin I was fine. smile
posted 26-Sep-2007 12:48pm

I haven't had any of the side effects either, unfortunately when I know I will be eating something that would give me those effects, I skip the pill... which kind of defeats the purpose! It's all mind over matter.
posted 10-Nov-2007 2:35pm

i tried this pill ,,, i lost 1-2 pounds now on day three ,,, however i am a very intense weight lifter + some aerobics ,,, but it seems to be working ,,,,waist also went down like a half inch
posted 8-Oct-2008 9:53pm

Hey ya'll I'm debating on wich I should take this pill ... I need to lose about 25 pounds... anybody have great results?... I need to know!!!!
posted 8-Oct-2012 3:38am

I started tainkg Alli about two months ago to augment my diet and exercise program. I'm active, and with a BMI of 26, I just wanted to lose about 20 lbs that wasn't coming off with my fairly intense cardio routine and low-fat diet. I would take Alli as directed with meals containing some fat but rarely more than the suggested amount of fat. And I did experience the treatment effects with meals within the suggested fat allotment: frequent, oily stools, random oily discharge (very gross), and stomach pain about 45 minutes after eating. However, they weren't severe enough to make me stop tainkg the med. Over time, I didn't lose an ounce but kept tainkg the pill as directed, hoping that it would kick in over time. It didn't. And then I had a higher fat meal after tainkg one Alli pill. I know that the`treatment effects' are supposed to act like aversion therapy, but this was ridiculous. I ended up in the ER with crippling, stabbing stomach pain and dry-heaving. I had such a bad reaction that stomach pumping was treatment of choice. The ER doc suggested I throw the pills out as soon as I got home. After recovering from the ER ordeal and promptly pitching the bottle of Alli (the aversion therapy didn't work to GlaxoSmithKline's advantage this time), I did a little bit of research and found that I was not the only one with adverse reactions requiring medical care. This med has been linked to pancreatitis, gall stones, and possibly colon cancer (research was kind of spotty on this). Will everyone react this way to the drug? Of course not. Every med has side effects and not everyone can tolerate certain drugs. However, I hope that people will consider the risks and weigh the benefits before spending quite a bit of money on something that may not work. Overall, I ended up with nasty side effects, a considerable ER bill, and no weight loss. And for those it does work for, you may become dependent on the drug for continued weight loss or even weight maintenance (this is from the actual website)- quite a price to pay to lose 2 to 3 more pounds more than you would have with diet and exercise alone. If Alli works for you, awesome- more power to you. But before you buy, please read the fine print- the pill may cost you a lot more than you bargained for.

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